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November 24, 2012 - peterfunnell

Greetings, people!

I've posted a demo version in the Work in Progress section on the Game Maker Community website. This post can be accessed through the following link:

NOTE: This demo does not include the tutorial, as I am currently making improvements to the previous tutorial. Thus, a list of controls has been included in the aforementioned post.

Also, I should mention that this Alpha demo was originally intended for other GM developers to try out, so it may not be very 'flash' by Steam standards. In any case, I hope you enjoy it, and many improvements will be made!

Kind regards,

Peter B. Funnell

November 13, 2012 - peterfunnell

This is a list of updates since V1.5 Alpha (depicted in the first video that was posted on Greenlight) that are seen in V1.65 Alpha:

- New H.U.D. (As people have requested, I plan to have several different styles of H.U.D. in future versions to cater for different preferences.)

- New "Paused" menu system

- Much smoother collisions

- Bloom effect on main menu

- Bloom effect on firearms

- Velocity and gravity of bullet casings changed.

- View distance increased

- Grenades no longer start in the centre of the screen when fired

- Tutorial updated

- Laser trap added on engineering deck: A 'grid' of deadly red, glowing lasers blocks one of the corridors and the player must disable it before continuing

- Faint bloom effect added to inventory/user information screen.

- Resolution maintains aspect ratio (rather than stretching)

- Probably a few other things that I've forgotten about...

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