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Age Of Wushu
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DAMONrk666 dec. 7. @ du. 1:52 
Vem Pra Steam Pohha
ShadowKari szept. 28. @ du. 4:29 
this game is an amazing mmo, (possibly my favourite mmo), i just feel sad that the servers are sometimes feel empty, makes me fear for this games future, andi would hate to see it taken down, 8/10 game in my opinion :)
Santo szept. 24. @ de. 9:40 
you can speed the leveling up by, sort of, meditating in a group with other players, but those groups are hard to find, as i said the servers are dead. additionally, you can expedite your level for, let's say 100k xp points a day, leveling will often, especially later on, require require 5 times as much, so you'll be stuck waiting and if you're not a premium player, you'll literally have to play for weeks to get there OR always leave your computer on at all times.

shit game, do not bother. not anymore, anyway.
Santo szept. 24. @ de. 9:39 
game was amazing at launch, greatly populated, very unique, sandbox-y, lots of things to do, fun and somewhat skill based open pvp combat.

now it's all p2w, every server is just about dead, lots of players, especially the competitive ones are solely relying on overpowered cashshop skill sets. the game had a unique concept and blew it all. stay clear of this piece of shit game, you wouldn't enjoy it anyway, seeing as all the remaining players are light years ahead in terms of "levels" or progression rather, and as it's time based progression, there's no hope in catching up to them either. even more so considering that p2p players "level" while offline, f2p do not, and leveling requires literally days.

ilficherrimolori aug. 12. @ du. 1:10 
it is super good, I'm playing it still now
GoldenRose aug. 7. @ du. 7:50 
VOLVO ADD THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ritvars10 aug. 6. @ de. 2:32 
i have played this game so i can tell this game is freaking good
Altoproxima jún. 30. @ du. 11:44 
SnailGamesUSA your 2 games look great and they FTP so i cant wait to this come to steam
RUCZ jún. 27. @ du. 6:36 
its ok
猫的半条命 jún. 12. @ du. 6:44 
Painmace máj. 29. @ du. 2:30 
I dont know what this guy underneath me is talking about, but when is this coming for EU?
Plus Even if the whole "Last Squeeze Attempt" is real, And Developers have stopped in china. This does not mean the game is gonna die or be shutdown within afew months or even a year. They are still adding other Schools from the sounds of it. So we're abit behind on updates(Most games that come from other countries are). And Even once ALL the updates stop. Once again it doesn't mean the game will end right away. Look at GunZ.. that's been around for how long now? 9 years? Another example is Project Powder even when only about 10-30 people played that game they kept it running even tho they made no money off it anymore. And then there's a possiblity that the U.S. Version will start making it's own stuff for the game. Other games have done that, i believe Perfect World is an example. So atleast for the time being your one of those "IT'S THEEE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT! XO" type of people.
I just wanted too point those facts out from a U.S.A. Player who started alittle over a year ago And i took a break for alittle while so i'm not ontop anymore But i once was one of the highest lvls before all the inners got release, and 1v1 i could be most people.. No bought skillsets or P2W :)
10. You must either have a bad computer or Real bad internet connection. OR are really far away from the server that you notice that. I'm even using an onboard graphics card right now and i don't get that.(i go at 14-21FPS, use to go at 30). So i can still duel fine except for my rage skill lagging me but that cause of my graphics it never bothered me before my graphics card got shot.
11. You Will ALSO get your ass kicked by U.S Players(Like me) who had a HEAD START of you. Common sense no? :D
12. We may lose some of the people from the other countries if so the servers will probably merge again and Server Qaulity should go up even more. Otherwise i already answered the rest. Also it was rather interesting when on Red Phoenix Nearly every guild allied under the Fist Alliance(Mine included). this included the U.S and Chinese and well.. actually we were waring against the viets.. it was still interesting tho :D you don't see that much on games.
6. Low Population?... Yes and no. Red Phoenix had good population for awhile Chengdu was FILLLED! so was Qiandeng and Suzhou. Tho it got low after awhile and that's why it merged with White Tiger. Chances are you played on a Low Population server or when it became low. White Tiger has a good amount of people again. the TP zone is laggy when it comes down too the Fatigue Reset.
7. Yes... there are Russians, Chinese, Viets. And some others that play on our "U.S." Servers. is that really a problem? not really. Alot of them speak english. And i am on Eastern standard time and i see Alot of people. from 4PM-3AM.
9. This was true but i don't believe they do that anymore. And that was normally for Big guilds who got rare items and then sold them for like 5-10D..But then they upped the Carrying amount too 30D. and prices have changed. The chances of this are slim.
4. I have only sent in 1 ticket so far. but they seem too reply rather quickly. i got a reply within 20mins.
5. Lousy Events?.. Ah ok i see.. And i have too pay for it too.. Even tho i'm an old player and i stopped playing on my alts for about 5-6Months and i come back with a 7Day VIP and some rare outfits aswell as ALOT of EXP that jumped my alts from untapped(first inner Lv10) too 2nd inner Lv10 and i didn't even use all of them before they ran out. And i didn't pay 1 penny mind you. Not too mention the Monthly Reward Thing they have now where you get items daily.. AND the other event they have every few weeks where you get Money, Food, Chi. and some other nicknacks that they rotate. There's other ones too. They do have "Paid" events tho like the pet thing. but that's different. it's "Real" and cute and helpful.
2. Botfest.. This is Somewhat true. There are Ghosts(bots) on this game in Qiandeng, Chengdu, And possibly Suzhou But they ONLY kidnapp offline plays for money,But if you want you can kill them with ease(I went on a 2,000-3,000Infamy run on them one day xD) and they are only in certain areas and not 24/7 at times they will go too another area for afew hours or take a break(Still plenty of people too kidnapp for money).
3.P2W?...Really?.. I have bought VIP Once and it lasts for 30 days. All you get is Offline cultivation Plus full cultivation from your EXP, and some weekly rewards like Outfits and Rep(Plus afew extra EXP related stuff from the monthly sign-in). I Call this game "P2GSF" Pay 2 Get Stronger Faster. That's all it is. Sure they release a skillset in the shop everyonce in awhile but i've only seen afew you can't get in-game.
This is a response too " ^__^ on Mar 30 "
From the sounds of it you haven't played this game long or didn't get very far in it, OR Started when it Just came out and quit playing rather quickly.. I'm going too point out 5 of your reasons that are false, And Correct some of the others.

