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Project: Make
2013. január 15. - SebastianPatric

Its official. Thanks to the great community here on Steam, Mak has made it into the latest batch of Greenlit titles. We just wanted to take the opportunity to thank everyone who voted. We're really happy to see this level interest in our project.

Greenlight is a great platform that opens a lot of doors for indie developers. We're hoping to have some exciting news to share in the comming weeks.

Thanks, Everyone!

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33 megjegyzés
ToastedPickle 2013. aug. 13., du. 1:02 
@The Panda King SOmtime in september as i recall
Ender 2013. jún. 27., de. 9:39 
when does it come out?
Zevaa 2013. márc. 19., de. 12:34 
Can't wait for this game.
Petri 2013. márc. 6., du. 1:35 
To nick_pickers: Yess this game will be multiplayer/cooperative :)
ScienceFiction97 2013. márc. 5., de. 11:40 
A.F.C Mr. Pickaxe 2013. márc. 2., du. 12:15 
This better make it onto steam or i'll be heavily disapointed
voximity 2013. febr. 22., du. 1:49 
YoTaku 2013. febr. 18., du. 9:22 
ohhh, so pumped
Firno 2013. febr. 17., de. 7:50 
Please get it onto mac too :P
panjeej gulidad 2013. febr. 16., de. 11:38 
How much will it be?