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4 febbraio 2014 - Pixelh8

On the Apple iTunes and Android Play Store! Go!!!

15 marzo 2013 - Pixelh8

I'll be giving away 5 iOS redeemable codes for @play_CrossSide one every 3 hours today follow @play_CrossSide on twitter for the chance to get one. Cross-Side on the Apple iTunes App store []

11 marzo 2013 - Pixelh8

I am excited to announce that CROSS-SIDE is now available for iOS, osX, Android, Windows. The official release date is Monday March 11th, 2013 but it seems to have appeared two days early!?! You have a few options, you can either order it from the Google Play Store , Apple App Store[] , Indievania [] (for Windows, osX or Android) or you can can order it from the development blog receive it via digital download here[] with no DRM.

CROSS-SIDE from Room 1 Studios

A strange accident has left two robots telepathically linked which often puts one or the other in danger. Your quest is to help them find their way back to where it all happened and hopefully set them both free.

CROSS-SIDE is the second mind bending puzzle game set in the world of “OCARBOT”. Featuring 60 infuriating puzzles over six different zones. Featuring cameos by "DBOT" and "OCARBOT" as well as a host of achievements and silly costumes to unlock and wear, CROSS-SIDE will have you coming back again and again.

CROSS-SIDE is the first in the “2nd Generation” of Room 1 Studios games offering English, Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Portuguese and German language options. Game Center and Facebook integration available in the iOS version.

4 gennaio 2013 - Pixelh8

Vote for the Cross Side box art here! [] Please vote for your favorite box art for Cross Side in the side bar on the right, the winner will be turned into a limited run of CD's for the initial release of the game!

Acorn Electron Style?

Master System Style?

Atari 2600 Style?

You choose! </div>

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