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New Gameplay Trailer, New (Free) Music, and 6 Days Left on Kickstarter
10. November 2012 - Refract

There's only 6 days left in our Kickstarter and we still have a bit to go with it. We just hit $80,000 which means we have about 36% still to go. We can make it, but we need your help spreading the word about it in everyway possible. Check out the latest gameplay trailer and download the latest music (for free) in our latest update:

We're doing our best to get more content out there for you so you'll be able to post about it more on Facebook/Twitter/Google+ or on any forums that you browse. You can check out our Share Page[] to help you share more about the game also.

New Gamplay Trailer

Backing the project gives you access to the early beta, the released game on Windows, Mac, or Linux DRM-free (and hopefully on Steam). access to the private discussion community, your name in the credits level, and tons more.

If you're excited about the game at all, please check out the Kickstarter page above. If the game doesn't succeed on Kickstarter, there's a good chance that it won't be made, so please help us out!

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7 Kommentare
cgngreenbadass007 15. Nov. 2012 um 12:49 Uhr 
Well it made it its kickstarter goal, glad my name will be on the credits and congratulations for making it
ThreeSon 11. Nov. 2012 um 15:01 Uhr 
I upped my pledge an extra $20. This is going to be close.
Keavon 11. Nov. 2012 um 14:17 Uhr 
Less than $40,000 to go!
sense 11. Nov. 2012 um 6:53 Uhr 
I will have this game!
Darkamo 11. Nov. 2012 um 1:28 Uhr 
it's time to do some flips !
Syrsly 10. Nov. 2012 um 21:08 Uhr 
Good luck reaching that final funding goal. Looks like interest in the project has dulled significantly.
Because I'm Batman!! 10. Nov. 2012 um 19:32 Uhr 
Looks so awesome!