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Anomaly 1921
The Object of Progression With Fear: A Developer Note from C.D. Jones
May 10, 2013 - Best Milkshake

The last developer note addressed the violent themes of the game, and I'm here again to further state their current presence. I took a hard look into how the parallels of story, exploration, narrative and gameplay would carry out. You, being the player, are going to be exposed to the majority of an open city with minimal technical aspects holding you back. However, the best way of getting the player to introduce themselves to a new area and to explore it has more got to do with not just looking through the window.

A major part of the story revolves around not just progression of yourself as the main role, but how fear of a city revolves around you. You'll be introduced to a threatening environment in a much different tone than seen in most game genre's. You are a magician tied up in a crime thriller that is constantly weaving around you the more you step in any direction. Fear doesn't come from the fact that the people that surround you give you bad looks or give you some short blurb of disturbing information. Fear in this case and in this game comes from what you can speculate in your mind will break these people apart because of you. Your story comes from the environment, and the environment causes the world to turn, slowly shifting gears in a very daunting manor.

As far as I can say right now, New Manhattan is a beautiful city with a well fleshed out, concrete depiction of a living, breathing, threatening atmosphere. The story in where it takes you to the gritty underground of a jagged edged business through a victim of circumstance is where you'll hopefully start seeing the magic.