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Pirate Galaxy
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Hevy5125™ 1. maalis 18.54 
I played this game since 2010. VERY good in terms of the overall. The game has a good playerbase as it eventually progresses. I hope this gets added to steam because of the overall playerbase.
Quickhand69er 29. kesä, 2014 15.34 
If you played it for 2 years why wouldent we try out a free game?
Dakahn 18. kesä, 2014 16.53 
As someone who has played this game for a few years on other portals, i would suggest other mmo games over this. the devs never really listen and have been sitting on the most recent system for approximately two years. Their lack of interest in producing content is a real dissapointment. Although i did have enjoyable times on this game, it is entirely a grind game and the events take many many hours to complete for mediocre rewards. (for reference, the parsec class takes 3.5 million cryonite and even those that are at the end game can only make in the area of 30-35k an hr at most if you are lucky)
Runereader74 15. kesä, 2014 9.16 
freelancer thats all you need
Aceblade 22. huhti, 2014 2.59 
I will admit this, the storyline is good, but unless you can handle the hours upon hours of grinding. They have yet to complete the next system named Tau Ceti. Plus, it's not even that big of a game. At the later systems it becomes more of a chore to get that sweet tank or storm. Agree or disagree with me, idc.
=B$G= Arszilla 31. maalis, 2014 7.37 
When will it be released? Cant wait for it!
Winterbird 27. maalis, 2014 0.06 
It's a good game. I play'd it 6 or 5 years ago.
[MSTD] Captain' Cryo 23. maalis, 2014 8.17 
Alors?! Qu'est-ce qu'il en devient!!!? C'est looooong!!
Aggerrath Akoli Araedia 26. tammi, 2014 10.00 
its a really good game just needs more people!
Aggerrath Akoli Araedia 26. tammi, 2014 9.59 
i still have an account with plus on it that i get on now and then
Regis l> 20. tammi, 2014 18.58 
This is a game deemed to be put on Steam, I loved playing this game back then
<{BA}>DRAGONART777 12. tammi, 2014 14.50 
congrats you all for making it here
<{BA}>DRAGONART777 12. tammi, 2014 14.50 
not new at all to this damn its been very very very long time i forgot all about this.. was befor i found out about eve. back in the day when eve was not worth it lol.
Schattenriss 11. joulu, 2013 11.32 
not really new this game...
Pooly™ 6. joulu, 2013 5.57 
Wow,from facebook to steam!vote for this game
sergioreynel 17. marras, 2013 18.43 
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Sky 14. marras, 2013 13.40 
Parece muito loko
BloodPlasmaKing 13. marras, 2013 19.52 
this is pretty cool, but can get boring at times.
Outrageous Soup 6. marras, 2013 11.32 
looks pretty fun
1ffland 1. marras, 2013 10.29 
Congrats for being greenlit!
Vesperion 29. loka, 2013 13.51 
Well the game is already since nearly 4 years online and it gives currently 6 working systems... i was once also an active player in this game but since the 6th system many players wait for 1 whole year that the new system will go final but not much happened in all this time. It did give the one or other change but the further you come the more routine comes to the game. Fly to the system --> travel in this system to planet x --> hunt enemies for the bps --> if you have the cryo install them in your ship if not go and farm them --> do the storyline to come to the next system --> repeating of the whole progress again
!3eleidiger 29. loka, 2013 11.34 
Grads that was Fast i was just Voting for this!^^
Woz77 - Bruvvy 29. loka, 2013 11.23 
I agree with mrbojinkles.. the bright lights do distract you from the textures... maybe it is a good thing? anyway this game is probably not for me sorry..
Aurinko 20. loka, 2013 13.08 
Massively multiplayer + free to play = No^2.
Mr_Mor 20. loka, 2013 7.54 
It looks good
mrbojinkles 8. loka, 2013 21.44 
Looks clunky, copy/paste mmo. The minor innovations appear overshadowed by the lack of "substantial creativity". Hey look! Flashy, bright lights to distract you from bland textures, and unrealistic ship movement/designs. Glad they aren't demanding money. Going to say "No Thanks", and assume it's pay-to-win. Nice UI. There, I said something positive.
Cordis 27. syys, 2013 4.09 
Türkçe var <3 :D
DarkFusion 25. syys, 2013 20.22 
Looks so fun
Ghazul 22. syys, 2013 20.08 
this game looks good and i want this
FlyingLasso 20. syys, 2013 23.28 
It looks good.
50CalReBirth 29. elo, 2013 19.22 
it looks interesting, however its a browser game and i will not be interested unless it has interface that a is as bad ass as that in Champions online...
Quickhand69er 25. elo, 2013 9.08 
I dident know it was a browser game. Those are normaly short lived and dissapointing to me.
vanmeteran 25. elo, 2013 2.11 
looks pretty cool, but i am alittle concerned about how you plan to make your game a uniqe experience for the gamers here on steam,might i sugest participation in steam activitys, like tradding cards, and acheivements, if those are things you are interested in let us know in the description of your game, it will definaly help with votes and might make you some money too.
Arclite 13. elo, 2013 5.22 
Abonné depuis fin 2009 dessus
Excellent en detente à la maison et même au travail sur un PC avec un explorer internet
Some Good Kent 10. elo, 2013 21.37 
Space sims are seriously neglected these days, if this game is half as good as freelancer i'll be stoked
CDFLion 2. elo, 2013 15.36 
I play this game and it is really cool, i hope there will be a way of synching my account to steam
CATOSJKA 1. elo, 2013 12.20 
AAAHHH CURTINS!! 1. elo, 2013 7.26 
Looks ok, but am wondering about that warp gate ... it's identical to another MMO called EVE Online. But yeah, The video didn't explain much about the ACTUAL game, like what is the PvP system? Is it 15 vs 15 like in World of Tanks? or is it open world? these things need to be addressed in the video. Alot of people judge a game on it's PvP not only myself so I would say : " • PvE and PvP fights to conquer whole planets " prob wont cut it for alot of people. I will vote yes though lol looks kinda fun :)
mOj 29. heinä, 2013 11.22 
i dont get it whats the unique feature of this game ?
Zahadoom 23. heinä, 2013 2.22 
Даже турецкий есть а русского нету языка, но всёравно голосую за проект
[hgDE] SpielverderperƸӁƷ 22. heinä, 2013 6.42 
Do you want to know what really grinds my ? You cant purchase that game now.

Go on like this :)
Colonel Radec 16. heinä, 2013 17.35 
ℳr. ℱrenzoid 16. heinä, 2013 6.08 
after nine years in development hopefully pirate galaxy will have been worth the weight
duckman 15. heinä, 2013 20.38 
Plunder space. yes.
Boeta 14. heinä, 2013 15.20 
It looks absolutly amazing....
Smolders 14. heinä, 2013 5.15 
Space and pirates whats not to like.
Knife3 13. heinä, 2013 22.41 
I want chinese^ ^
Divine_Wrath 10. heinä, 2013 14.11 
tjjimeno 8. heinä, 2013 9.23 
spaceships mmorpg. sounds pretty good.
Hydrophobia 5. heinä, 2013 1.21 
Looks like WoW in space with ships ... Could be something different and fun.