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No Heroes
May 19, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Posting some images of the game in it's current stage.

May 8, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

A new dynamic weather and day/night system is in No Heroes, making the sky and atmosphere better:

I'm also using RTP v3 to power the terrain in No Heroes, making the terrain more realistic than ever:

May 6, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Here's an update on what i've been doing lately in No Heroes.
This will get a bit long and technical

Aside from the multiplayer networking and menu, i've been remaking all of the player/weapon/attachments systems in the game. This is a complete remake of the code, better structured and scalable. I'm making the structure of the code completely different from what it was. This new system cannot be made as it goes, it needs to be planned first, that's why it takes more time to make than the usual old code.
I also made the code when i was way less experienced, so it's somewhat normal for it to be a little bad.

How it was:
-Every single different weapon was coded in one main script that controlled all the weapons and another that controlled the player. This led to having scripts with thousands and thousands of lines of code. This was not practical, not scalable, poorly planned (made as it goes), a pain to debug, test and add new types of weapons and attachments
This was also a problem with weapon scripts, where every weapon code was inside one script. Same problems as before.

How it is going to be:
- The player will not have specific code to specific weapons, instead it will "control" the weapons by "asking" them what needs to be done (animation wise), everything else is controlled by the weapon.
Let's say, the weapon tells the player what to do, not the other way around (in most cases).
The player will only ask the main Generic weapon class for instructions, this means that any class that derives from that class will get that instruction, which is great for scalability and different types of weapons by having specific instructions of that weapon in the specific weapon script and not the players scripts. This framework is also used for attachments.

Anyway, you might be asking what does all this mean?!?
Well, this means that when the main code is completed, it will be 100 times easier to add new code, new weapons and new attachments without changing any single line of the previous code made and every new weapon and attachment will re-use code.
This will also enable to have many more options a player can make, by making these weapons / attachments have their own logic.

With all of this, here are new things that will be in the game (not necessarily because of this new system):
- Attachments can have their own logic, like
- extending a stock,
- changing between 2 sights in the same attachment,
- different types of magazines for the same weapon,
- turning off/on attachments, like flashlights/lasers, etc,
- Free Look,
- Pickup weapons/attachments/gear from the ground (mainly for Battle Royale),
- Weapons will have specific recoil patterns,
- and more that i forgot while writing this...

With all of this, you can clearly see that the previous system was NOT appropriate for the game and had to be changed (just like many other systems). I've been making this for awhile, mainly planning it, but i've started to implement it into the game.

Thanks for reading all of this and i'll leave an image as compensation
Thanks for the support


May 6, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Gameplay moments captured during updates #41 and #42.
Remember these updates are very old and does not represent the current stage of the game, not even by a long shot :)
Hope you enjoy :)

April 10, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

After reading all comments and suggestions (everywhere i posted this), i decided that:

PREMIUM POINTS WILL ONLY UNLOCK COSMETIC ITEMS ( avatars, character gear and weapon skins)
The majority of the cosmetic items will only be available with premium points, but there will be some cosmetic items available with game points.

Some updates:
- The store is already functional, being able to unlock items with the desired currency(GP or PrP). This will be updated later on when i am able to work with Steam's API and other things. Right now, items are unlocked in the database, but in the future, they will be unlocked through Steam, having better security.
- Saving loadouts is also already functional.

All of this is already working with a dedicated server located in another country. I'm also getting very good latency and response times from that server, so everything's working very well.
Next, i'll be making the Customization Menu and Options Menu.
After that i'll be working on the game servers and i'll be ready to start working on the core multiplayer code (gameserver/client code).

Hello everyone

Here's an update that many of you were waiting for.
Also note that the menu isn't done yet, it's early WIP.

How the store will work:
- You gain Game Points after each match,
- Premium Points are points you buy (using Steam) or win in specific cases,
- Once you unlock an attachment, it will be unlocked for every weapon it is compatible with,
- Players that are in the top players of the week, will receive extra Game Points or Premium Points,
- Players that win really hard game modes (Battle Royale) will probably also receive Premium Points ( haven't decided yet )

The following i haven't truly decided yet, i'm leaning towards Nº1, but i'll leave it up to you guys (just consider what's done in other games and if it's really fair or not to be able to do that, AKA League of Legends(nobody complains that every character can be bought) and other games)
1: Only cosmetic items (skins, gear, avatars) will be able to be unlocked with premium points
2: Every item can be unlocked with premium points

Also realize that i need to maintain servers, so any extra income is very important.

Feedback from the fans is very important, so please leave a comment with your suggestion/complain and post how you would resolve it. Don't just post nonsense.


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