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No Heroes
April 16, 2013 - Drunken Lizard Games

Hello everyone, i have an exciting announcement!
I would like to welcome Scout D-B to the DLG Team!

Scout will be working on creating the high quality characters, weapons, attachments and more, allowing me to also focus on other aspects of the game like gameplay, multiplayer, animation, etc.

Here's the soldier he's working on:

Be sure to follow us on facebook for regular udpates.

April 4, 2013 - Drunken Lizard Games

Changes in this update:
- Added ambient sound to the island,
- Player slightly moves the weapon back when close to a wall,
- Added more destroyed objects and buildings,
- Reduced weapon sway,
- Added sun flare and screen glare,
- Added interactive cloth physics (there's an option to disable it),
- Improved terrain detail and quality,
- Many fixes and performance improvements.

If you guys don't mind, it would really help me if you guys shared the update video with as many people as you can by sharing on facebook and twitter and also liking the video :)

March 29, 2013 - Drunken Lizard Games

I've been working on making a more detailed terrain, have a look at the results:

What do you think?

March 23, 2013 - Drunken Lizard Games

Changes in this Update:
- Added Sliding Mechanic,
- New health system,
- Added trees on the map,
- Improved scope effect,
- Improved gameplay.

March 12, 2013 - Drunken Lizard Games

Changes in this Update:
- Improved menu functionality,
- More Graphics options,
- Multiplayer is back,
- Switched from Unity's built-in networking to Photon Cloud,
- Improved some MP7 animations,
- Suppressed effect,
- Bullets leave a trale of particles

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