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Elder Sign: Omens
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Komentarzy: 514
DieKriegsmaschinerie 22 lutego 2014 o 5:58 
Cthulhu demands this be available for purchase.
Huichiro Dandy 11 lutego 2014 o 1:11 
GnistDK 14 stycznia 2014 o 23:46 
Elder Sign gogo
LegendaryQ 6 stycznia 2014 o 13:23 
Needs to go on Steam sale or become officially available or something.
ghroth 28 grudnia 2013 o 21:51 
Cmon FFG get the game out already!
Fat out of Hell 25 grudnia 2013 o 10:37 
Are there really no Ally cards? What a pitty!
[TS] AndyHG75 11 grudnia 2013 o 2:47 
-Jay (孤星虎) 9 grudnia 2013 o 19:53 
still no news? :(
/) L I E N K I Y 28 listopada 2013 o 2:32 
sergioreynel 17 listopada 2013 o 18:43 
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♥*¨*★~Preda~★*¨*♥ 13 listopada 2013 o 5:18 
It's funny but that is not the elder sign. This [www.artfire.com] is Lovecraft's elder sign design
Nedward_Clark 11 listopada 2013 o 3:15 
I must have this one!
Propane and Propane Accessories 9 listopada 2013 o 17:04 
yes, finally
Narkon 7 listopada 2013 o 5:14 
Congrats on the Greenlight. Can't wait to get this.
AROK 4 listopada 2013 o 5:23 
I want it so much!!!
admonish 30 października 2013 o 4:30 
Is there no online multiplayer?
hK 25 października 2013 o 13:19 
Siegor 24 października 2013 o 13:48 
The boardgame is quite good. The digital version might be a good purchase for those days when we can't get a group together.
QuinZ33 22 października 2013 o 8:14 
I have the iphone app, and I'm quite happy with it. If the interface is optimized for the PC and not just imported directly from the iphone version, I'll buy it here as well.
Vincent Cardley 20 października 2013 o 6:31 
Congrats on the Greenlight - really can't wait for this to appear on steam. Hopefully with a lot of achievements and trading cards, this is going to be awesome!
Fashe 18 października 2013 o 21:03 
How dedicated will this be? Like will you try to streamline some of the card game?

Or will you try to add em all?
Kyur 18 października 2013 o 9:02 
Congratulations on the Greenlight, hope it will be released soon ! I also hope that the interaction design on the interface will get some in-detail attention and redesign because it would be awkward if the game would behave like a touchscreen game while I am using a mouse.
For example, discarding a die on the touchscreen needs the die to be pulled over into a trash area, which is fine with touchscreen, but can be really annoying over time with the mouse. A mouse doubleclick is way more convenient for PC users.

May appear nitpicking, but should be mentioned and considered as details like these are very often overlooked when a game gets ported to a different system with different input devices.

Best wishes for the dev team !
[EDEN] @ EU Great Cthulhu 17 października 2013 o 20:53 
when can we expect this to be released if it actually gets that far?
ChildhoodRage 17 października 2013 o 9:54 
Excited this was greenlit, and I'm looking forward to getting it. I'm glad to see Valve offering tabletop gaming ports like Elder Signs: Omens and Talisman on Steam. Let's hope FFG can offer up an Arkham Horror port!
lprunk 17 października 2013 o 7:57 
Finally greenlit!!! Congrats! \o/
Crusader 17 października 2013 o 6:19 
Jonah Falcon 16 października 2013 o 21:29 
Fuck yeah, I'm on this.
Thri11Ki11 16 października 2013 o 21:26 
Congrats on the Greenlight! There are so many Lovecraft inspired games poping up on Greenlight that are looking so good. I've played both the board and digital version of Elder Sign: Omens and was very impress with the digital versions ease of play. Really looking forward to this hitting Steam. Thanks for supporting Mac Hopefully you can get out a Linux version for our brothers and sisters in arms
Nimsh 15 października 2013 o 13:03 
Let this happen!
Bigus Dickus 14 października 2013 o 22:32 
This is the closest thing to Arkham Horror on the PC right now... so yes.
jackbling 14 października 2013 o 14:13 
love the tabletop; this needs online play.
df67 14 października 2013 o 11:42 
Интересная тематика, давно хотелось поиграть в настольный вариант. Надеюсь и компьютерная версия не подкачает.
Streven 13 października 2013 o 18:59 
Love the physical version, and the app. Will buy this.
haekel 10 października 2013 o 13:02 
Will buy it if you add linux support.
Aikatara 10 października 2013 o 1:24 
Looks like Arkham Horror as computer game! Great idea. I cannot wait to play it!!! Please, please, release this game!
DLordhunter 9 października 2013 o 11:27 
I've always love games of the horror genre, and owning both Arkham Horror and Elder Sign tabletop games, a PC version would definitely spark my interest.
Hannya般若 9 października 2013 o 7:07 
<3 H.P great game.
SUCKING LIFE SUCKS ME 9 października 2013 o 4:09 
love this
Kyur 8 października 2013 o 18:31 
Fantasy Flight Games is asking the community for input on desired multiplayer experience/features: http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/99580155/846966336551115278/

FFG also took notice of the community's wish for a bundled all-in-one package of the game and will offer it as such (check the announcement section here), so everybody should embrace this opportunity and speak up their mind.
zillah1199 8 października 2013 o 18:04 
I have the iPad version as well as the tabletop version and love them both. I can't wait to get it for my PC!
Markus 7 października 2013 o 10:04 
without linux version, sadly it's 'no thanks'
Wing Zero (✿ ◕‿◕) ᓄ✂╰U╯ 5 października 2013 o 23:27 
please make this multiplayer like ticket to ride!
76561198036836053 5 października 2013 o 21:47 
Of course YES!!
yuricatgirl 5 października 2013 o 18:01 
Arkham Horror boardgame meets PC video gaming, yes please :)
tastyjerk|TNS 4 października 2013 o 19:28 
Any online multiplayer plans??
The Holy Tomato 1 października 2013 o 15:06 
Kawaii Breeze 29 września 2013 o 19:30 
Why isnt this out yet??!!
hK 29 września 2013 o 5:47 
Lothar135 28 września 2013 o 1:49 
This would be great. Especially with multyplayer option.