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The Jackhammer
February 5, 2013 - Minus40c

In our first content update post we announced the first player class for KILL THEM ALL: the Contra. Now we're revealing the Contras primary weapon of choice:

That's right, the Pancor Corporation Jackhammer, one of the few 12-gauge, gas-operated fully automatic shotguns 'available' - Pancor only developed a few prototypes and the weapon never made it to full production. The Jackhammer has been featured in a number of TV shows, movies and games just for it's sheer ludicrous destructive power.

What better default weapon for the Contra, the ultra violence killing machine?

KILL THEM ALL is set 20 years in the future - soon after the alien invasion, so we didn't want to take the standard Jackhammer design and apply it to the game. Instead we wanted to update it but still retain the classic design elements.

Here's the original design of the Jackhammer:

Wikipedia article for those interested[]

And here's our concept redesign:

We kept the iconic features; the drum magazine, the long sight and we fixed the muzzle to have the angled cut in the model.

Speaking of the model, here it is!

High poly render which we used for normal map baking and low poly direction:

The initial low poly with rough texture in our test map:

The finalized ingame model:

And the Contra with the Jackhammer and Jackhammer first person view!

Click here for a larger shot[]

You'll notice that the weapon is lacking anyone holding it first person view, that's because we're still working on the remaining character animations. :)

Hope you all enjoyed getting a look at the Contra primary weapon, we'll do another update with the finalized animations and showing it in action!

Everything is work in progress so please let us know your feedback!

What would you like for us to discuss next? Further details on the Contra: special ability? The new enemies? Alien weapons technology? Let us know!

Thank you all again for your continued feedback and your votes on Greenlight, we continue to work hard to push KILL THEM ALL where the community wants it.

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-[Badger]- Feb 10, 2013 @ 7:47pm 
Call me Jack, Jack hammer. destroyer of flesh. none shall opose my 12gauge wrath.