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Gloria Victis - Dark medieval MMORPG with advanced crafting systems & dynamic PvP.
December 10 - Jog

v.0.1.1 Pre-Alpha


– Implemented item destroying and reparation system (item destruction doesn’t affect it’s statistics yet) – temporary destroying process is pretty in order to test reparation mechanics
– Redesigned the test map – replaced mountains models with manually drawed terrain, adding the miles of new locations and rebuilding the old ones
– Redesigned resources placement and implementing the new ones, required for advanced recipes
– Updated the world map
– Added new music played while fighting with bosses, conquering territories and visiting various locations
– Rescaled mobs, adjusting their levels to the new test map, balanced their statistics and redesigned their spawnpoints placement
– Improved mobs AI – they won’t attack a player whose level is much lower than theirs
– Modified animals drop – instead of specific items player will gather their corpses which he has to skin and butcher
– Implementing recipes for butchering the animals, meat roasting and brewing (available in shops with crafting materials)
– Fixed bug allowing mob to deal double damage after player’s block


– Reduced RAM usage
– Fixed stagger and damage receiving animations for player’s character and humanoid mobs
– Fixed sliding the character down from steep slopes
– Implemented various fixes for characters desynchronisation in reported cases
– Improved game’s smoothness (FPS drops reduced)
– Impelemnted alot of missing translations
– Fixed bug causing not refreshing the recipe screen when the previous one was chosen
– Implemented turning the NPC front to the player after a dialogue start
– Improved trade system – if there is only one item in certain stack it will be moved to the trade window/sold to the vendor at one without displaying quantity window; added buttons for choosing the minimum and maximum quantity
– Added option to invert Y-axis attacks controls

Work in progress
– We work on solution which will eliminate the crash issue on computers with 32bit OS and/or little amount of RAM
– Our FX Designer is working on new, more effective and attractive weather system

Test screens from our new weather/clouds system:

October 20 - Jog

Changelog v.0.0.8f10

– Added Steam key allowing to add game to steam library for every user with Knight or higher status (you can find your Steam key in user panel)
– fixed logging off bug causing server overload and lags
– added big fix to character’s position synchronisation (please report if oppressive moving the character back will occur)
– fixed bug preventing players to gather some of the resources
– fixed bug blocking character after drawing one of the longswords
– fixed bug causing controller’s desynchronisation after weapon changing and while punching
– fixed bug in attacking animation just after weapon drawing
– fixed stabbing animation for two-handed weapon
– removed reflexes displayed on character while it is underwater
– fixed blocking and moving animation glitches for longsword

September 18 - Jog

We have solved unexpected issues with servers stability – so everyone feel invited back to the game!
At the moment we polish the next big update, which should greatly improve the optimalization of Gloria Victis.
Just few more fixes and we will be able to take off the NDA! Estimated date is next week!

We wouldn’t be able to do this without the great support of our Community – thank you!

Also, one more new language is incoming with next patch - Bulgarian!

September 12 - Jog

v.0.0.8 Pre-Alpha

Welcome to the next phase of Gloria Victis testing!. When we are certain that the current version, Which we are currently testing, is stable, we will take off the NDA order!
Upon implementing the updates - all characters will be wiped. You will have a fresh start in the new, improved game version.
The game launcher has been updated as well. Please, download it again from your account panel right now to make sure that download of the new version will be done without any obstacles. The launcher is compatible with the current game version, thus it should not require any additional client downloads.

We are estimating the update should be available to you Saturday evening! (This is subject to unexpected problems .)

- Added buff/debuff system (regeneration at campfire or burning while standing in it, eating, causing the enemy to bleed, etc.)
- Added various damage types and values which depend on the weapon strike's direction.
- Added two-handed swords animation.
- Improved responsiveness of character controller and animation transitions.
- Changed player network synchronization system (if you experience a significant amount of character jumps, please let us know)
- Extended staggering effect time of an opponent, after a shield block.
- Removed automatic shield lowering after a successful shield block.
- Improved AI system : (still wip).
- Added HP regeneration of opponents
- Implemented mutual "calling for help" for Bandit’s and such. Once you attack, they will summon all of the local enemy’s to their aid.
- Added target changing by opponents which depends on the amount of strikes taken, weapon type, target armor class and other variables.
- Improved behavior of townsguards and flag guards.
- Added chase timer - after it runs out, if the player runs away , the enemy will stop his pursuit.
- Reworked weapon sound system on the player - added over 500 new sounds, including pulling out/sheathing, swinging and striking of various weapons into different targets. To do this, current equipment has been grouped into 19 different types.
- Added safe zone to the respawn point, (within a certain radius of the character), to avoid being attacked right away.
The next steps will be to refine directional attacks, we will add new attacks (e.g. lunges for swords), equip the AI with the ability to block and use of ranged weapons, as well as adding the ability to attack on their own (wolves hunting for prey, soldiers raiding to capture the flag of an enemy nation, etc.)

- Added over 500 new recipes.
- Changed the approach to unsuccessful item crafting - from now on, the player will recover some of the resources used in the crafting attempt. The percentage will be evaluated as we progress from here.

