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DisplayFusion 4.3 has been released!
7. marraskuu, 2012 - RobotGizmo

DisplayFusion 4.3 is now available for download, and includes fixes for various issues that existed in the 4.2 release. The Wallpaper configuration window now has a fresh new design as well!

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9 kommenttia
Resistance 17. tammi, 2013 1.10 
Another thing microsoft forgot while implemented by linux. Thank you guys for bringing this to windows!
Zenad 19. joulu, 2012 10.29 
Excellent logiciel, très pratique pour switcher les fenêtres d'appli
william © botenvouwer 13. marras, 2012 10.51 
@RobotGizmo to bad
RobotGizmo 13. marras, 2012 7.14 
@sirwilliam: Unfortunately this isn't possible, Windows only activates 1 monitor at the login screen.
william © botenvouwer 12. marras, 2012 13.23 
Is it possible to have multiple backgrounds in the login screen
Zniff 11. marras, 2012 10.31 
aww yeah
Hipparchia 7. marras, 2012 11.18 
Still wondering why it is not part of Windows, like Supercopier2 should be !
A simple and powerful tool to manage windows, toolbars, wallpapers, and multiple screens.
Good support also (still updated from XP to W8).
Et traduit dans de nombreuses langues dont la mienne ;-)
AbsoluteZer0 7. marras, 2012 8.06 
Great piece of software if you have a dualscreen setup
BloodShed 7. marras, 2012 7.43 
Awesome ^_^