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80 percent to the top 100!
16. marraskuu, 2012 - Wadjet Eye Games

So we're leapfrogging up the charts to the top 100 list. And it's only been three days! We seem to be averaging about 25-30 percent points every day. So... will this be the day? Please spread the word and help make it happen! And thank you to everyone who has helped us get this far.


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12 kommenttia
ĢƒHazmaster 17. marras, 2012 0.58 
Silly question, but do you think you guys could make this Linux compatible?
doxic 16. marras, 2012 20.56 
Congrats you guys! I really can't wait for this game :3
prime 16. marras, 2012 19.51 
Can't wait to play this.
S.S. Steebterprise 16. marras, 2012 16.34 
Wadjet Eye makes some awesome adventure games, this one looks nothing short of awesome. I plan on getting this upon release!
Magixe 16. marras, 2012 15.20 
Fieasco 16. marras, 2012 13.33 
Cant wait, looks amazing.
vintageVerb 16. marras, 2012 11.14 
✿♡Welfeena♡✿ 16. marras, 2012 9.22 
Yes! Keep it up people!
Slash [ESP] 16. marras, 2012 8.59 
upvoted and favorited
robotnikus 16. marras, 2012 8.58 
Awesome! Congrats, Dave!
Take the note, Steam managers.