The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Crimes against Nature 5.0
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Hypernova Melody 3 godz. temu 
I've just accepted the fact that I cant play skyrim anymore

Or you could just not install Flame's mod. I mean the Ponies are still there.
SHINING MOON 12 godz. temu 
POLE7645 17 godz. temu 
@Stax the Edge

OK. The good news is that it actually worked. The bad news is that the NPC faces are now grey (by grey, I mean the default color when you create a character. Did the texture changed names inbetween versions?).

So I guess the real solution would be to edit Flamerunner's mod, but I have no idea where to start.
Soren 18 godz. temu 
I'm being attacked by an invisible Rancor o_o
POLE7645 19 godz. temu 
@Stax the Edge OC

I know that it's the FormID that are changed. But the question is, how do I change that?

I'm a complete newbie to the Creation Kit and every tutorial I could find seems show that changing the Form ID isn't possible. I also tried changing the race of the NPCs from Flamerunner's mod (which sounds much easier to me), but the Creation Kit crashes whenever I try to load the file.
@Hypernova Melody

The fix is pretty easy. The changelog tells you how it was done, you can easily reverse it. Though it might mess up future mods, it will make Pony Scrolls usable.
Hypernova Melody 22 godz. temu 
I like how no one cares that this mod used to be good but is now terrible and no one is fixing it
Siri, how 2 get big cock n balls 23 września o 14:32 
just came here to laugh at the upset pony fags
Silver Waltz 22 września o 22:57 
FancyPants  [autor] 22 września o 20:35 
@Silver Waltz
Try installing the nexus version instead:
Silver Waltz 22 września o 13:02 
Help? All the Presets for every race are gone and most of the options on the sliders are gone as well, for all of them.
I really don't know whats going on.
Pups(Sick) 20 września o 21:02 
I tried to start up a new game and as soon as i started all i could hear was donkey noises and then random shit rolling on the ground....
Sapphire Blue Gamer 1994 19 września o 3:51 
Please remove the rainbow turds.
Sapphire Blue Gamer 1994 19 września o 3:45 
Please remove the rainbow turds.
Windy ♡ 18 września o 16:00 
Trying to keep myself from having a panic attack, it's not working very well
Windy ♡ 18 września o 14:40 
Is there an older version available? i really want this to end...
P&Sgaming 17 września o 18:24 
Stament Understood.
FancyPants  [autor] 17 września o 16:17 
Please don't blame Mundy for my own malicious modding decisions.
P&Sgaming 17 września o 14:27 
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 17 września o 13:12 
Yeah okay whatever you say get you facts straight don't blame me for what ever the mod author is apparently thinking and get off you're high horse there's a diffrence between asking and then saying DO THIS ASAP so yeah think before you say something next time so back off
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 17 września o 12:31 
that's not even funny there was no whinning on my part I asked a simple question why it's being taken on like this is beyond my understanding at all? I never begged I never forced a demand I never said anything out of line it was a simple question hell I even kindly asked if even a tutorial if they didn't want to do it themselves so how is any of that whinning...
DuoScratch 17 września o 11:12 
Okay, I have to ask, why is the Pony race the one that's being messed with the most? Is it because of the whiners wanting the models to have a hands option? Are they just royally annoying you or something? I'm only whining about this myself because I finally got to sit down to play some more this weekend, and now my character falls over and shits themselves on random occacions, and it's a tad distracting.
Hypernova Melody 17 września o 9:01 
Oh my god i am so done. I finally fixed the pony head modles a few weeks ago and all my mods and everything is finally working. I play a few games for a few days. It was fine literally just yesterday. But when I get back on today, they are back to crapping with Phony heads. Im so done.
waterworrier 17 września o 0:48 
Oooh.... fancy. :3
FancyPants  [autor] 17 września o 0:39 
SoulMystique 14 września o 5:34 
Waiting rather impatiently for Special Edition support. I'm planning on doing a playthrough with my Logitech G29 Racing Wheel, and I want to do the cat driver head race, lol. I'm super giddy :v
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 13 września o 16:06 
I am patient I'm simply just asking on possibilty's I never said it needed to be done asap or anything just asking...

