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Uprising44: The Silent Shadows
Thank you for voting Uprising44: The Silent Shadows
28. marraskuu, 2013 - m.dziwniel

We are near first 100 - Please support us :)

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4 kommenttia
Stormwoken 24. heinä, 2014 3.38 
Indeed. Will you even bother to reply after we upvoted you to Steam?
Toobs 14. kesä, 2014 9.38 
we supposrted you by voting for you due to you being in a bundle we purchased...

now support us by giving us our fucking steam keys you scammer piece of garbage.
Noris Nordberg 28. marras, 2013 9.59 
I have retail version (released by Play). Will it be possible to activate my copy on Steam using cd-key WHEN you get greenlit? ;)
Ingenieur18 28. marras, 2013 8.58