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CreepTD - Multiplayer Tower Defense
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tt9000 29 август в 3:04сут. 
Amazing game Please steam this!! s
HeartCollector 26 август в 2:11след. 
so good, has multiplayer as well. If you like Defense Grid, you will love this
Plueschi 19 август в 5:11сут. 
So easy, so hard. Best free TD available.
dragonix (SKLKP) 30 юли в 11:43сут. 
I like it. It s very interesting game.
OttisMang 28 юли в 5:05сут. 
Would love to see this game on steam!
-=]*~*Earthquake*~*[=- 28 юли в 3:28сут. 
amazing game!
._MAX_. 21 юли в 7:40сут. 
Pitschi 19 юли в 6:20след. 
Best TD game out there! Just google and free download it.
Zayber 6 юли в 10:51сут. 
Nice game! :)
[FG]FriedChicken 5 юли в 10:37след. 
how do you play it?
Buzz Killington 27 юни в 9:34след. 
how is this still not greenlit
'ω' 17 юни в 11:47сут. 
DerNonverbaleHeld 16 юни в 6:08сут. 
best td game ever!
ТРИППЕР 14 юни в 3:29сут. 
good game
PocketNinja(-_-)/ 13 юни в 5:57сут. 
Very good game
Dead_Korzhik 20 май в 8:15след. 
Good PvP PvE TD . Played Earlier. Like it.
Jrd 18 май в 10:09сут. 
Great game support plz !
Applecut 7 май в 2:35след. 
I'm really picky about Tower Defense games and I really do like this one. It goes from 'I've got this' to 'I really need some Starcraft APM lessons...' It's fun and has a steep learning curve. But if you can beat that, the several maps keep the challenge up!
Moffe 7 май в 4:54сут. 
this is one of the best TDs and it just needs to be on steam
DND 6 май в 11:35сут. 
in my ipinion perfect ! =)
Vannmeister 24 април в 12:51след. 
This needs to be on Steam!
Retro Freier 31 март в 8:19сут. 
I want this on Steam!
Legion[BIO] 23 март в 11:25след. 
Nicely done!
Sedoy 20 март в 4:16сут. 
Мне понравилось
Sunshine 9 март в 3:12след. 
The best TD game ever ==
Fredson Paiva 9 март в 3:03след. 
Gabe make this game to steam! Its the best strategy game very competitive! 9/10
Roberson Paiva 9 март в 2:57след. 
Fred would play the shit out of this if it was on steam!
Liridon 9 март в 2:10след. 
this is by far the best tower defense game ever, it has everything you need + more. The more players, the better, come on and join us today for free :)
ALSHiN 5 март в 7:17след. 
норм чо
Diomedes 31 януари в 7:11след. 
The more competitive the better! Player v Computer is no fun
[CL] NEO 13 януари в 3:53след. 
Coop =)
andreas.mustola 5 януари в 12:07сут. 
Funny, but I'm missing something. It's a little hard to see, so if you could get the playing field a little larger. There should be a story when playing. Ex the evil Dr Anti Pixel gather its fleet and is on its way to you. He sends his mercenaries and those two criminals bill and hunter who is two strong ships that are trying to get through your defenses. They laugh at your small tower when it gets closer to the runway end. When you then manage to destroy their ship continues the story. If you can not destroy them, criminals will open a allternativ route so that you become more vulnerable. You must send your ships to a location so they close the road.
Destroyerofcheese 4 януари в 10:55след. 
only because its free
Red 4 януари в 10:39сут. 
Multiplayer is a really good idea!
Tony 4 януари в 7:09сут. 
metal revolution 4 януари в 4:03сут. 
Looks fine. Thanks for the GNU/Linux support.
Antonio Montana 29 декември 2013 в 10:35сут. 
nicee gameplay
RKO /pH/ 26 декември 2013 в 8:42сут. 
nice :)
上头输一半 19 декември 2013 в 5:04след. 
Nice :)
GanniPanda 17 декември 2013 в 11:12след. 
I love TD.
Sophos_NSM 5 декември 2013 в 2:59сут. 

ps: Upvoted. Thanks for the Portuguese. unfortunately few developers give us attention.
You gave us attention. I also give you attention. Upvoted.
[TOD] [/™\]ScoutMan[/™\] 15 ноември 2013 в 2:55след. 
and also if it did go into steam i really want to see some updates and adding new things like maps, creeps, towers, and gamemodes
[TOD] [/™\]ScoutMan[/™\] 15 ноември 2013 в 2:53след. 
Its an awesome tower defense game and lets say creeptd was about the best tower defense game so please add this in to steam! :D
AdventChild475 12 ноември 2013 в 10:28след. 
i played this and it really was fun I would definetly pay a good 5$ for it on steam as long as they updated it every so often
1v1v1v1 was awesome basically just get alot of money and place down towers it so unique and addicting for a multiplayer TD
gg; 12 ноември 2013 в 4:03след. 
belo jogo!
404th_Error 5 ноември 2013 в 10:37сут. 
Espero que venha logo *-*
크리충 27 октомври 2013 в 6:23сут. 
Nice :)
[iSd3d] 20 октомври 2013 в 2:26след. 
sounds interdasting
Ill-Logic 17 октомври 2013 в 3:34сут. 
Best towerdefense game I ever played!!!
Incognitoblk 7 октомври 2013 в 11:31сут. 
2v2 Co-op sounds great