Crimes Against Nature 3.6.1
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gMaImNeDs 6 год. тому 
An absolutely wonderous experience to be for me! One simply must rate of all things up.
Jerkakame 10 год. тому 
I guess valve/beth didnt want the Horse armor.
oh the irony
Murderous Cake 26 кві о 11:58 
Yay space core :D

what if you make a cake race...
FancyPants  [автор] 26 кві о 10:57 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've added a link to 'ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer' to the top of the page. I'm not sure what's causing crashes in the race menu for some people, but hopefully this might fix it for some.
FancyPants  [автор] 26 кві о 10:51 
@Gunchap: Added since 2.0 a few months ago, add/remove them with the brow slot.

1. Make sure you open the skyrim launcher at least once to ensure the mod downloads properly.
2. Are you using any character generation mods like RaceMenu or Enhanced Character Edit?
3. Are you using a lot of extra hair mods? If so you might consider using ShowRaceMenu Precache killer. []
amethystrose2004 26 кві о 8:54 
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Gunchap Red [T|S|F] 26 кві о 5:45 
When were the horns added? I don't remember the ponies in the mod having horns.
TheAwesomeMilk 26 кві о 2:44 
whenever I type in "showracemenu" the game crashes and I dont know why
Zombieman 25 кві о 22:26 
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The Derp Barn 25 кві о 20:01 
Oh hi mark
paulbierley 25 кві о 16:28 
10 out of 10 endorced oh wait wrong site stared then. if you could just make them dsnce this mod would well be worth £100, and it goes without saying I would be very happy for £75 to go to beth and valve for no reason whatsoever.
Axelious, Prince of Fire 25 кві о 11:49 
What music will the SpaceCores play?
Axelious, Prince of Fire 25 кві о 11:49 
=[DSG]= Lan Cλn't Aim 25 кві о 11:34 
Is this the mod with Macho Man Randy Savage dragons?
Mangle 25 кві о 10:07 
this even added a new animal
Filthy Peasant 25 кві о 4:48 
The guard and Steel Horned combo actually looks brilliant.
Turtle 25 кві о 2:08 
8/8 m8
Zealot #keepmoddingfree 25 кві о 1:18 
Lovely! Despite appearing to be on par with the number of paid mods being uploaded as of late, this mod really takes the cake by being deceptively brilliant!
[DFS] Ronald Mcheartattack 24 кві о 21:26 
I cant wait to purge all bronies!
Wing 24 кві о 16:42 
This is the worst
This is the best thing ever. 10/10.
Woodside 24 кві о 6:07 
This is the stupidest mod ever. Subscribed.
Cpt. David 23 кві о 21:17 
I think the phobia list is damn clever.
FancyPants  [автор] 23 кві о 21:09 
Also, in case you're using SKSE to launch your game, you may need to open skyrim's launcher once for the mod to download properly.
FancyPants  [автор] 23 кві о 21:03 
This is strange. I'm running all the DLC too, and I don't have this problem. Are you running the BSA version of the mod, or loose files? Are you running any character generation mods like RaceMenu, or ECE?
|-Larry-| SpysFromFrance 23 кві о 13:08 
Idk. Every time I scroll over a race in this mod, my game crashes. Please fix.
FancyPants  [автор] 22 кві о 22:37 
The only DLC bug I know of is with Dawnguard's vampire lord transformation, which is fixed with the unofficial patch. Are there any problems with Dragonborn and custom races?
|-Larry-| SpysFromFrance 22 кві о 17:06 
Can ya make it compatible with all the DLC's? I have all of them and I dont want to uninstall them and not be able to go to Solstheim or adopt a child.
Sparky Hooves 19 кві о 16:00 
yw :3 this mod is very awsome
ZappyZ-75 19 кві о 11:15 
OH GOD MY EYES!!!!!!!!
The Friendly Engi c: 19 кві о 8:33 
Sanic iz 2 mlg to be in a mod 0/10, nut enough doritos
Axel 18 кві о 12:52 
your like trainwiz if he was a brony
i can say that right?
Lucky Doodles 17 кві о 20:53 
tktaylor61 16 кві о 16:44 
I feel, like.... god! i have so many mods that my game more derpy than a pig on sterioids and yet i found this? WHY.... WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO KIND TO ME...? SKYRIM GODS?
YanagiTheFurry 16 кві о 16:21 
i love this mod so much
FancyPants  [автор] 15 кві о 19:26 
Update 3.4: Okay, it turns out I'm a complete idiot. There was a tail mesh missing from the BSA and loose file archives. I never noticed because it was still sitting in my own data folder. This is fixed now. Thank you to 'Sparkly Hooves' for reporting this problem.
FancyPants  [автор] 13 кві о 13:58 
Are you subscribed? Is the mod showing up in your load order? Is your game crashing on startup?
詐欺 13 кві о 13:50 
Razor Noivern 11 кві о 17:23 
Thank you!
FancyPants  [автор] 11 кві о 16:51 
No DLC is required.
Razor Noivern 11 кві о 15:34 
Is DLC required for this mod?
THE JOKER 10 кві о 3:30 
FancyPants  [автор] 9 кві о 19:56 
Well, this is strange. I've checked the nif dismember nodes, I've checked the headpart entries, and I've double checked everything in game. I can't find any problems. The only thing I can suggest is re-downloading the mod. Sorry, I don't know what else to tell you.
Sparky Hooves 9 кві о 17:02 
none of those describe the problem, although it seems a certain mane style is effected by "the no tail" bug. the rest of the mane types work just fine. i think it was mane style 2 or 3 cant remember what one
BILBO BAGGINS 9 кві о 15:44 
best mod
Spookordie 9 кві о 13:46 
this is amazing
Sergeant Shazbot the Sandraker 8 кві о 17:35 
All righty, thanks. I could get behind having these as companions.
FancyPants  [автор] 8 кві о 15:11 
Probably not. If I do use those assets again, they'll probably be companions in a separate plugin instead. No plans for that right now, though.
Sergeant Shazbot the Sandraker 8 кві о 14:30 
No more race summons? Will we ever see those return (with the voice sets they had)?
Spookordie 8 кві о 9:54 
so if i just sub does sanics music stay?
Tullius0909 7 кві о 19:09