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Project Stealth
Status updates and Indie of the Year 2012 awards
November 30, 2012 - frvge

Hi all!

A short update on our progress in the past few weeks: we've had a nice 1-day crunch with all programmers and managed to get the following things done:

- upgrade from UDK of October 2011 to November 2012;
- we've thrown all out all experimental code to get a more stable code base;
- we're in the progress of transitioning to bitbucket instead of using our own hosted Subversion version control system;
- our test map for programmers got extended to make testing of sounds easier;
- we've tested all footstep sounds and gotten a better overview which sounds are still needed.

Of course, we're still looking for more programmers, experienced artists for our Asylum map and a visual special effects genius.

We're doing great on Steam Greenlight but Steam isn't the only place where we promote our game. We're also competing in the Indie of the Year 2012 awards in the "upcoming" category. So please vote for us at :-)

Thanks for reading and as always, be stealthy!

Producer of Project Stealth