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A közösség kimutatta érdeklődését e játék iránt. A Valve kapcsolatba lépett ezzel a fejlesztővel, hogy megkezdjék a Steames megjelenés irányába terelni a dolgokat.

Everyone who likes this might also be interested in our first iOS release Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage!
2013. június 27. - nitrome

Hi Everyone!

aswell as PC Nitrome is also getting into mobile and our first game Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage hit the app store and is doing pretty well in the charts :) (top ten most counties) Thanks to everyone who has already bought it and to everyone who has not checked it out yet please support us if you can:


The Nitrome Team.

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alex.leckiezaharic ápr. 7. @ du. 9:58 
Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is part of the Rovio-owned program Rovio Stars, but it was made by Nitrome, and sold under Rovio
ernestjames.deleon márc. 31. @ de. 12:30 
Chinchillaofthepotatonbaconking jan. 20. @ du. 12:54 
why does it say it is owned by rovio?
злой медведь jan. 7. @ de. 10:12 
Когда выйдет игра???

Blazing_Aura (blazegunner626) 2013. dec. 8. @ de. 12:46 
I really like nitrome and am glad they brought a game to iOS and now Steam. Please make this possible! It will be one of the first games i have ever had on Steam.
Destructomainiac 2013. dec. 1. @ de. 1:38 
Destructomainiac 2013. dec. 1. @ de. 1:37 
Olizoli 2013. nov. 29. @ de. 10:50 
Nitrome have all the best co-op games :). GO GO GO NITROME!!!!
Spokes 2013. okt. 14. @ du. 1:41 
Go Nitrome Go!!!!
Dark Harvester 2013. szept. 21. @ de. 2:25 
The second game they realeased I think should be like a Sky Serpents: Ultimate Edition kind of thing.