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No Heroes
November 9, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Hello everyone,

There have been many updates since the last one i posted here, so here's every update that has been made since then.
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----- September 11

Hello everyone

Giving a little update:

I'm finally a steamworks developer, meaning i can finally implement steamworks functionality in No Heroes,
I've been learning the API and been implementing authentication and other things. Login is automatic ( no need to login manually ) and registration only requires a valid username. It will be really easy to get into No Heroes.

Everything is now going great and soon i'll finally go back to the actual multiplayer networking, servers, gameplay ( Gameplay will receive a major overhaul ) and other things.

I'll post more updates when things are more advanced.
Thanks for the support :)

----- September 16

Early look at the new, and hopefully final, Menu redesign.

Hope you like the new style :)

----- September 17

Update to the server browser menu!

----- September 25

----- September 27

Sneak Peak at the new Weapon Customization Menu.
It's still work in progress.

Many new things have been done recently,
I'll describe what new things have been added and what will be added in the future before the next video update:

- Brand new Menu with a completely different design,
- Rework of every script of the game ( still in progress ),
- Implementation with Steamworks,
- Authentication, Login and Registeration working properly,
- Friends List in-menu,
- Every user information is retrievable from the Database ( using a proxy like the Lobby Server or a Game Server, using temporary variables to locally store the user's information to avoid accessing the Database too much ),
- Server Browser working properly,
- New Graphics Options,
- Each user has 4 loadouts and each one is customizable,
- Loadout save to the database working properly.

To be added until the next video update ( no gameplay ):
- New Weapon Customization,
- Visual Player Customization,
- Unlocking System,
- Unlock Menu,

----- October 2

Check out the new scope effect i'm making.
Vast improvement over the old one.

----- October 11

You can also move your head while scoping

----- October 13

----- October 25

From concept to reality.

The customization menu is nearly complete (only a few things need some work), with also the new weapon and attachment system working perfectly.
Skins are also already implemented.

I also have the new unlocking system planned, and will be implementing it very soon. After that, a new Video Update will be made :)

----- November 9

First look at an early version of the Unlocking System.

( Watch in the highest resolution possible to see the details )

I've been completing the Customization Menu, and now i've been working on the Unlocking System. This system was made from the ground up and changed a few times until this one.
The system is still not complete, but i'm confident it will soon. and after that, the new video update will be made.
I'm also still deciding if there is too much information at the same time on the unlocking system menu and if i need to decrease it a bit

I've remade by hand the UI images of the weapons and also made the UI images of all the attachments by hand.

Here's how the unlocking system will work for ATTACHMENTS and SKINS:

- Each weapon will have separate unlocking stats ( kills, headshots, etc ),
- Unlocking functions as a tree-based system. This gives more freedom of what the player wants to unlock while also giving longevity;
- During matches, the player will earn points for kills, headshots, etc, and with these points, the player will be able to unlock new attachments / skins;
- When the player unlocks an item, the required points to unlock the item will be deducted from the weapon's unlocking stats.
- The player won't earn more unlocking points than the player needs to unlock the rest of the items. This will ensure that when new items are added to the game, these are not unlocked instantly.

- Skins will be unlocked a bit differently. I'll share more details about this soon.

Unlocking Weapons and Gear will function similarly to how unlocking attachments and skins work, but using wins and score on certain game modes, etc.

Remember that while this is where the unlocking system is going, it's still not final and things may change.

If you have feedback or a question, then post a comment below.

September 3, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

I've given this a lot of thought and i've decided that there will be NO micro-transactions in No Heroes.
I'll give more details soon :)

August 25, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Hello everyone,
This is a very large post, so take your time to read everything and see how the game is progressing

It's been awhile since the last post, this is because i have been working only on the networking part of the game.

Here's how things are:
- Database working perfectly,
- Lobby server working well. Still have to implement Login by Steam, but i can't work on that part until i am able to work with Steamworks
- Game Servers are progressing very well, Authoritative
- Stats are tracked
- Very easy to create/edit Game Modes,
- Client working well ( Menu, player info, stats, unlocks )
- Will be working on the Multiplayer Gameplay aspect of the game very soon

Besides the networking stuff, i'm also reworking almost everything on the game ( like i explained on post i made before )

That's how things are right now.

