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Company of Heroes: Eastern Front
April 28 - [Æ] Robotnik

Hello comrades!

Company of Heroes: Eastern Front is going to be available on Steam very soon!

You can check it following this link or by searching the mod in the store.

It was really a long process, but by no means this means the mod is finished... we still need to work on some things so expect some minor updates at the future :). We will let you know when the build revision is finished, so stay tuned! ;D

Archaic Entertainment Team

December 24, 2016 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades!

We have a special announcement for a special day ;D!

We have read the comments from players asking about the problems with Panzer Elite and Commonwealth factions as they are designed in Company of Heroes. Since we are going to make a big release into Steam we also decided some months ago to give a try to a better tech system for Panzer Elite and the Commonwealth, however, for now only the former is being worked and the latter will be started after finishing the other.

There is no changes in the Panzer Elite command trees, the changes so far only were made for the regular tech tree of the faction, and we will describe them now.

Headquarters - T0

The Headquarters now store some upgrades that used to be in other production buildings and what they unlock remains the same.

The Panzer Grenadiers are now four men squads, which means they can increase their size to five. Of course, they have become a bit more expensive because to this. They can purchase up to three different weapon upgrades and have the usual abilities. There production buildings remain the same, so there are only four to build and they cannot build defensive structures.

The Kettenkrad has the following changes: it has now an upgrade that allows to detect and dispose mines, it no longer has doctrinal abilities and it uses bike armour instead of the scout car one.

Logistik Kompanie - T1

This is the current layout we are testing. It contains anti-tank grenades as global upgrade for Panzer Grenadiers infantry units.

The Scout Car now has better suppression rate and also can be upgraded into the unit formerly known as Armoured Car. This unit no longer has the upgrade to lock down sectors.

The Munition Halftrack works the same as it used to be for the most part but has two new features: it has the Deploy Goliath ability and can heal once Field Operations is researched.

The Sdkfz. 263 is now available to Panzer Elite to lock down sectors. It's offensive power is limited, due to having a single MG 34 in a fixed position.

The Vampire Halftrack now acts as support for infantry, buffing their abilities instead of diverting resources. It has the same detection range as it used to.

Kampfgruppe Kompanie - T2

The Schwimmwagen Type 128 is a Jeep like vehicle, also equipped with a MG 42 in the passenger seat. It also can lay down mines.

The infantry Halftrack is just like it used to be in the past, the only change being that can only carry one squad instead of two.

The Mortar Halftrack has also the same abilities and stats than before, but has a squad upgrade that does something which is a secret atm ;).

It also contains some familiar upgrades, along with a new one. Halftracks used by Panzer Elite are the ones from the designation Sdkfz. 250 ausf. A and it has always been like that, however, with the new upgrade Halftracks will now use the ausf. B chassis that offers more protection. It is a global upgrade that improves all the Sdkfz. 250 Halftrack type-units used by this faction regardless they are built from this building or not.

Panzer-Jager Kommand - T3

The units used in this building are the Tank Buster squad, the Marder III and the Stummel Halftrack. The only upgrade available in this building unlocks the Marder III and also the Panzerschreck upgrade in Panzer Grenadiers.

The Tank Buster squad is a four men squad which shares the same abilities than the older version.

The Marder III is the same unit as the old version. However, it gets significantly big stats improvement when using the lockdown ability.

The Stummel Halftrack is a unit specialized in combat against infantry units, equipped with the 7.5cm KwK 37 L/24 gun and a MG 42.

Support-Kommand Upgrade - T4

The Assault Grenadiers are the same as the previous one, except for the squad size.

The Anti-Tank Halftrack no longer has the tread-breaker ability, but has a Stielgranate 41 ability (WIP).

The Jagdpanzer IV/70(V) is available for this production building and has the armoured skirts as squad upgrade.

The Panzer IV Infantry Support Tank is also available, it no longer has the lock-down ability but features a new upgrade for it's main gun, improving it's stats against armoured vehicles by using the 7.5cm Kwk 40 L/43 as main gun. It shall be noted that Wehrmacht Panzer IV uses the L/48 version, which means this Panzer IV has inferior stats against vehicles compared to the Panzer IV used by the other factions.

The Bergetiger is available and has no changes so far.

Regarding the Command Trees and the reward units, you can assume they are in a vanilla state, but the only change so far is the Nashorn being reward unit for the Jagdpanther.

We hope you like the direction of these changes and then again, we would like to remind you these changes aren't final and they are still being tested.

Now, for the next part of the announcement, we have a surprise for you guys :D! Company of Heroes: Eastern Front will feature Steam achievements!! Archaic Entertainment "Labs" never stops working to improve the mod ;). Head Researcher Walentin "Walki" L. has worked hard to make this possible. Here is the list of the achievements that will be available once the mod is released in Steam.

And yes, they work.

And for the last part of the announcement, we are proud to present the new Developer who joined Archaic Entertainment to help developing Eastern Front Mod! He is Ki McKenzie, known as ComradeCrimson/TrenchDog, and he will help us in the position of Voice Acting Director.

