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Humans Must Answer
Welcome To New Uruk!
17 janvier 2013 - DISHTY




With the danger of living in today's Solar System, all you really want is to be around likeminded people, a comfortable home and the latest technology to make your life as easy as it possibly can be. Right? Located on and around the always sunshine-happy Uruk Sulcus region on Ganymede, New Uruk is a new kind of city for exciting people - one that welcomes you with open arms and guarantees that all of your needs can be catered within a kilometer radius.

Since its inception, New Uruk has become the commercial and domestic heart of the galaxy. There's no place quite like it! Being situated right next to the huge scientific laboratories around Jupiter means that the very latest innovative breakthroughs are delivered to, sometimes even tested on, the denizens of New Uruk. You can be ahead of all the technological trends to ensure that your apartment is kitted out with the most plush metallic wares. If you are into your science, then you'll be excited to hear that you'll be just minutes away from all of the biggest fairs and expos - tech heads and cyborgs will fit right in here!

New Uruk is also one of the cleanest human cities of today's great age! This is partly due to making use of our huge Solar Sails to bring electricity 24/7 to everyone located in three of the city's four huge quadrants, but also because all other resources are imported from Mars. You'll find no quarries here!

Worried about crime in the big city? Fear not, for New Uruk has the best police force that humankind has ever known. Led by the formidable Sheriff Gilgamesh, our police units use the latest search and tracking technology to chase up any crime they don't deal with on the spot with a 99% chance of justice being served!

We can't wait to hand over your new apartment in our exciting city! We're sure you'll fit right in as all personalities are served, ensuring you can live your life of pleasure with no worries. Sign up today!

And remember, always wear your Sun Screen!

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3 commentaires
DonTheDon 17 janv. 2013 à 22h05 
Can't wait to get my hnds on the full game, Keep up the amazing work, The game reminds me alot of Tyrian And Raptor for Dos waaaaaay back then, I used to play the shareware versions of those games till my fingers hurt, But this game is bound to be loved by me even more, mainly because its horizontal and not vertical! Alot of your weapons also seem "Outside the Box" and thats great only because any weapon that Isn't a Spread type weapon is usually useless, seems like you found a good remedy for that. I have seriously never been this excited for a Space Shooter before, and im very happy to say Ill be getting this for me, and several nephews. Once again, Keep up the amazing work!
Eliiah 17 janv. 2013 à 13h26 
Keep going... I like it
Volt Rabbit 17 janv. 2013 à 12h14 
LOL "Coming soon: Half Life 3" I lost it.

Game looks fantastic, I want it so bad, along with its soundtrack.