1. Hackfest?.. I'm rather doubting that, i've heard rumors of people losing their accounts Yet i don't know anyone who has and i have 9 Accounts and i started about 1 year and 1 month ago.. No hacking problems at all. So my guess is "IF" these attacks are real. It's people who are stupid enough to try the whole gold scammer thing. And it's obviously their fault.
Fusion20 márc. 31. @ du. 1:36 
This is such a great game, I don't even understand why people are judging it after only playing it for a few minutes. Give the game some time, this isn't your average MMO where you just grind to level to the top. I've been playing this game since last year, and I can assure you that hacking and botting is not even that big of an issue and the populations are healthy on all the servers.
KeNNy márc. 31. @ de. 5:47 
I want play this ! :D
^__^ márc. 30. @ de. 3:39 
Plus, I heard from the grapevine that Snail is trying to squeeze as much money as they can from the Steam release. Developers already abandoned this game in China, the title will be closed soon so Steam release is their last attempt for cash grab.
^__^ márc. 30. @ de. 3:18 
Let me make a list of reasons why you SHOULDN'T even bother with this game:

1. It's a hackfest, it has been rumored that it is inside jobs. There are no security for your accounts/investments.

2. Botfest. Google Age of Wushu bot pictures and see for yourself. Bots teleporting everywhere on the map

3. P2W. You will need to shell out serious cash to be begin being competitive in this game. Otherwise, you will get constantly harassed by people who did. It's an open pvp world.
^__^ márc. 30. @ de. 3:18 

4. Shitty customer support. They hire cheap labor from China to staff their support service. It takes a few weeks to hear a response from them, sometimes it comes in engrish or even Chinese.

5. Lousy events. Events are mostly 'you give snail money, you get shitty rewards.' Basically, spend 100 dollars to get some shitty ingame rewards. Ask any player in the game see if its correct.

6. Extremely low pop. Each server has 200 players max, you can really see that during the raffle event where the ticket number only goes up to 160. Pathetic. There are 7 main cities and ALL the players on 1 server can barely fill 1 small one.
^__^ márc. 30. @ de. 3:18 

7. And half of that population is from other continents, so if you are playing on US time, divide that number in half so 75-80 people on 1 server. Look at their fb page, all the posting members are from Cambodia, the Fillipines etc.

8. Shady payment method. People have reported multiple instances where their identity and credit card info got stolen after using their payment method.

9. They do this funny blackmailing business. If you receive a big amount of gold from selling your ingame stuff within a day. They will freeze your account for a few weeks then accuse you of buying 3rd party gold. They will promptly ask you to 'buy' the account back using USD. One time my friend sold a good item in game and got this happened to him, Snail asked him to pay 600 dollars in order for them to release his account. Needless to say, he flipped his finger and never came back.
^__^ márc. 30. @ de. 3:18 

10. Shitty server quality. PvP is actually the only decent part about the game, yet you cant even do that. You will see your opponent teleport everywhere in front of you, Your attacks don't land even though he's right in front of you. Their servers must have been built using Chinese parts as well. If they cant handle 75-80 people at one time, I really don't know what to say.

11. You will get your ass kicked by Chinese and Vietnamese kids who played the game 1 year ahead of you with the knowledge they gained from the Chinese versions.

12. Back to point 7. In May 2014, Age of Kungfu, a South East Asian version of the game, will debut, which means they will lose half of the current players. So if you are ok with playing with 70-80 other players in a player-driven content, player-driven economy, Then this is the game for you

Well the game is Made In China, what the hell do you expect. Move along and spend your money on other worthy games.
嗷嗷叫的大狗熊 márc. 29. @ de. 4:09 
中国服务器玩了一年,标准的pay and win
pgl márc. 25. @ du. 2:55 
Game is decent to play, very indepth game/ character system. good pvp.
SNAIL IS AN ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE MANAGING COMPANY. Absolutely no idea how to manage a good mmo. Customer support is sketchy at best. Tons of compromised accounts (takling about literrally being hacked thru 3 layers of security). With no trojans/keyloggers on local pc - proven by alt accounts with nothing on them being compromised but the main account on the same pc isnt. And YOU WILL GET NO COMPENSATION from snail. All they will say is its the player's fault.

