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Crimes Against Nature 4.1
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Dippu Flesh 24 Tem @ 7:01pm 
This is so cool.
Mods that CHANGE who you are really just give a contant fresh feel, because it's not like this mod will ever leave you.

Looks great man!
Zen Snake 21 Tem @ 2:16pm 
When i start a new game i don't see the new races help me
WesternJaco 20 Tem @ 11:00am 
IAmJurme 18 Tem @ 4:47pm 
this is unimmersive
Mr. Whipple 17 Tem @ 8:24pm 
@Kayle Solo Overcharge perhaps?
Kayle Solo 14 Tem @ 9:02am 
My only problem is with the Spheriphem. If he's a robot, and robits run on electricity (I THINK) shouldn't shock attacks heal him? or at least he'd be invincible against Shock Attacks?
samhog123 12 Tem @ 7:35am 
I am experiencing a problem that I suspect is this mod and Alternate Start: Live Another Life conflicting.
When I press New Game in the main menu the HUD and music dissapear and the background stays not letting the game start.
Can anybody help me out?
The Doctor Of Plague 8 Tem @ 3:51pm 
Google also knows a lot about keemstar. Google is a pretty cool guy.
The Doctor Of Plague 8 Tem @ 3:46pm 
That should be all the info you need.
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 8 Tem @ 3:43pm 
I don't know what a keemstar is.
The Doctor Of Plague 7 Tem @ 8:17pm 
V Yes I agree with this guy we need a keemstar race
The Doctor Of Plague 7 Tem @ 8:17pm 
Can we have a Keemstar Race?
BlazeXM 5 Tem @ 3:03am 
Pik sanic race. Remove clothes for maximum fast. equiprt dagger for mastimum fast. 20/10 best speedrun ever.
Whisperkid22 2 Tem @ 1:18pm 
Can we get CaN children to adopt?
AnivioiS.D3mon 28 Haz @ 5:40am 
Yveltal 26 Haz @ 8:55am 
scatophobia and scat means poo
Uncle Booce {Meme Regiem} 25 Haz @ 8:15pm 
i would definitely have gotten this mod had it not been for the pony and furry races
linck7up 23 Haz @ 7:52pm 
know any Cutie Mark Tattoos mods for the pony race? found 1 by Derpy but there a bit big and having a hard time installing on mod organizer
Hambo 23 Haz @ 5:22pm 
This mod is hilarious! Although I am actually doing a full playthough as a dogmer. That being said would it be at all possible to add the panting animation to the player character?
Nigel 23 Haz @ 3:35am 
please help . Mod doesnt work
Archost 22 Haz @ 9:58pm 
Genius. 10 / 10
baiermichael01 14 Haz @ 2:56pm 
🐉フロストと炎🐉 12 Haz @ 8:09am 
is there a way I can remove the summon creatures? I already have to many powers
Hoosten 11 Haz @ 7:35am 
For some reason this makes my already heavily modded Skyrim much more stable and crash less...
ashtrainer27 1 Haz @ 7:47pm 
This isn't working for meh.
I turned on the game and I only see the normal classes. is there something i need to do?
BluealienTemmie 30 May @ 2:32pm 
Damn,Can I have what you were smoking when you made this?
Harambe the fallen hero 30 May @ 3:43am 
Dale Faress 29 May @ 12:56pm 
i laways love mods with animals on human bodys or humans with Animal heads great work i cant find anything this funny even on the Nexus its gay
a horrible user 28 May @ 11:27am 
BlitzStriker 21 May @ 9:16pm 
Is it wrong to say this, but this is by far one of the most well not, if not the most well done mod i have seen so far, because the characters each feel unique and usefull and are halarious to play around with.
BlitzStriker 21 May @ 8:53pm 
Im preatty sure an NPC in skyrim sums up this mod best

"no no no no this is so wrong."
[★R&G★]Ladders 21 May @ 5:09am 
@excatcher9 I certainly approve of that.
excatcher9 17 May @ 7:37pm 
thanks dude. you're a neat fella. keep making cool shit. oh. you should make a doge head
Draconis 17 May @ 6:25am 
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 17 May @ 1:15am 
Yes, I'm working on it right now.
Draconis 16 May @ 7:26pm 
so due to the creation kit finnaly being out will we see some of the races from CAN in Fallout 4?
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 4 May @ 12:25pm 
That's the 'invisibility eye glitch'. It's a well known bug in vanilla Skyrim. I don't really have a fix for it unfortunately.
modernsilver1 3 May @ 10:18pm 
Some time ago I had discovered an odd bug woth the pony race where the eyes would sort of "crack" apart. It wasn't until recently that I discovered what causes it; which is when you go invisible & reappear using the "Shadowcloak of Noturnal" (Theives Guild questline). It happens with the plugin "The Pony Scrolls 5" which is built off this; when used with EFF with followers invisible sneak on. I'd like to say that it could be an error with the texture of the eyes. I should have a screenshot I took of the effect; if not, it should be easy to reproduce it.
Yveltal 2 May @ 5:18pm 
*WARNING* if you are sanic walking will play the sanic theme and is loud also you go very fast
Bring Obama Clone back? ty.
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 24 Nis @ 9:57am 
No DLC required.
Kikka 24 Nis @ 9:11am 
Are the DLC required? because none of this mod is working for me at all
Cap'n Joestar 24 Nis @ 9:07am 
is that a chrischan reference
👻TheVioletGhost👻 18 Nis @ 11:26pm 
But it's rather odd cause it used to work perfectly fine.
👻TheVioletGhost👻 18 Nis @ 11:19pm 
Agh deleted the last comment on accident but anyway yeah it was up to date and I even tried downgrading still same problem... Well it ran fine then when I went back it broke again. This has been going on for months and I didn't get back to it till today. But it might be loose files only thing I haven't tried. Never done anything regarding loose files and thank you kindly for your reply.

It crashes when I head bleak falls of up or any way out of Whiteruns territory and I have tested it is CAN could I have assistance with the loose files? That could be culprit.
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 18 Nis @ 10:08pm 
I tried moving all my mods out of my data folder so I had nothing but the base CaN plugin enabled (not even loose files). I then played through the entire Helgen intro, ran to Whiterun, ran through it, and passed through the gate several times. I experienced no crashes.

Do you have any loose file mods enabled? Also, is your CaN installation up to date? There WAS a crashing problem several versions ago that involved some generated behavior files (I've since removed them). It's been fixed since 3.6.2.
natb1981 10 Nis @ 6:28pm 
the chair lol
jesseyk2 8 Nis @ 5:36pm 
FancyPants  [yaratıcı] 5 Nis @ 1:47pm 
I've added a diagram that will hopefully make sense:
You can also find it at the end of the gallery up top.