Crimes Against Nature
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Shulk hace 22 horas 
Awsome, thanks! I will be looking forward to it!
FancyPants  [autor] 24 de Ene a las 4:58 
@Shulk: It'll be in the same mod as the guard club. I'm just putting the finishing touches on an update. The other mod will be released soon after.
LordTyphon 24 de Ene a las 1:54 
how fast?... SANIC FAST!!!
Shulk 23 de Ene a las 23:21 do you get the fedora?
FancyPants  [autor] 23 de Ene a las 18:20 
@tenhuskys: It'll be in a separate mod I'll be releasing soon.
@Mrexplodey: For now all I have is a few plugins to replace existing npcs. Check near the top of this page.
@TheDopeSoap: The character height shown in the videos should be the same if you make a character with the same race. If it's not working please let me know.
TheDopeSoap 22 de Ene a las 20:00 
hey fancypants how do u shrink ur character and make him small like in ur video? and how do u set peoples races?
{Slag}Mrexplodey 22 de Ene a las 16:53 
Also, can they be marriable?
{Slag}Mrexplodey 22 de Ene a las 16:49 
can youmake some follower npcs of both races?
tenhuskys 22 de Ene a las 14:22 
how do i get the guard weapon in the first video?
timfox1979 18 de Ene a las 19:29 
funny mod the tommy mount is halarious
Loader-Bot 15 de Ene a las 18:46 
FancyPants  [autor] 13 de Ene a las 17:43 
The only problem would be that plugins for this mod that add Spacecore NPCs would be broken if the user has the 'nexus version'. If someone else wants to upload it, I have no problem with it personally, but if they do remove anything they need to make this clear to anyone who downloads. Otherwise they may encounter crashes.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 13 de Ene a las 7:07 
K, another must download mod. btw, would it be possible to add this on nexusmods if one removes space core head. nothing personal, im just racist towards steam workshop
FancyPants  [autor] 12 de Ene a las 17:03 
It's a wearable item. It'll be a part of a pack of useless items I'll be releasing soon. It'll also include the guard club.
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 12 de Ene a las 0:40 
are the texts around character in first video mod or fancy sony vegas?
FancyPants  [autor] 11 de Ene a las 21:43 
An update is coming soon. All the races will use whatever custom body you have installed, though the textures might look wrong.
I Wish I Could Use This, But I Cant Make A New Save Or Change My Race, So If I Want To Use This, I Have To Delete My Main Character
{Slag}Mrexplodey 10 de Ene a las 20:54 
You Know, I went into this mod to just have fun, but now I'm messing around with the pony race, and I might make a character out of it.
Soap 10 de Ene a las 17:33 
Can you adjust the bodies for some of the models? Some have that cloth thing for underwear and it kinda gets in the way of some of my clothing mods I have....
dravens_law00 4 de Ene a las 13:28 
Oh so it wasn't really realeased yet? Guess we all have have to wait for another awesome Crime against Nature: (Most likely) Absurd Wepons
Nubbs 4 de Ene a las 5:01 
please put in coneheads as a race
FancyPants  [autor] 4 de Ene a las 3:30 
Separate mod, I plan on releasing it soon.
dravens_law00 3 de Ene a las 19:34 
I watched a video on this, is the guard hammer a weapon or is it in a seperate mod?
FancyPants  [autor] 3 de Ene a las 8:55 
Several races.
Nubbs 3 de Ene a las 1:01 
is it a race?
Shmi 1 de Ene a las 22:39 
FancyPants  [autor] 1 de Ene a las 19:34 
Ya, that's normal. If you want them to look proper, you have to change them using the creation kit.
Notorious Business Man 1 de Ene a las 13:10 I figured out that I can change race no problem but when i try to change an npc their skin changes and they get a bit shorter but their head doesnt really change.
FancyPants  [autor] 1 de Ene a las 9:06 
Are you using console commands like 'showracemenu', or 'setrace'? Also, could you post some screenshots?
Notorious Business Man 1 de Ene a las 0:01 
All of them, i can sortof see the head of the race i choose, but the human head is still present.
FancyPants  [autor] 31 de Dic, 2014 a las 20:11 
@NBM: What race are you trying to use?
Notorious Business Man 31 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:12 
Everything changes exept the head...
aFluffyGuy 29 de Dic, 2014 a las 22:25 
I have a question: What.
FancyPants  [autor] 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 18:26 
Post on racial abilities is up.
Freaky Mutant Man 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:57 
Okay! Thanks for the quick response, and good luck with this bug! If I notice anything else, I'll let you know. Probably in a Discussion, if just for the sake of cleanliness.
FancyPants  [autor] 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:54 
I have SPERG downloaded, but not installed yet. If I do anything with SPERG, it'll be in a separate plugin. Also, I wouldn't hold my breath on it, as I still haven't added proper abilities for most of the races. I'm still brainstorming that. First I'm gonna tackle this bug, finish work on one or two races, then I'll consider doing abilities.
Freaky Mutant Man 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:42 
One other small thing; SPERG has a perk called Ancestral Awakening, which doubles racial passive effects and grants a bonus "Awakened" version of your racial power, which you can use every 6 hours. How feasible would it be for you to implement compatibility with this (with applicable races, of course)?

