Dit spel heeft groen licht gekregen van de community!

De community heeft haar interesse getoond voor dit spel. Valve heeft de ontwikkelaars benaderd om de release op Steam in gang te zetten.

5 HOURS LEFT!!! Stretch Goal #2 Announced: Random Track Generation
16 november 2012 - Refract

With the aid of a $10,000 backer (another arcade cabinet!), we just blew past our first stretch goal of $150k! That means that we'll now be including full Replay/Spectate modes!!

One thing that was experimented with in Nitronic Rush was random track generation, where at the click of a button a completely fresh track would be created each time. Obstacles, ramps, road pieces, environment models, etc. would be placed in a unique way that makes sense for the progression of the track. Unfortunately it never shipped with the game due to time constraints to finish everything, but we want to expand on that idea in Distance!

If we reach $165,000 by the end of the time limit today, the Random Track Generation Mode would allow you to create a vast number of unique tracks after providing a few parameters to tweak the overall type of track being generated. You can share specific seeds with your friends as well so that they can play tracks that you discovered!

Check out the full update for more details: http://kck.st/S35q8G
Check out the Distance Kickstarter: http://kck.st/PzXxKA

Thanks so much!

- Kyle, Jordan, and Jason

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30 opmerkingen
Nikolovski 3 feb 2014 om 6:38nm 
This game looks epic, I'd fund the kickstarter if I could
Dejected Angel 29 jul 2013 om 6:27vm 
$4000 short? NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FenixStryk 29 jun 2013 om 2:18nm 
I would have -really- loved a Random Track Endurance mode where players had to race through foreign tracks that they couldn't memorize in advance. Shame y'all came up 4K short... perhaps in an expansion after release?
rice calculator $MDE$ 3 jun 2013 om 8:23nm 
We need someone with 4000 to reach this goal!
rice calculator $MDE$ 3 jun 2013 om 8:22nm 
Hey guy a little spoiler her but if you pledge 5000$ you can put your own vehical ( i think i spelt that wron) in the game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
VourMuccnt hail 9 apr 2013 om 7:29vm 
Shut up and take my money!!!
Phobos 7 apr 2013 om 8:08vm 
im so excited for this game!!!
Venomeyes' 19 mrt 2013 om 12:12vm 
I think the Random Track Generator will be an awesome way to keep the tracks fresh, without having to wait for player based creations. Wish we had some hint of the other hidden Stretch Goals. I think it would give a pretty good incentive to us if we knew what they were, and whether we would want to invest in the extras.
Burgmond 13 mrt 2013 om 6:03vm 
If anything, a fan will mod it in.
UserWithNoName 10 mrt 2013 om 3:39nm 
So... Will Random Track generation be something added in later after the game is released?