Yes, you aren't dreaming, Company of Heroes: Eastern Front will have new voice acting for the Multiplayer units and hopefully in the future Singleplayer missions as well :).

Here is his portfolio[] if you want to hear examples of his work.

We are also looking for beta testers which have knowledge and experience in PvP to help us with the balance for the Steam version. For more information you can contact Hendrik (aka 'DarcReaver') by PM[]

And that would be all for now, we wish you a merry christmas and the next time we will announce the changes for the Ostheer Command Trees. For real this time ;).

Thanks for your support!
Archaic Entertainment

December 22, 2016 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades!

Today is time to post about the changes done to the Command Trees used by the Soviet Army. The changes are not as extensive as the ones made to the faction, nonetheless we think these changes are critical to find a better balance between the Tech Tree, the Command Trees and the Reward Command Trees we are going to implement later.

Let's begin.

Propaganda War Strategy

Political Warfare (LHS)
  • [1 CP] Not One Step Back!: Your infantry cannot move but their defensive capabilities are increased.
  • [2 CP] Shock Guards Reinforcement: Elite infantry squad equipped against every type of situation.
  • [4 CP] Stalin Organ: Call-in for Katyushas.

Shock Guards now grants a call-in ability to use Guard squads as reinformcements from offmap. They are equipped with anti-personal grenades, smoke grenades and anti-tank grenades, they also have one PTRS-41 anti-tank rifle and also a DP-28 light machine gun. They arrive ready to the party!

Industrial Warfare (RHS)
  • [2 CP] ZiS-2 Anti-Tank Gun: Enables the ZiS-2 production permanently replacing the ZiS-3 field gun. ZiS-3 already produced can be upgraded individually.
  • [2 CP] Large Scale Assault: Soviet industries allow to produce vehicles faster for a cheaper price.
  • [4 CP] Air Raid: A squadron of IL-2 Sturmovik and Hurricane IIC ground-attack planes will strike the targeted area.

Urban Combat Strategy

Defensive Warfare (LHS)
  • [1 CP] Impenetrable Defense: Machine gun nests get a defensive boost and can reinforce infantry based squads.
  • [2 CP] Sturmovie Ingenery Reinforcement: Call-in squads of Ingenery equipped with body armour, PPS 43 SMGs and satchel charges.
  • [3 CP] Artillery unit: A howitzer can be built by the Sturmovie Ingenery squads.

Sturmovie Ingenery make their comeback to the Eastern Front in the only way that can be done :). They can build some advanced defensive structures like the Howitzer and the 85 mm air defense gun M1939 (52-K) which has been used in the past in the mod too. They can also build all the other defensive structures than the regular Ingenery squads can.

The picture above just shows a place holder model, but those who have played EF in the past versions might find it familiar.

If you are wondering why I use the word Howitzer instead of something more specific, that's because we are still thinking about what would be used. The picture shown is also a placeholder and only meant to illustrate how it will work.

Street Warfare (RHS)
  • [1 CP] For the Motherland!: Infantry cannot be suppressed and offers modifiers to charge at enemies for a short period of time.
  • [1 CP] Street Fighting: Strelky gets incendiary grenades (replacing Molotovs) and Ingenery squads can purchase a second ROKS-3 flamethrower.
  • [6 CP] Steamroller: Call-in for the KV-2 heavy tank.

Additionally, this command tree unlocks the Mine Roller upgrade for the T-34/76 and the T-34/85 tanks, which means this upgrade is exclusive for this tree.

Breakthrough Assault Strategy

Infantry Support Warfare (LHS)
  • [1 CP] Infantry Storm: Improves the suppression threshold for infantry units and lowers their build time.
  • [2 CP] Inspiring Speech: Infantry will sprint for a short period of time.
  • [3 CP] The Juggernaut: Call-in the ISU-152 Zveroboy.

Tank Warfare (RHS)
  • [2 CP] Armoured Spearhead: The T34 series of armoured units and it's variants are granted cage armour.
  • [3 CP] KV-1 Heavy Tank: Calls a KV-1 heavy tank as reinforcement.
  • [2 CP] Breakthrough Artillery: Artillery ability to decimate enemy defenses before advancing.

The armoured units who benefit of the Armoured Spearhead upgrade are the T-34/76, T-34/85, SU-85 and SU-100. All of them receive the free upgrade right after the upgrade is purchased.

The Breakthrough Artillery consists of 3 rounds of heavy artillery used upon a targeted area (mortar shells, katyusha rockets, heavy artillery shells) and a fourth one of smoke shells to cover the advancing infantry and vehicles.

And that would be all for now, next time we will announce the changes for the Ostheer Command Trees and it will come very soon!

See you next time!
Archaic Entertainment Team

December 6, 2016 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades!

The next announcement is ready! However, it has too much content that it cannot be posted here without cutting it (it is no joke I already tried), so I'll post the link from ModDB:

Archaic Entertainment Team

November 16, 2016 - [AE-Dev]Blackbishop

Hello comrades!

After several months of discussion and work in new tweaks for the mod, we have a more or less stable build to share with you! Of course, there are still parts that need more fine tunning and it might change a bit for the Steam release, but the base shall remain like we present it in the next paragraphs. We still plan to release Eastern Front before 2017, that hasn't changed, so the next weeks will be very important for us.

