Crimes Against Nature 3.7
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FancyPants  [автор] 12 ч. назад 
I might in a future update.
moonlightShy 26 мая в 17:04 
will you add more hair styles to the races?
FancyPants  [автор] 26 мая в 13:26 
I might put together a quick follower pack in the next few days. No promises though.
JayMillaFTW 26 мая в 4:38 
Lol VideoGameDunkey
YugenDreams 25 мая в 15:46 
Is there any way to make one of the races a follower? I really want that kitten head guy to be my buddy.
bladewing98 25 мая в 2:27 
any chance of just getting the tommy wiseau mount as a stand alone mod?
FancyPants  [автор] 24 мая в 11:27 
You don't have to change your race for that part. All you need is The unofficial Skyrim Patch. []
420NOSCOPEBLAZEITKID 23 мая в 21:28 
@FancyPants Thanks. I'm on the Dark Brotherhood questline, and whenever I talk to Gianna on the mission where you *SPOILER ALERT, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED YET* kill the emperor, she leaves the conversation when she critices your race. How do I up my stats so I can get them back where they were?
Ducky The Advanced Pizza 21 мая в 6:19 
Ducky The Advanced Pizza 21 мая в 6:17 
For some reason when I try to create a new character or change a race, it doesn't show me the new races
FancyPants  [автор] 17 мая в 9:50 
@420NOSCOPEBLAZEITKID: Open your console by pushing your ~ key. Once it's open type in showracemenu, then push enter. Please keep in mind that using the showracemenu command will screw up your stats. You're better off starting a new character, but that's your call.

@Chris: My summon script for Tommy applies the function "SetNoFavorAllowed()", which prevents all teammates from hopping on your horse and riding off without you. So, at this time, only the player can ride him. In a future version, I might add a second summon spell that followers can ride. I dunno, no plans right now. Other than bug fixes, I'm taking a short break from making new stuff.
420NOSCOPEBLAZEITKID 16 мая в 20:17 
How do you change race. I saw Poods doing it.
Cestus1138 16 мая в 10:32 
Also, why is Coldsteel the hedgehog not a boss? He likes gurls with big boobies who are sluts. THAT IS A GOOD ENOUGH REASON TO ADD! kek.
Cestus1138 16 мая в 10:25 
One day my Sanic, Hitler, was trying to find the gangsters. He only found a bunch of b-tards wearing armor made out of my dachshunds fur. I thought the gangsters wore hoodies and saggy jeans. PLZ FIX!
Chris 16 мая в 4:08 
If the Horses For Followers mod and the Ultimate Follower Overhaul mod were used alongside the Crimes Against Nature mod would the Cat Clone, Dog Clone, Obama Clone and Pony Clone all be able to ride a Tommy as well?
Dj-Dashie ♫ 15 мая в 12:23 
i was fighting some creatures
i turned into vampire lord, then turned back to whatever i am
the character was bugged then i putted in the console showracemenu command and the game just closed,,,, anything?
Hund 15 мая в 11:17 
I have neither SkyUI or SKSE, and if I play on another race the menu works fine. I'll try downloading them both to see if that fixes it anyway.
FancyPants  [автор] 14 мая в 17:19 
I've done a bunch of tests, and it seems to happen to all races even without my mod. It seems to be caused by running SkyUI [] without SKSE []. Make sure you have both installed properly. I could be wrong about this, so let me know if it's still happening.
FancyPants  [автор] 14 мая в 15:28 
Yikes, I just started looking into this right now. My game didn't crash, but it almost froze for a second. I should have more info soon.
Hund 14 мая в 14:53 
There's a crash issue when you access the "Magic" menu as the "Unfortunate Khajiit" race.
FancyPants  [автор] 13 мая в 20:00 
Update 3.7: A script fix and new fur normal maps.
Draner3 13 мая в 19:34 
I love the Tommy gang
Stop>thereInetScum 12 мая в 22:16 
Well I have a anthro pon edited armor set I would like to rock with. tail suited or cased idk. I can setup taller fingers mature type - Gawd I would kill to have a thunderlane or pinkamena hairstyle for skyrim.
FancyPants  [автор] 12 мая в 17:49 
@ShootMybackuGay: The FO3/NV version of the engine lacks a bunch of features that would make it difficult. There's no tail animations available, custom skeletons aren't possible, there are a limited number of headpart slots, and the CharGen morphs and face tints are in a format I can't work with. Maybe wait until Fallout 4, I dunno, we'll see.
