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Die Community hat genug Interesse an diesem Spiel gezeigt. Valve ist nun mit diesem Entwickler in Kontakt getreten, um auf die Veröffentlichung auf Steam hinzuarbeiten.

15. Oktober - Refract

This Thursday marks two years since the start of Distance's Kickstarter campaign! It's incredible that we've been working on Distance for over two years, and despite the core gameplay being heavily influenced by Nitronic Rush the look and feel of Distance has changed quite a bit in those years.

On Thursday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST / 10pm CET we'll be streaming some games that inspired us to create Distance, as well as show a bit of some ancient prototypes that helped us to prepare for Distance's development. If you haven't already you can follow us on Twitch to receive notifications when the stream goes live!

FOLLOW ON TWITCH: http://twitch.tv/refractstudios

10. Oktober - Refract

Today we're releasing beta build 3153! It includes several new levels, improvements to online stability, a new spectator camera, and more. While I recommend that you read the entire changelog, I decided to whip together a quick update recap video to show some of the new features! Feedback from this update will help immensely toward us reaching a point where we can release the public beta. Let us know what you think!

WATCH THE RECAP VIDEO: http://youtube.com/watch?v=kfRYZEY2hNQ

  • Added new Challenge mode level: Dodge
  • Added new Challenge mode level: Descent
  • Added new Challenge mode level: Detached
  • Added new Challenge mode level: Elevation
  • Added new Road Division Equipment loading screen
  • Added quicker restart for levels
    • Initial load time is the same but restart load time is much quicker
    • The spawn-in animation is quicker and the camera starts behind the car
  • Added new spectator camera mode (follows car in 3rd person along the track)
  • Added tools in the level editor for moving and rotating the camera using the arrow keys
    • Move Camera Forward - Up Arrow
    • Move Camera Backward - Down Arrow
    • Move Camera Right - Right Arrow
    • Move Camera Left - Left Arrow
    • Move Camera Up - Ctrl+Up Arrow
    • Move Camera Down - Ctrl+Down Arrow
    • Rotate Camera Up - Shift+Up Arrow
    • Rotate Camera Down - Shift+Down Arrow
    • Rotate Camera Right - Shift+Right Arrow
    • Rotate Camera Left - Shift+Left Arrow
    • Tilt Camera Right - Shift+Ctrl+Right Arrow
    • Tilt Camera Left - Shift+Ctrl+Left Arrow
  • Improved Steam Workshop update screen before splash screens
    • Improved progress text during update to be more informative
    • Added progress bar
    • Added ability to skip updating by pressing Esc, B, or O depending on controller in use
  • Updated the visuals (i.e. color palette) for Challenge level 'Thunder Struck'
  • Many more objects use static batching for rendering
  • Improved stability for players who join late in Reverse Tag mode
  • Improved car network interpolation (substantial optimization to networking subsystems)
  • Disabled sending Graphics Settings analytics
  • Colliders can no longer be set to negative scales in the level editor
  • The game will now check if your preferences folder is in the proper location for your operating system. If not, the player will be prompted about moving the folder.
    • On OSX, the new player preferences folder is: ~/library/Application Support/Refract/Distance
    • On Linux, the new player preferences folder is: ~/.config/refract/Distance
  • Made it so the level editor camera has bloom and HDR enabled to make it more similar to the camera used when playing normally in levels
  • Improved how Track Manipulator Nodes update with the road pieces so that they update their positions based on the link they are following every frame
  • LaserLogic components can no longer be modified in the level editor
  • Improved visibility on Empire Jump Barriers
  • Added the ability for the InterpolateToOnTrigger to move the object relative to the start position
  • Improved performance in the Main Menu
  • Car explosions can now shake the cameras of other players
  • Improved player name text scale depending on FOV of player's camera
  • Improved camera motion when waiting for other players to load the level
  • Fixed mouse drag not working in the level editor on Linux
  • Fixed bug where you could accidentally click on the Adventure button in the main menu when skipping through the splash screens
  • Removed Anti-Aliasing from the level editor camera gizmo since it caused a visible glitch in the corner of the screen on OSX
  • Fixed bug where finishing a mode via DNF (i.e. resetting in Challenge mode while playing solo) would still show medals and a time of -0:00:001
  • Fixed an issue that caused the reflection cubemaps to get messed up on the car when not using realtime reflections
  • Fixed bug where car damage wasn't getting buffed out after hitting checkpoints
  • Fixed memory leak caused by car damage
  • Fixed bug where Steam offline mode wouldn't continue past updating Steam Workshop levels
  • Fixed flicker on starting animation (Stunt mode when online)
  • Numerous special case exceptions (minor errors) were fixed

(new Challenge level 'Detached')

(new Challenge level 'Dodge')

(new Challenge level 'Elevation')

(additional loading screen)

(new Steam Workshop updating screen)

22. September - Refract

After 2 years of developing Distance we've decided to finally take the next big step... This fall, Distance will be available for download on Steam Early Access! While we don't have an exact release date locked down yet we hope to announce it in the coming weeks.

Since our last Greenlight post we've had our heads down working as hard as possible. Thanks to continual feedback from our backer community we've been able to make great progress, and last month we hit a big milestone by releasing a private beta to over 6,000 backers! The private beta currently features a short single player campaign, as well as additional split-screen and online multiplayer modes such as Sprint, Reverse Tag, Stunt, and Soccer.

Distance Beta also includes a powerful level editor which is linked to Steam Workshop. Distance's Workshop already features over 100 levels uploaded by the community. If you'd like to see some of the latest creations we recently hosted a community level event on Twitch where we streamed several levels[twitch.tv].

The response to the private beta has been really positive so far, and we feel that Early Access makes sense as a natural extension of our community-driven, iterative development style. The public beta released through Early Access will be available on Windows, Mac, and Linux. We hope to see you on the track soon!

- Jordan (@torcht)

P.S. - For the latest updates on Distance outside of Greenlight (updated frequently):

14. Januar 2013 - Refract

(image credit: PCGamer)

We were fortunate to be included in both PCGamer and Indie Statik's "Best of 2013" lists! 2013 is looking like a incredible year for new releases and we're really excited to be a part of it. Check out the lists here and tell us what games you're most excited about:

Also, today is the last day to vote for Distance before the next round of games get chosen tomorrow. If you have any friends that you think would enjoy Distance on Steam, make sure to share it with them today!

16. November 2012 - Refract

With the aid of a $10,000 backer (another arcade cabinet!), we just blew past our first stretch goal of $150k! That means that we'll now be including full Replay/Spectate modes!!

One thing that was experimented with in Nitronic Rush was random track generation, where at the click of a button a completely fresh track would be created each time. Obstacles, ramps, road pieces, environment models, etc. would be placed in a unique way that makes sense for the progression of the track. Unfortunately it never shipped with the game due to time constraints to finish everything, but we want to expand on that idea in Distance!

If we reach $165,000 by the end of the time limit today, the Random Track Generation Mode would allow you to create a vast number of unique tracks after providing a few parameters to tweak the overall type of track being generated. You can share specific seeds with your friends as well so that they can play tracks that you discovered!

Check out the full update for more details: http://kck.st/S35q8G
Check out the Distance Kickstarter: http://kck.st/PzXxKA

Thanks so much!

- Kyle, Jordan, and Jason

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