Just so you can compare to what was done before this networking rework, here's how it was:
- No Database,
- No lobby server,
- No Game Servers,
- Networking was Peer-To-Peer, easily hackable,
- Inconsistent,
- No Game Modes,
- Stats weren't tracked,
- No Ranking or unlocks,
- No multiple loadouts,
- Most of the code was hard coded, meaning it was almost impossible to extend and re-use code,
- Primitive Menu with simple functionality,
- etc, etc, etc.

As you can see, many things have been done.
Very soon i'll be working on the core gameplay, changing and improving many other things, like player movement, weapon handling, better destruction and many more.

I will also be changing "Premium Points" to "Cosmetic Points" and "Game Points" to "Unlock Points". This will give a better description and first impression to what these Points mean.

While during the week i work on that, during the weekend i don't have my main PC, so if i have some free time during the weekend, i take the time to experiment on other features ( using Unity indie on my old laptop ).
This time, i've been working on destruction meshes and blending of destruction textures, and i'm pretty happy with the results i'm getting.

This wall was made really really really fast and only for testing/prototyping, so expect the quality of destruction meshes to be higher in the game.

Hope you now understand how things are progressing and why it's taking so long to develop the game ( Many mandatory functionalities and frameworks needed and still need to be added )

Thanks for the support :)

June 20, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Here it finally is!

Here's the new and biggest update of No Heroes, #44

Hope you enjoy the current state of the game
Support by sharing and rating the video

Changes in this update:
- Island has been remade, making it much more believable,
- The map is still WIP and will be almost 2 times bigger than before,
- New Dynamic animations when player is not performing certain actions,
- Various animations while sprinting,
- Improved reticle effect,
- New gun sounds ( still place holder ),
- New particle effects,
- New and more believable destruction objects,
- Using a new Terrain Shading Solution, amazing improvement over the old one,
- Now using Physical Based Shading,
- Using a new Weather and Day/Night Cycle Solution,
- Lights switch On/Off during day/night transitions,
- Added Natural Bloom,
- Fixed IKs inside Unity, Arms look much better and more natural than before,

- It's also possible to retract or extend the stock of weapons in real-time inside the game
I forgot to include it in this update, but you can check it out by clicking here to see the video

June 10, 2014 - Drunken Lizard Games

Here's an early look at the, basically new, improved island. The image was taken right inside the editor, without post-processing effects.
It's still work in progress. This improved island will be almost twice as big as the old one.

I'm preparing things for the next video update while also adding new destructible objects and structures.
I also improved performance, adding on average 20fps while maintaining the same look.
It's also possible to change Terrain's shading quality for faster performance.

One big, not so big change is the complete removal of vignetting post-processing effect. the final image is much better without it.

----- Other Updates -----

---- 06/06/2014

Make your own pathways in No Heroes!

Excited to show the new destruction and new map very soon.
I might also make the new, long overdue, Video Update #44. ( maybe next week or the week after, depending on what i have to show )
I will reserve the new multiplayer framework and scripting remake in the update #45.

The island was also drastically changed, improved and scaled. Has a much more realistic feeling.

---- 28/05/2014

Hello Everyone
Finally have a little more free time now, after finishing my last test yesterday. Won't have any summer vacations because of my internship though.

I've been looking at how destruction is usually done, and looking at some real life references, and i think i'm getting a better handling of destruction meshes.
Here's a comparison (using my amazing Paint skills ) of an old destructible object and a new destructible object.
I'm also going to make a new (maybe large) post soon, describing what i've also been doing besides the coding part, what was changed and added to the game.

---- 21/06/2014

For the last years, you have come to know me as that faceless person from DLG called Tiago. ( for those who didn't see the old vlog )
So i set up a personal twitter account.
You can follow it at

I don't usually tweet much though.

There's also the DLG twitter if you didn't know about it:

Remember to follow me on Facebook to get every update as it comes out:

Hope you like what you see and thank you for your continued support :)


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