Honest Soul 12 мая в 14:32 
This is the best mod i have ever subed to. Just sanic as a playable race alone makes it awesome. Then there is everything else :D
Stop>thereInetScum 12 мая в 1:56 
I would pay you to want to port pons over to fallout3 or nv, also give modded scifi gear for it.
◕ ͜ ʖ ͡ ͡◕ 10 мая в 17:27 
this.... this.... this is just cruelty and treason to people and all beings lol..... NICE JOB
digglet fraz 9 мая в 5:30 
nvm I got it to work
digglet fraz 9 мая в 5:25 
I got this addon and when I did the races didnt show what happend?
Casavir 9 мая в 3:16 
What a amazing Mod.
legodashman2002 8 мая в 1:03 
This is a work of sublime art, Lord FancyPants! Not even The Nine, The Daedric Princes, Nor even The Magna Ge could percieve such exquisite Beauty! May your enemies tremble at your passing. Patterns guide you!
FancyPants  [автор] 7 мая в 14:40 
Either start a new game, or open your console by pushing your ~ key. Once it's open type in showracemenu, then push enter. Please keep in mind that using the showracemenu command will screw up your stats. Your best bet is to start a new character, but that's your call.
[MIRG-BP] Dogie 7 мая в 10:04 
how do i change person in game
FancyPants  [автор] 6 мая в 20:04 
@Dynamite45: If you're refering to the random crashes during the intro, the latest version should fix it.
Fragnash 6 мая в 19:29 
did you take first grade spelling dynamite?
Dynamite45 6 мая в 17:36 
I was playing as the wheatley charecter, plus this happened to my freind and he was playing as sanic. @FancyPants
Bomche. 6 мая в 12:35 
hello man how can i not spawn that weird horse just the normal one i just want to use the player models
FancyPants  [автор] 5 мая в 15:55 
After you click subscribe, open skyrim's launcher once, then exit. The mod should be downloading at this point. Check Library ---> Downloads to see it's progress. Once it's finished, open the launcher one more time, click 'Data Files', and enable it.
flappythefish 5 мая в 15:48 
i downloaded the mod and i made a new character but the races werent there author pls help
FancyPants  [автор] 5 мая в 7:44 
Under the 'Face' tab, slide the 'Nose Type' slider to the left. If it's already at the left just slide it right then left again. I set the slider this way so you could see which mark you have selected. It's supposed to be off by default, but for some people it'll start in the on position, I don't know why this happens.
Th3Powe4 5 мая в 7:24 
I got problems everytime i do showracemenu and select Pony (Mainly happens to that race ) it shows there cutie mark in front of there eyes like glasses maybe a glitch or i would have to make a new character if i do have to do that its ok ive barely done anything, in game but if you can please fix this problem also -FlameRunner released some pony mods and do the same thingas well
FancyPants  [автор] 5 мая в 2:59 
I'm not offering support for pirated versions, you're on your own.
Huwei Toast Kawaii :3 4 мая в 22:38 
i tryed to download skse and i broke skyrim (my skyrim was from torrent not steam) help plz
dubstep.blazepony 4 мая в 21:09 
how do we use it. i mean changes the heads n stuff
FancyPants  [автор] 4 мая в 13:43 
Either start a new game, or open your console by pushing your ~ key. Once it's open type in showracemenu, then push enter. Please keep in mind that using the showracemenu command will screw up your stats. Your best bet is to start a new character, but that's your call.
Huwei Toast Kawaii :3 4 мая в 11:09 
how do i change race i mean like how to i go sanic or pony ?
ShadowVector 4 мая в 6:07 
This mod disturbs me.... but it is the greatest mod ive ever sen

OVER 9000!/10 ~IGN
Dnarm.08 3 мая в 17:11 
Thank you, sorry was away from my computer, so this isn't as prompt as it should be.
FancyPants  [автор] 3 мая в 14:56 
Update 3.6.3 - ESP UPDATE ONLY: Spheriphem can now craft 'Bio Magnet Nullifiers'. Forge one at any smelter, then add it to an NPC's inventory. They will no longer be pulled by the Bio Magnet.
Verlock Holmes 3 мая в 14:56 
how does it work