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Gloria Victis - Dark medieval MMORPG with advanced crafting systems & dynamic PvP.
May 30 - Jog


A new Gloria Victis update has appeared a few days ago! What awaits you in the new patch?

First of all, we have implemented the basics of crafting! We give you receipts, resources, workshops – mainly everything to make your own equipment! The crafting system has already got a development mechanism. Thanks to that, even when the player has all the available professions – he earns experience in this particular craft when he practices it. To craft a more advanced item, it will require a higher crafting level and some cooperation between different craftsmen. Due to that change, most of the equipment currently in-stock will be replaced by receipts. It appears that it is the very beginning of an in-game economy driven by players!

The second case relates to the test map. It is now 30% bigger due to addition of near-sea areas around Mereley; additionally, guards have appeared in towns and at the standard camp and they will not hesitate to attack a player of an opposite faction or a bear.

Minor changes were added to the mechanics – some statistics are counted and displayed in decimal form. To allow players a better impression of character development, we have also added new modifiers that influence health and stamina regeneration. We have also implemented two new graphic options – Motion Blur and Depth of Field. Slight fixes were made to item statistics and enemies.

Except aforementioned news, we have also implemented many fixes of already existing systems. The most important of all is improving the texture loading system, which will reduce dropping of FPS (we are still working on proper optimization). We have completely rewritten the character controller and game launcher updating – from now, the launcher will download the updates in small packages – it will allow to continue the download from the last downloaded package instead of downloading the whole thing again. It will allow to comfortably download the patches by people with limited access time or limited data transfer.

We await your opinions and notes, and in the meantime – vote Gloria Victis on!

You may find a complete list of changes here:

May 4 - Jog

Very soon we’ll have another Gloria Victis update for you! What can you expect?
First, we’ve implemented the basics of the crafting system! Apart from forging your own sword and sewing a gambeson, you’ll be able to go hunting for valuable resources. There’s a new system which makes resources disappear once gathered, e.g. harvested grains turn into stubble.
Second, test map size has increased by 30% – we’ve added new shoreline terrain near Mereley village. The presence of water also means a new type of movement – swimming!
Plus many other important fixes and enhancements – full list will be shared soon.

We also invite all of you to attend Digital Dragons – one of the biggest conferences in Central and Eastern Europe related to the digital entertainment industry. It will be held on 8th-9th May 2014 at the Kraków Technology Park. We’ll be there as exhibitors, so you’ll be able to ask us questions about Gloria Victis, meet the developers in person and enjoy a demonstration of gameplay at its current stage of development. Come meet us!

March 29 - Jog


From the initiative of our players, the Midlanders have performed two offensives attacks to recapture a mountain keep from the Ismirs! The latter, however, firmly stood their ground – which resulted in a fierce combat, alas none of the sides came out victorious!

We would like to thank each combatant very much – thanks to you we have gathered a ton of data, which let us implement changes to item statistics as well as improve the gameplay balance in the future.

March 24 - Jog


We’re happy to announce another Gloria Victis update which brings us even closer to Alpha and to the moment when we lift the NDA! Click the link below to read the full changelog.

Apart from numerous fixes improving almost every area of gameplay, we have implemented our second nation – the fearless Ismirs from Styrborg! You can now choose your side in the conflict and enter the battle for glory, riches and control over the island of Stoneholm!

To accommodate our second nation, we have doubled the size of the test map. The Midlanders now start the game in Dunfen, a town on the north coast. Moreover, the Ismirs were given sets of their own equipment, including garments, armour and two-handed axes.

We have also introduced a few important changes to combat mechanics – we are starting to implement elements of our final combat system which makes heavy use of abilities.