Definately not recommended to be on steam greenlight. Play at your own risk of losing all that you worked for.
iamnoob márc. 24. @ du. 9:45 
Age of Wushu is a giant hackfest. Be prepared to get hacked and lose all your money if you want to play. Players across all their servers get hacked every single day even with all the security and authentication offered by Snail.
Vivianite márc. 21. @ du. 11:16 
this game won't get ported to steam. company's got a bad rapsheet and going live with a clearly unfinished product. look i know it has it's high notes i can understand that but when you 'launch' this is when you need to have everything you want as a base shaped away. If this is an idea for them to be considered live material then clearly this is like RaiderZ and C9. unfinished and overhyped.
잘가 Omnomnomnom 잘가 márc. 18. @ du. 7:55 
What you can expect from AoW. Some of the best pvp ever, however that's paired with a greedy and incompetent company. Strictly because of the company I will say stay far far away from this game. Please Steam never greenlight this game you don't want to be associated with the horrible company that is Snail. This game is very p2w and has the worst customer service ever. They can take weeks to respond to serious issues and get things wrong when they try to fix them.
Mojo Jojo márc. 16. @ du. 4:47 
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★ ™ márc. 8. @ de. 6:37 
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NUSzkfly®蕭然▄︻┳═一 márc. 2. @ de. 3:21 
NICE GAME!!! very beautiful view. I expect it!!!
^__^ febr. 17. @ du. 7:56 
SnailUSA is a greedy, irresponsible company. Game is poorly translated. P2W game where you see a vast difference between VIP and non-VIP players. Skill sets that are sold in cash shop are far more superior than school sets now that they have nerfed the free school sets to improve their cash shop revenue. Want to dominate in pvp? Go ahead a spend $3000 on ancient Dog Beating Staff. THIS GAME WILL NEVER MAKE IT PAST THE GREENLIT STAGE.
^__^ febr. 17. @ du. 7:56 
The game is dead. It is incredibly difficult for new players even with VIP to survive in this game.
The economy is retardedly designed so that new inexperienced players will have no way in hell to make any gold/liangs on their own so they have to resort to either buying gold directly from SNAILUSA or buying illegal taels, which will inadvertently lead to account getting banned and you have to pay a fee ($100-200) for Snail to release the account. Hacks, bots are everywhere. There are less than 200 players on each servers and more than half of that number is SEA, Brazilian players.
Noif febr. 12. @ de. 8:06 
My kind game! :)
xOb febr. 6. @ du. 10:51 
nice game, hoping for its release. thumbs-up
The Fallen jan. 30. @ de. 11:41 
i wants it
Adistul jan. 29. @ du. 6:56 
why not
BlazingWalrus jan. 22. @ de. 6:52 
Rumor has it we'll see this game in Feb '14. The game has been suffering from a rash of hackers attacking accounts and Snail has been very slow to address the issue. Until Snail gets account security under control and starts actively addressing gold farmers this game will suffer from player loss.
Relickable jan. 21. @ de. 8:24 
Release it on Steam already.
MightOfGuts jan. 21. @ de. 6:33 
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Mediæval jan. 20. @ de. 6:16 
This game will never be on steam because steam has standards when it comes to customer service... But this is a great game and if you like it you should ditch this game and go play Age of Wulin. Age of Wulin is the EXACT SAME GAME. its were snail has the American Licensing rights. Age of Wulin is the same game but by a company that owns the european/ english rights. and AGE of Wulin is handled better with better customer support, translations, updates, and everything the Snail games fails at with age of Wushu, those other guys do it right with Age of wulin.
v.223 jan. 18. @ de. 7:23 
Fun game if you give it a chance. Its got some design warts but if you stick with it you will have some fun. Translation is kinda bad, but getting better, some of the newer updates are almost there. Snail......is not the best at customer service. I would highly recommend that you buy gold via Amazon, or Steam if it will let you in the future Steam release. Red Phoenix needs new players badly so come and give us a visit :D
Thoraxe the Impaler jan. 17. @ de. 7:30 
Played it for a while, stopped when Snail Games stole my money. Ordered $50 of their online coin for the membership, never got the coin. Never got a response from them. So, yeah. Others experiances may vary. But for me, I'm done.
babatar125 jan. 15. @ de. 11:50 
nice game
mindw0rk jan. 9. @ du. 2:27 
One of the most unique and beautiful MMORPGs on market.
brendon1041 jan. 9. @ du. 1:42 
its a good game iv played lts completed all missions
ekamsul jan. 3. @ de. 10:11 
I vote for beggar school. Nice game
V3r$@c3 jan. 2. @ du. 12:24 
Fantastic Game ;)