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Crimes Against Nature 4.1
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FancyPants  [autor] 4 Mai às 12:25 
That's the 'invisibility eye glitch'. It's a well known bug in vanilla Skyrim. I don't really have a fix for it unfortunately.
modernsilver1 3 Mai às 22:18 
Some time ago I had discovered an odd bug woth the pony race where the eyes would sort of "crack" apart. It wasn't until recently that I discovered what causes it; which is when you go invisible & reappear using the "Shadowcloak of Noturnal" (Theives Guild questline). It happens with the plugin "The Pony Scrolls 5" which is built off this; when used with EFF with followers invisible sneak on. I'd like to say that it could be an error with the texture of the eyes. I should have a screenshot I took of the effect; if not, it should be easy to reproduce it.
celebrimbor 2 Mai às 17:18 
*WARNING* if you are sanic walking will play the sanic theme and is loud also you go very fast
⎝Rope⎠ 24 Abr às 22:21 
Bring Obama Clone back? ty.
FancyPants  [autor] 24 Abr às 9:57 
No DLC required.
Kikka 24 Abr às 9:11 
Are the DLC required? because none of this mod is working for me at all
Cap'n Joestar 24 Abr às 9:07 
is that a chrischan reference
π¥πTheLightAngelπ¥π 18 Abr às 23:26 
But it's rather odd cause it used to work perfectly fine.
π¥πTheLightAngelπ¥π 18 Abr às 23:19 
Agh deleted the last comment on accident but anyway yeah it was up to date and I even tried downgrading still same problem... Well it ran fine then when I went back it broke again. This has been going on for months and I didn't get back to it till today. But it might be loose files only thing I haven't tried. Never done anything regarding loose files and thank you kindly for your reply.

It crashes when I head bleak falls of up or any way out of Whiteruns territory and I have tested it is CAN could I have assistance with the loose files? That could be culprit.
FancyPants  [autor] 18 Abr às 22:08 
I tried moving all my mods out of my data folder so I had nothing but the base CaN plugin enabled (not even loose files). I then played through the entire Helgen intro, ran to Whiterun, ran through it, and passed through the gate several times. I experienced no crashes.

Do you have any loose file mods enabled? Also, is your CaN installation up to date? There WAS a crashing problem several versions ago that involved some generated behavior files (I've since removed them). It's been fixed since 3.6.2.
natb1981 10 Abr às 18:28 
the chair lol
jesseyk2 8 Abr às 17:36 
FancyPants  [autor] 5 Abr às 13:47 
I've added a diagram that will hopefully make sense:
You can also find it at the end of the gallery up top.
Technical question: How did you make the custom skeletons? Or how did you get the headwear/helmets to scale up to fit the Heads? I'd like to know a bit of the process.
the eagle 2 Abr às 7:32 
ARACHNOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains spiders. - No Spiders Plugin
EQUINOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains ponies. - No Ponies Plugin
AILUROPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains cats. - No Cats Plugin
XYLOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains home furnishings. - No Chairs Plugin
CYNOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains dogs. - No Dogs Plugin
POLICOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains guard helmets. - No Guards Plugin
AILUROPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains khajiits. - No Khajiits Plugin
TACHOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains sanics. - No Sanics Plugin
AUTOMATONOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains spacecores. - No SpaceCores Plugin
ARKOUDAPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains Bears. - No Bears Plugin
SCATOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains Redditors. - No Redditors Plugin

dont think some of em are real phobias
ST-9? - Machina 17 Mar às 18:47 
This is horrible. xD
MLG Thomas 15 Mar às 6:21 
I had am idea for a new race.
Thunder Khajiit (instead of ThunderCats)
they'd be like the Dovahbear race but sabercats
Meme 13 Mar às 19:52 
"this sucks cause it has a pony i could easily ignore" ~Some kid, 20??