Also I was using Mod Organizer at the time I've switched to Nexus mod Manager once the creator of MO ended up stopping developement on the program howeever due to my progress in MO I'm concerned on how i'll be able to transfer all of that and it's save to NMM so with Skyrim I'm stuck with MO unforunatly because at the time it was considered the better manager...
Officer O'Cyrus 13 września o 13:11 
Twilight, you sound like you're starting to ramble. Keep in mind this version of the mod is still in a BETA stage, and additional features will be looked upon once the core mod itself is completely stable. Try to be patient.

Also, 'Mod Organizer'? I just stick to the Steam Workshop, Nexus Mod Manager, and LOOT myself. I try not to grab more than I'm absolutely certain I'll need for things like this.
FancyPants  [autor] 13 września o 12:30 
Yes, soon.
Flamethrower08 13 września o 11:58 
Will this mod ever support special edition?
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 12 września o 17:02 
All I'm mainly asking is if it's possible to have a choice? not replace it for everyone else because again everyone is diffrent some may like the hooves on both hands and feet some may like the hands normal and the feet hooves? or just normal hands and feet again it's diffrent in prefrence I know I'm asking a lot here and not saying I demend it or anything just saying it would be nice to have options....Same with the fact some people have issues with Steam workshop due to using Mod Mangers to load there mods which is why I'm kindly asking if this can also be uploaded to Nexus? Also I dislike the idea of Subscribeing to such neat mods that I have to unsubscribe in order to get it working properly in say Mod Organizer just feels like a slap in the face to the mod creators with how wrong that feels to minpulate a mods crediabilty just to make it work...
Officer O'Cyrus 12 września o 16:27 
To be honest, I'd like hands on the arms and hooves on the legs, but that's just how I prefer to roll, partially because I'm a lover of the game Spore (functional graspers and all that). So long as things are stable and not overly disruptive, though, I won't have reason to complain. Let's see what happens, shall we?
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 11 września o 23:40 
To awnser that question is it not alright to want to not have to wear gloves or shoes all the time? everyone's diffrent me I just perfer hands and feet on an Anthro type character again everyone's diffrent... hate to be a pest tho... Some reason when I subscribed then go to the Data Files options in the launcher the plugin doesn't seem to want to show up I have a lot of problems with steam workshops install methoeds.... I really do hate that I keep asking so much you've done plenty already and I appreciate it but just curious by any chance will this mod ever be available on the Nexus? For Old Skyrim of course? again I am so sorry for asking so much already...
DuoScratch 11 września o 20:46 
Hell yeah, this is great, thank you so much!
CyberStarlight 11 września o 20:44 
thank you!
FancyPants  [autor] 11 września o 20:37 
New update out, Spheriphem overhauled and a few other fixes.
CyberStarlight 11 września o 17:58 
well having hooves for feet i like but i agree with hands. but since you could change your hands with gloves anyway didnt matter all that much. the big hands and feet do though XD
DuoScratch 11 września o 17:24 
Why did you even want proper hands and feet on a pony model anyway Mundy? If you want hands, when you put on gloves, you get hands, and what's it matter about feet? A horse/human hybrid having hooves instead of feet just makes sense.
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 11 września o 14:32 
all I wanted was proper sized hands and feet sorry for the trouble just was hopeing there was an option
CyberStarlight 11 września o 12:50 
thank you.
FancyPants  [autor] 11 września o 12:43 
I'll have a proper update in a bit, just having trouble with the new SpaceCore meshes for Oldrim.
CyberStarlight 11 września o 12:31 
please turn it back too normal :3
FancyPants  [autor] 11 września o 12:28 
Why does nobody like the hands and feet update? :( I worked a whole five minutes on that...
CyberStarlight 11 września o 9:53 
Same. and i dont know it just dosent work?
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 11 września o 9:50 
was it a recent update? I never had that issue o.o? anyways hope the hands and feet for this get properly resized
CyberStarlight 11 września o 9:46 
cant change the eye color
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 11 września o 9:45 
the crimes against Nature of Fallout 4 has a bug issue now? odd I been using that one with no problem that I've noticed
CyberStarlight 11 września o 9:44 
it is. i wanted to play fallout 4 cant because its bugged so i decide skyrim and now its also bugged XD
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 11 września o 9:43 
oh geez that's sadly disappointing I get that it's a joke mod but....