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No Heroes
25 mai - TiagoF11

Hello everyone,

It's been awhile since i've made some updates here on this page. I've been making small updates on other places like Facebook that i don't think are appropriate for here.

So, here are the latest updates on No Heroes:

[March 7th]

Testing animated weapon pickup.
It's still work in progress, with missing animations and missing a few other things.
A lot of work has been done on many other features, performance and gamemode related things. Just wanted to show this new feature


[March 13th]

I've been getting a lot of mixed feedback on the non-centered aiming, so i decided to make a video showing how it works and behaves, and also included two more options to see what's your opinion on which one.
Feature Feedback - Post in the comments below which one of the three you like the most, and point out what's good and bad about each one. Also rank each of these from best to worse.
Keep in mind the focus on this game is realism and immersion but also good control over the weapon. It's not supposed to be very fast paced.


[April 25th]

New important feature to pass the time.
Implemented the networked inventory system, plus animated item pickup and drop (work in progress).
This will be used to pickup weapon attachments, magazines and other items around the map.
Correct item positioning in hand was already fixed but it's not in this video.


[May 25th]

Hello everyone!
I uploaded a new small video just showing new things added to No Heroes plus improvements such as:
- Reloading (yes, reloading)
- Ability to remove attachments and attach attachments and place them on different weapons,
- Ability to pickup and use items around the map,
- New sounds (place holders), ambient sounds, footstep sounds based on the surface,
- Small improvement to the testing map,
- A lot of gameplay and networking improvements,
- Lots of bug fixes,
- All features/mechanics are already networked and server authoritative,
- Gameplay basics are mostly complete,
- And many more


Thanks for your amazing support!
Follow the official Facebook page for more regular updates

22 décembre 2015 - TiagoF11

Creating a realistic and immersive experience - Part2: Real-Time Animated Attachment Switching.

Demonstration of a new functionality in No Heroes.

Ability to switch attachments in real-time and with animation.
This system dynamically positions everything in place and re-uses the same animations for all weapons for that attachment.
By doing this, it will save countless animations and speed-up development


6 décembre 2015 - TiagoF11

Hello everyone,

As you may have expected, the alpha of No Heroes won't be releasing this year.
As i explained in this post: https://www.facebook.com/DrunkenLizardGames/posts/898309300261384 , i've been really busy lately with much more important things, and being able to work on the game as much as i usually do was impossible.
Keep in mind that i don't work full-time on the game. I work on this as a hobby.

Even so, i will have more time at the end of next week and i'll TRY to make a new Video Update before the end of the year ( no guarantee though )

The release date will turn into TBA, since i don't want to give wrong dates again... The next time a release date/window is given, that will be the one.

I want you all to be informed on the game as much as possible and i always try to be up-front with all of you on the current state of the game.

Thanks for understanding and thanks for the amazing support :)

5 septembre 2015 - TiagoF11

August 25th:

Creating a realistic and immersive experience - Part1: Have control over what's on the weapon.

Initial testing of interacting with attachments on the weapon.
The IK system has been improved and you can see it working very well in this video with the transitions between normal and vault animations, and different IK positions on the weapon.

By using IKs, these animations with this attachments could be used for all weapons without any additional animations, saving countless animations.


Much more complex things to come!

September 5th:

Hello everyone, here's a little update.

I've been working on the gun-play, movement and recoil of weapons.
I also reworked the sway movement of the weapons. it's now much smoother and less jaggy when moving the mouse.

I also reworked how animations are created and mixed into the Animation component. Making it easier and quicker to add new weapons without much work.
I'm also working on the new mechanic where the player will be able to switch, with animation, the attachments in real-time.

This is a little more complex, since i don't want to make one animation per attachment and per weapon for that attachment. I'm making a system that will re-use the animations of the attachments for all weapons, regardless of the position and angle of the attachments in different weapons.

My goal with all of this is to make an immersive experience, where every action you make actually happens in-game with as less work as possible to add new content to the game (key part).

After this, i'll be making it possible for the player to see how much ammo the gun has by actually looking at the magazine, translating on-screen elements to in-game actions.

Here's a sneak peek of the gun-play i mentioned earlier:

Hope you're liking the development and thank you for the support :)

21 août 2015 - TiagoF11

Hello everyone!

Here's a little update on the development.

Like i said in a previous post on facebook, i've been working on being able to spawn network weapons on the map and also on the player. Still working on it, but it's already working.

I've also remade the IK system because the old one didn't work properly.
With the new one, it can nicely blend between different actions the player is performing, blending the hands, with the IK placement on the weapons (Idle animations, grip position/rotation, etc), hands movement based on the weapons rotation (reload, ammo check, etc) and normal hand placement (vault/climb/takedowns).
I made it this way because it saves me from making many many animations.
This way, it reuses the same animations for every weapon.

I've also been working on transition between states, improved dynamic movement, made new animations(temporary, used to be able to test the mechanics).

I'm now currently working on weapon mechanics(fire/reload/etc).

Here's a video demonstrating the new IK system, vault and climb mechanics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCsCXpUaXB4

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