- Swapped old recipe scrolls for new ones and changed the way of gathering scrolls. The player will now find the scrolls in various places during the exploration and the recipe scrolls consisting of basic materials and items are available at various craftsmen/vendors.
The next step is to add item quality levels, reforging, damaging and repairing items, as well as adding recipes from the school of, herbalism, cooking, alchemy and engineering fields.

- Map size has been increased, to include three new islands, ( you should be able to swim to them for now), and a huge water terrain (Increases map size nearly twice - basics for sailing system)
- Added wearable torches - as a weapon or buff, depending on hand
- Added three new languages - Italian, Greek and Danish
- Added three new enemies - scavengers, aurochons and pirates
- Added players from guild and party indicators on map
- Added new armors set
- Added new loading window

Next steps will be finishing sailing and object spawning (building basics)

- Added security against speed-hacks, and fixed bug allowing to increase statistics while creating characters.
- Fixed gates synchronization.
- Fixed various bugs related with chest looting.
- Fixed “account in use” error.
- Fixed resources and mobs spawning too fast or too slow.
- Fixed game disconnecting while working in the background, (minimized).
- Alot of various fixes.

The next steps will be to fix and improve our GUI system, increase optimization and prepare to remove the NDA.

August 29 - Jog

The past few months have been really busy for us. The hard work has resulted in finishing most of the basic/core systems. Thanks to that, we can focus more on improving the playability and development of the content included in the game. Only three weeks have passed since the last update and we are again ready to give you a significant number of new attractions and fixes.

To begin with, we would like to tell everyone a few words about the crafting system, (which thanks to your comments is now slightly improved)
The biggest changes can be observed in recipes, which were made from a scratch. In witch a greater focus on the balance of resources used, chances for success and required level of given craftsmanship, had to be observed.

The next change is the number of recipes, which has grown to around 500. That includes only recipes for weapons, armors and basic material required to craft them. Pretty soon we will add some more recipes for herbalism, alchemy and cooking.
Other changes will involve the crafts’ names and their division, thanks to that, recipes are now organized in a clearer, and more intuitive way.
The last change in this system, (and for some of you probably the most important), is the implementation of “provisional items”, which you will receive in case of crafting failure. If you fail to craft your dreamy item you are not left empty-handed. You will have a pretty fair chance of getting the same item of a lower quality, and getting back some of the used materials or item remains, which you can reuse later.

We have also worked on directional attacks. Thanks to the newest improvements, depending on the direction of an attack a weapon can give different effects, or cause different damage types. For example, an attack from above will cause more damage than other attacks, thrust can trigger a bleeding effect, attack from the left side can potentially interrupt enemy’s attack. All the mentioned above features will depend on a given weapon and it’s characteristics. This improvement will bring more tactics to the fight, and will highlight player’s skills. We also added two new systems the first one being buffs and debuffs and the other involves Ships, which can be used for sailing.
This feature may not make it into this particular patch, we want it right for you, BUT, if we have any doubts as to thier functionallity, they will have to wait for more focus upon them, before we would consider implementation.

Most players are probably familiar with buffs and debuffs systems, so it does not need any special introduction. We want to point out though, that it allows players a deeper interaction with the environment. For example, when your character stands near a campfire it will receive a small bonus to life and stamina regeneration. But when you stand too close to a fire you can burn yourself, when the exposure is long enough this can result in death. This system is a very powerful tool, which allows us to introduce many diversified elements of the gameplay. Things like surgical dressings to heal wounds, potions to enhance your character, poisons to apply to your weapon to make them more deadly, battle cries to affect both you allies and enemies and traps are only some of the possibilities offered by this system. Contrary to appearances, adding ships to the game content was a very complicated process. It required developing completely new solutions which would allow players to take control over objects and moving alongside them. These mechanics will allow you to board moving a ship, walk on its
deck or grab the rudder to direct it on a desired course. In the near future an option to attack and destroy other ships will be added.

The implemented solutions are universal enough to be successfully used also in other activities, among them are extracting raw materials, using workshops, steering wagons, riding horses and all actions that require a complicated interaction of characters and objects. Further development of this system and other systems connected to it in the future, will allow for erecting camps, building houses or fortifications and finally creating entire towns. When the solution needed for destroying ships will be fully developed, we will add also possibility to smash gates and other elements.

In the first instance we will give our sailors new islands to explore and a possibility to fight for control over them. Thanks to the diversity of precious materials these areas are going to be extremely important for both of the factions, as well as for guilds.
As you are going to fight for control over new territories we decided to give you some new weapons to use. We are at a phase of polishing models and animations for two-handed swords,( something often requested). We added also torches favoring playing during night time. They can be wielded in a left hand instead of a shield or in the right hand as a primary weapon.

Significant extensions can also be witnessed in the system of equipment sounds. Weapons are now divided into 15 types, each of which has its specific set of sounds. Thanks to that, every type of an weapon makes a different sound, which is additionally modified by the type of material it hits. All that resulted in over 500 new sounds required to support the entire available inventory.

In addition all of this, there is a long list of some smaller improvements, a list that turned out to be too long to publish without sending you to sleep. What is sure though is that the game will play much smoother offering you much more enjoyable experience. But what is much more we are getting closer and closer to the removal of NDA restrictions.

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