First of all, we think is necessary to explain further about our past stance about not having enough material to share in the form of an announcement, and that's because we were in the middle of a huge discussion about the feedback we got from our factions, what makes Soviets good to play, which problems they have due to how we assemble their tech tree, are the command trees fun and balanced? And we question the same thing about Ostheer. Our development cycle is quite long unlike other mods because we are always trying to improve a lot of the game mechanics which makes us appear like we take an eternity to release new stuff.

Also, right now Burton, from the ZombieMod project for Company of Heroes is lending us a hand with the animations of some of the models we need for the Steam version. You will see more of that in the future.

Now about the changes done to EF factions, due to time constraints we have limited information to present right now, but we have scheduled to share at least five updates very shortly:

  • Soviet Tech Tree
  • Soviet Command Trees
  • Ostheer Tech Tree
  • Ostheer Command Trees
  • TBD

So, this announcement will cover the normal tech tree used by Soviets, other announcement will cover it's command trees, but they won't necessarily come in that order, in example: if we find better to post the Ostheer Tech Tree before the Soviet Command Tree then it will be done.

We have prepared some simple illustrations to depict how the tech tree looks at the moment and what skills have each unit as well.

Headquarters - T0

The HQ can produce two units: Ingenery squads and the ZiS-44 medic truck. Both haven't changed too much and keep their same abilities and upgrades.

(Click here to see full size)

Red Army Mustering Tent - T1

This building is the first one you can build and allows Conscripts to be recruited, however, they are called as reinforcements from the off-map area; Strelky, Command Squad, Observer Team, Sniper and Heavy MG Team units are recruited and come from the building as usual.

Conscripts and Strelky share the same defensive structures to build and also both have molotov cocktails as primary anti-personal device, while Conscripts have a rifle grenade to act as softcounter against armoured units and Strelky can purchase PTRS anti-tank rifles against enemy armoured support. When Strelky are upgraded to their Red Banner version, the leader gets promoted into an officer as well.

The Command Squad remains as a four men squad, however, it only has one active ability that is called "Strafniki Demotion", which targets Strelky and Conscripts squads: once you select one it will be converted into a Shtrafniki Squad (aka Penal Squad), with better stats and weapons but will no longer earn veterancy.

The Observer team is shifted more into a infantry - jeep type unit: it gets additional sight range in cover, has reduced chance to be hit by snipers and deals bonus damage against htem. The flare detects cloaked units and gives nearby enemy units a +25% received accuracy debuff. The Sniper... well it snipes units ;). The Heavy MG Team remains as usual, with some stats tweaked.

(Click here to see full size)

Soviet Support Barracks - T2

It allows to recruit the 82mm Mortar, but Heavy mortar squads can still be recruited later too and the ZiS-3 gun is also there with only stat changes; however, there are two new additions: the BA-64 and the T-70 light tank, the latter being unlocked after purchasing an upgrade from this very building.

Our BA-64 will act like a true armoured car and not like a Jeep, so don't expect some rifles will kill it too easy ;).

(Click here to see full size)

Russian Tank Hall - T3

We still need to create a new building for this one, hopefully we will replace it very soon. Now for the vehicles it allows to create: T-60, T-34/76 (later T-34/85), SU-85 (later SU-100), SU-76 and IS-2.

The T-60 no longer requires any upgrade, thus is available by default.

SU-76 requires Light Tankovy research to be unlocked.

SU-85 requires Heavy Tankovy research to be unlocked.

T-34/76 requires either Light Tankovy or Heavy Tankovy research to be unlocked.

IS-2 requires a new upgrade named Breakthrough Tankovy to be unlocked, but it requires Light and Heavy Tankovy to be researched.

(Click here to see full size)

Armoury - Auxiliar Tier

At the moment it contains seven upgrades:

  • Men Against Tannks: Improve Strelky and Conscripts against armoured units.
  • Red Banner Strelky: Improves the combat strenght for the Strelky squads.
  • Additional Reserves: Lowers upkeep for Soviet units and also lowers the research time for weapon upgrades.
  • Ballistic Veterans: Replaces the production of 82mm mortar with the 107mm one.
  • Improved ammunition: SU-76, ZiS-2 and ZiS-3 receive better anti-tank shells.
  • 85mm Gun Upgrade: Replaces the production of T-34/76 units for T-34/85. T-34/76 units in the field must be upgraded individually.
  • 100mm Gun Upgrade: Replaces the production of SU-85 units for SU-100. SU-85 units in the field must be upgraded individually.
  • We are still planning about what to do with the eighth upgrade.

(Click here to see full size)

This might change slightly later, but there shouldn't be any huge or dramatic departures from this layout, we will be working in the next announcement to release it soon as well, so for now I hope you have enjoyed the update, and if you have a comment about it don't hesitate to share it in the comment section.

By the way, I posted a comment in the previous announcement about waiting for something to be finished before posting this, but we couldn't meet the deadline so we'll post about that later.

See you later!
Archaic Entertainment Team

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