Сообщество дало этой игре зеленый свет!

Сообщество выразило свой интерес к этой игре. Valve связалась с её разработчиком и начала подготовку к выходу проекта в Steam.

Система Steam Greenlight прекращает свою работу. О новом способе публикации игр можно узнать из нашего блога.
WE HIT OUR KICKSTARTER GOAL! Less than 26 hours left to get Kickstarter exclusive rewards!
15 ноября 2012 - Refract

Hey everyone, we hit our Kickstarter goal with a couple days to spare! Thanks for all of the love and support all along the way, we couldn't have done it with out you!

We now have 1 day left before the Kickstarter campaign ends, which is your last chance EVER to get access to the backer-only vehicle as well as the Kickstarter-exclusive t-shirt, poster, and more. You can now back the project via PayPal (if for any reason you can't use Kickstarter), we included a Replay/Spectator modes Stretch Goal, and we released a new update video!

Check out our latest update for more details: http://kck.st/Y8CfVx
Check out the Distance Kickstarter: http://kck.st/PzXxKA
Back the project via PayPal: {ССЫЛКА УДАЛЕНА}

Thanks again!
- Jordan, Kyle, and Jason

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Комментариев: 14
cgngreenbadass007 28 дек. 2012 в 22:50 
congratulations, can't wait to play your game
Jayrab 16 ноя. 2012 в 8:12 
I am honestly glad that you guys made it!
Admiral 16 ноя. 2012 в 4:42 
Congratulations guys, well deserved!
Hey-Pi-Ron 16 ноя. 2012 в 1:25 
Yaaaay! Congratulations!
sense 16 ноя. 2012 в 0:53 
F Yeah. Congrats.
RionaaM 15 ноя. 2012 в 18:09 
Congratulations. I'm glad you made it, can't wait to play what will definitely be an awesome game.
Docile Blemmigan 15 ноя. 2012 в 18:04 
Wait..... WHAT?!?!??!
SyntaX 15 ноя. 2012 в 17:52 
yay. can´t wait for the first Beta! Congrats!
Weekend at Baldwin's 15 ноя. 2012 в 17:30 
Oh, and noticed you are putting a replay with free cam on this -- can't wait to take screens of this game!
Weekend at Baldwin's 15 ноя. 2012 в 17:27 
Congrats! Very much looking forward to this :)