New features:
- Added more content for Ismirs.
- Midlanders spawns at their own castle at the other side of map.
- Added over 60 new equipable items: simple two-handed weapon, two-handed axes, shields for Midland, armour and clothing for Ismirs.
- Implemented first element of territory combat – capture the flag.
- Added jumping and falling damage along with it.
- Added item deposit.
- Added new music playlists for regions.
- Added written text display over the speaker’s head.
- Added new chat commands:
/r – sends a private message to the last recipient
/help – displays all available commands
- Added a time limit for logging onto the game server; reaching it unlocks the “Play” button and displays an information of a server shutdown.
- Added the ability to move the equipment window, along with the statistics panel.
- Added the ability to jump to any step during the character creation.
- Added nickname display of members of an opposite faction, it will now display in red colour.
- Looting queue and times depending if player is on enemy nation and have item in backpack or equipped.
- Redesigned formulas for combat and overall player statistics. Rescaled attributes from D&D range to 100’s (80 is the new base). Removed INT (permanently) and disabled WIS for the time being. These changes are the first iteration of our new mechanics and will serve as a foundation for incoming perk system.
- Reworked stamina usage and regeneration system.
- Increased player’s sight range.
- The map has expanded to over twice its size. Added: Dunfen, Dunfen outskirts, swamps.
- New vendor architecture, separated tailor from tanner.
- Implemented changes in shop stocks, which lets each nation purchase their own item sets.
- Implemented changes in item statistics.
- Now other characters are not displayed on the minimap (except for guild and party members).
- Changed particle effects for fire.
- Optimized particle effects display.
- Optimized and improved display of birds.
- Removed guild and party invitations of opposite faction members.
- Redesigned bandit’s camp

- Performed many fixes on the server application, improving its stability.
- Fixed an issue which caused the client to freeze while fighting a Spectre.
- Fixed an issue with item details display after closing the window by using a key shortcut.
- Fixed issues with items that were causing the game client to freeze.
- Fixed an issue which caused the Alt+Tab key combination to freeze the game client.
- Fixed an issue where dead enemies would attack the player.
- Fixed an issue that let the player change a character before loading it from the database.
- Fixed an issue with incorrect character statistics display.
- Fixed an issue with inability to hit, related to shield blocking.
- Fixed an issue where “0 day” would be displayed after the server started.
- Fixed an issue with RMB (Right Mouse Button) and it’s interaction with other players.
- Player interaction window is now working properly.
- The Moon and The Sun is now displayed correctly

- “Play” button in the character selection screen is now working properly.
- Character creation window is now working properly.
- Registration window is now working properly.
- Air temperature is now displayed properly.

March 3 - Jog

Greetings, dear users!

In the latest news we gave you a quick look at what are we currently working on. This time we’ll focus on what we’ve got in store for you in the newest update. It’s nearly done and we all hope to see it in your hands as soon as possible!

At this moment, we are polishing new parts of Stoneholm – soon enough the available area will nearly double in size, giving you more places to discover and explore. It also signs the coming of the so-highly-anticipated division of nations, which – until now – both had their starting location in the well-known village of Mereley. The village will soon be full of stern and tough Ismirs from Styrborg and Midlanders are going to pick up a desperate fight to defend the walls of Dunfen.

These are only foundations for future conflicts between nations. Right now you will be available to explore and fight for dominance over field between Mereley and Dunfen. We are planning on implementing the basics of combat over territorial control. In the meantime, to control a territory one has to capture and hold a standard, which is located on the field.

Our goal is to make the territorial system one of the main gameplay aspects in Gloria Victis. Therefore we are developing it step by step, putting much effort into it. In the next updates you will be able to gain resources and small strategic points, which makes the control over a territory beneficial to the whole nation.

As the work progresses, the system will be added new elements and features that will be constantly implemented into the game. In the future, it will let you build fortifications or siege machines as well as allow you to plunder and destroy whole towns.

In addition to the main course, which is the territorial system, in the upcoming update we will bring jumping back as well. It now has new animations and many improvements – what would be a jump without a painful fall? Jumping off of high ledges will result in damage taken, which will depend on character statistics and currently worn equipment.

At the same time we are implementing improved combat mechanics crafting system. Unfortunately, these are very large and complex systems, thus we cannot promise that you’ll find it in the upcoming update.

And by the way, we would like to warmly thank you for your support, which made us come back to the Top Voted Games list at Currently we are holding the third place and we are treading on the first place holder’s heels.

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