Jk, this looks like a good pack! Even WITH the autism horses!
Leleedler 5 Mar às 21:54 
I got it to work nice mod
Leleedler 5 Mar às 21:18 
It isn't working for some reason
eXtory 1 Mar às 7:06 
Noooo you are ruining my immersion!
Jumz 1 Mar às 3:47 
Zenith 27 Fev às 11:14 
i cant...resist...this mod...
FancyPants  [autor] 22 Fev às 13:21 
Place the Sound folder into Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\
Glyvox 22 Fev às 10:35 
How do I add it? I'm not very great with modding
FancyPants  [autor] 21 Fev às 21:29 
Click subscribe ---> Wait for the mod to download ---> Open Skyrim's launcher ---> click 'Data Files' and add a checkmark to 'Crime Against Nature.esp'
Also, keep in mind, the removal plugins up top will remove races from the race list. So, if you're using all of the No Spiders, No Ponies, etc plugins, you won't have any extra races in your character menu.
John Hancock 21 Fev às 16:35 
I cant find the characters in a the character creation menu.
Glyvox 21 Fev às 2:12 
Is there any way I can remove sanics sound and keep the speed without turning down effects volume
Cythacs 16 Fev às 5:06 
Thanks :)
FancyPants  [autor] 15 Fev às 19:45 
BSA version here [] and Loose Files here []
Cythacs 15 Fev às 10:20 
Hey, is there a way I could get the files for this mod. Because I like to have everything on Nexus so I can manage my mods Easier :)
FancyPants  [autor] 7 Fev às 20:31 
@ Thoben: The race editorIDs are formatted as follows:


RGA = Reversed Gender Animations
PCEA = Player Character Exclusive Animations
PCERGA = Player Character Exclusive Reversed Gender Animations

'Name' needs to be replaced with any of the following:
Bear Cat Dog Guard Ikea Katia Pony Redditor Sanic Space Spider

@ {NM} Derpy: Click subscribe, wait for the mod to download, open the skyrim launcher, click 'data files', add a checkmark to 'Crimes Against Nature' if it isn't already there, click okay, start the game.
Thoben 7 Fev às 20:08 
What are the race IDs? I want my Sanic to be a ridiculously kawaii khajiit
Gutiriik 5 Fev às 18:07 
realistic horse race?
Dark Fox™ 3 Fev às 10:57 
MonkeyBoy09 27 Jan às 16:13 
one question, WHY?!
FancyPants  [autor] 26 Jan às 14:36 
The pony hair meshes in this mod use lagbones and a differently labeled head bone that were added to the pony race's custom skeletons. There are default skeleton versions inside this patch. You'll need to extract them from the bsa though.
Bronzewolf78 26 Jan às 12:10 
I understand that the pony race has a different setup for their hair, but I'm not sure how it's different. I've tried to mess with it by shifting the pony hairs to the vanilla races, and the hairs (if they show up at all) just float where they were loaded, not following the player. Any help on exporting the pony hair meshes to work with other races?
Cool! My Little Pony!
Doge-a-licious (Ladders) 3 Jan às 18:37 
10/10 Like skyrim with crimes against nature - IGN
100/100, best mod, best mod - Every metastatic reviewer
10/10 would commit crimes against nature again - Steve the badass
I guess I could make a game out of this - Our Lord and Master, Gaben
WestsideOutlaw 29 Dez, 2015 às 12:32 
OK well that kinda sucks but thanks for replying back I appreciate that and awesome mod by the way.
FancyPants  [autor] 29 Dez, 2015 às 2:08 
I'm afraid this is a vanilla bug. All vampire races automatically swap to the default skintone of their base race. This was done to make your character appear pallid. With the default races, this usually wasn't a big deal due to the small range of skin colours. I had to pick a single skintone for vampires, and it wouldn't make much sense to have every character become red, or blue, or whatever when they transform, so I chose gray.

I think I remember a fix for the default races on nexusmods, but it seems to cause other problems instead, so I never implemented it for my races. Sorry, but you'll just have to get used to being gray.

The good news is that, if your character is ever cured of vampirism, your colour will be back to normal.
WestsideOutlaw 28 Dez, 2015 às 17:29 
Hey FancyPants i was woundering if this is a gug with your mod or not. So whenever you play as a pony race and you turn into a vampire your character turns gray and loses his/her's origanal color. If you know a fix to that, that would be awesome. Also i tried fixing this by using consol commands but with no luck.
ComMoDity 26 Dez, 2015 às 21:49 
Glifil 25 Dez, 2015 às 9:35 
id give it a solid 5 out of 7
AtomicChronic 21 Dez, 2015 às 2:20 
you can be chair people?
C̷an̴em͜Şa͢n͢ģu͘is 18 Dez, 2015 às 20:57 
this is both adorable and terrifying at the same time. 9356413894698/10 is gud
Richard Richard 18 Dez, 2015 às 14:36 
Best mod ever , favourited