(Sorry for yet another double post, but the 1000 character limit struck hard; even that last comment is pretty cut down from my initial version.)
Freaky Mutant Man 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:41 
You're welcome! Good to hear; here's hoping you can figure this out. I wasn't really investigating as much as I was just playing the game normally and repeatedly zooming in on my Dogmer's head to see if he broke again. I tried a few token things, but I really just kind of stumbled into the cause with my usual wild camera swiveling. But I'm glad to help, either way.

And yeah, I figured it was mostly buffs/debuffs (like Hold Guardian's Helmet Head), but I was a little confused on whether Summon Doggy was actually Dogmer's racial until I made my Guardian and saw that it was. I imagine most people who would be interested in this mod won't care much for stats, as long-term gameplay doesn't seem to be the point here, but starting with a Speech of literally zero as an HG was rather shocking. Anybody wanting to do any kind of serious playthrough with an HG would have to account for the permanent -15 Speech debuff.
FancyPants  [autor] 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 14:28 
Holy shit, thank you for investigating! I'll begin troubleshooting today. In fact, I've been thinking about it, and I have a suspicion of what's causing it. Many of the heads use 'tangent space' normal maps, which tends to have overlapping UVs. However, Skyrim's vanilla heads use 'model space' normal maps. I'll try recreating the problem and do some tinkering later.

Also, about the racial abilities/disabilities. I'll put together a quick post later in discussions. That was just laziness on my part. Mostly it's just buffs and debuffs, though there's a couple abilities worth noting.
Freaky Mutant Man 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 9:15 
Also, I figure it's about time I say that, despite this issue I've experienced, I love the mod! It's hard to find custom races that aren't simply prettier humans/elves or Khajiit tweaked to resemble other species, much less any that are high quality. Same (if less so) for lore-unfriendly mods; it's not too often you see serious efforts made for mods that don't even pretend to fit in with lore.

While this is a comedy mod, it's also pretty well-polished, especially when compared to other offerings I've seen of this kind. It's creative (sure, you can't call putting in MLP ponies or Portal spheres very creative, but chair-people and cats piloting human bodies sure are), polished, and just plain fun. If nothing else, I can summon Tommy Wiseau-horse; that's worth the install all on its own.

One little question; are racial abilities documented anywhere? If not, would you be willing to do so? It's not a huge thing, but it would be nice to have a reference for them.
Freaky Mutant Man 27 de Dic, 2014 a las 8:13 
Figured out how to reproduce the texture corruption. By casting Oakflesh and then moving the third person camera close enough to my character such that he fades out, this happens.[] I don't think this is the only way it happens, but it's the only one I know for sure. It does not happen if I make him fade out without Oakflesh, only with.

Additionally, here's what seems to be the same corruption issue with a Hold Guardian.[] That character does not have any armor spells, so it might be something with magic effects in general? That's my best guess, anyway.

In any case, at least there's something you can test for yourself now.
Dr. Nope 26 de Dic, 2014 a las 13:51 
Gotta Punch Fast!!!
Fruity Frenchman 26 de Dic, 2014 a las 12:36 
Gotta go fast
aprivaloff 24 de Dic, 2014 a las 12:37 
can you make a squirrel race?
Freaky Mutant Man 19 de Dic, 2014 a las 17:41 
Nope, I do not have Dogs of Skyrim installed, nor anything else that would affect dogs. I'll try to keep an eye out for what might be triggering it; hopefully, I'll be able to figure it out.
FancyPants  [autor] 19 de Dic, 2014 a las 16:02 
If possible, try to pay close attention to what you're doing around the time it happens. Also, do you have 'Dogs of Skyrim' installed? It's known to cause texture problems for the default dog mesh, though I took this into account and gave it it's own texture entries. I may have missed something though.
Freaky Mutant Man 19 de Dic, 2014 a las 1:13 
Here's more pictures, with and without helmet plus how my character normally looks.[] I still have no idea how it happens; the only magic effects I regularly use in combat are Oakflesh (cast from Ocato's Recital, from Apocalypse - Magic of Skyrim) and Absorb Health enchanted weapons, but I couldn't induce it by using them. It was just there after otherwise unremarkable combat. Sorry I can't figure out how to reproduce it.
Freaky Mutant Man 18 de Dic, 2014 a las 18:48 
Yes, he is supposed to be green. I'll see if it happens without a helmet and grab screens if so. I also think it might be caused by Absorb Health effects, which I've enchanted my weapons with; not 100% sure on that, though.
FancyPants  [autor] 18 de Dic, 2014 a las 15:30 
@FMM: Yikes. Just to be clear, did you choose the green tint for skin colour? Also, could you provide a screenshot with the helmet off and closer up. It looks like it might be a mesh morph problem.
Freaky Mutant Man 17 de Dic, 2014 a las 4:59 
Sorry for the double post, but perhaps it's related to/is the vanilla bug with invisibility effects corrupting eye textures? I haven't been using invisibility, though; at least, as far as I'm aware.