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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front

Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the second reward command tree and it will be for Soviets, and it is about some former units that now will come as support, I was considering to just name the announcement "The Return of the Forgotten", but Rommel came with a good name for the tree. Hope you like it!


1 CP: Mechanized Assault Tactics
Unlocks body armor for Ingenery squads and give them the Advanced repair ability. When one squad is upgraded, it gains a new HP, armour, and four PPSh-41 submachine guns for close combat. They can no longer be ordered to start buiding advanced structures and can build without problem defensive structures.

3 CP: Tank Riders (500 MP)
Deploy a BT-7 tank which comes with a squad of Sturmovies on it. The BT-7 would have the "tank rider" ability/perk just like the T-34 tanks or the SU-85/SU-100 units, but unlike them heavy concentrated machine gun fire on the rear can damage this unit due it's armour. This tank can (tentatively) be upgraded by the player into a BT-7a. The Sturmovie squad provided will be the same than an the stumovie-upgraded Ingenery squad.

3 CP: KV-85 Command Tank (700 MP)
Equipped with the sam gun as the T-34/85, this tank's role is to support other tanks and give them better stats(works similar to Command Squad vet Off/Def boni). Due to how rare were these tanks, it is limited to one at the same time. If possible, this unit would have a DShK upgrade for the cupola (this is just a placeholder picture).


1 CP: Artillery flare (50 MU)
Debuffs enemy units in the area of effect. It is the one that used to be in Urban Combat Strategy command tree, but was replaced by the smoke barrage.

3 CP: SU-122 (600 MP)
The old unit SU-122 will return in this tree, but with the new model, so the commander will be able to upgrade it with cage armour as well, just like the SU-85 or the SU-100. However, it has a limit of units that can be allocated at the same time in the field.

3 CP: IL-2 Rocket Run (200 MU)
Allows the commander to request for an IL-2 Sturmovik to fire it's load at a given target. Unlike the US bombing run, the IL-2 will shoot 8 rockets in the target direction.

We haven't started to work with the BT-7 and the new KV-85 tanks, thus, their lack of screenshots. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Hello comrades!

This weekend we will disclose the first reward command tree for Ostheer, and it is about Romanian support. We talked about this for several days and it is ready to be presented as base to be added ingame.


2 CP: Sapper Battalion(400 MP)
Request Romanian reinforcements! The players receives a Panzer 38(t) with a sapper squad; these Romanian sapper squads are specialists who can building any type of structure as long as you have the resources; they can build the same structures than Sturmpioneers but their perk is decreasing the construction time of buildings, field defenses and combat structures they build. They can also repair neutral buildings.

2 CP: JU-88 Bombardement (100 MU)
This bomber(Romanian textured plane in case you are wondering) will drop three bombs in the targeted area. Cannot be used in the HQ Areas.

3 CP: Auxiliar Panzer Group (1000 MP)
Foreign Panzer units are sent to support the Ostheer commander. These reinforcements are: Romanian Panzer III ausf. N(stubby, similar to PE stubby), tank destroyer TACAM T-60 or a StuG, and Vanatori de munte squads.


2 CP: Romanian Manpower (100 MU)
Allocate all the resources available to fight! This munition-based timed ability allows you to increase your manpower flow by 50% for a full 1-2 minute(s). The munitions/fuel flow rate is decreased by 25% as long as the ability is active.

2 CP: Romanian Oil Fields
Assist the German commander with a better flow of fuel. Each time one strategic point is captured (manpower ones, not munitions nor fuel) you receive an additional unit of fuel. If the sectors are cutoff or become neutral/enemy, you stop receiving the fuel bonus from them.

4 CP: 88mm Flak 36 (400 MP, 90 FU, 12 POP)
Allows you to construct a 88mm Flak 36 gun which has the same longe range and penetrative power than the German counterparts, but is also more expensive to construct(you can't decrew it that easy). It has a munition based ability which allows it to fire like a howitzer. Hard to deal with by enemy tanks but can be dealt with by artillery and infantry in general. (Can be built by Sturmpios or Romanian Sappers).

We have planned if possible to include the TACAM using the T-60 as base, but we can't promise we will finish it on time so, the StuG would be used instead. To make Romanian soldiers we will reuse some units with new textures, but so far we haven't started with this yet. If you have any comment or tip please let us know.

We don't have a name for this tree yet, so if you have a suggestion it is welcome.

See you next week!
Archaic Entertainment Team

Hello comrades,

We have posted a huge announcement about the current status of the mod, and it can't be posted here because of its size, so, you can read it here[].

If you have any question, please let us know.

Thanks for your support,

Archaic Entertainment Team

December 19, 2014 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades!

We have a special event ready to start in the next 14 hours in our website! We will give away some games :D!

For more information please visit this link[].

Thanks for your support,
Archaic Entertainment Team

September 7, 2014 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades,

We proudly announce the new released version of Company of Heroes: Eastern Front. You can read more about it in ModDB or our own website[].

Thanks for downloading and continue to enjoy,

Archaic Entertainment Team

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