Crimes Against Nature 3.6.3
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Huwei Toast Kawaii :3 2 timer siden 
i tryed to download skse and i broke skyrim (my skyrim was from torrent not steam) help plz
dubstep.blazepony 3 timer siden 
how do we use it. i mean changes the heads n stuff
FancyPants  [skaper] 11 timer siden 
Either start a new game, or open your console by pushing your ~ key. Once it's open type in showracemenu, then push enter. Please keep in mind that using the showracemenu command will screw up your stats. Your best bet is to start a new character, but that's your call.
Huwei Toast Kawaii :3 13 timer siden 
how do i change race i mean like how to i go sanic or pony ?
ShadowVector 18 timer siden 
This mod disturbs me.... but it is the greatest mod ive ever sen

OVER 9000!/10 ~IGN
Dnarm.08 3. mai @ 5:11pm 
Thank you, sorry was away from my computer, so this isn't as prompt as it should be.
FancyPants  [skaper] 3. mai @ 2:56pm 
Update 3.6.3 - ESP UPDATE ONLY: Spheriphem can now craft 'Bio Magnet Nullifiers'. Forge one at any smelter, then add it to an NPC's inventory. They will no longer be pulled by the Bio Magnet.
Verlock Holmes 3. mai @ 2:56pm 
how does it work
NateDogg 3. mai @ 2:42pm 
Are npcs effected?

Because I kind of just want to run around as a sanic murdering innocents and destroying civilizations with my extreme speed.
Dnarm.08 3. mai @ 2:10pm 
Thanks. Don't mind getting killed because I didn't think, but an archer follower standing two feet in front of me as a brawler made me question what they were doing, and why physics hates me.
FancyPants  [skaper] 3. mai @ 2:02pm 
Possibly, I'd have to add a filter to the magic effect. I'll look into this later.
Dnarm.08 3. mai @ 1:55pm 
Honest question: is there a way to prevent your follower from being pulled towards you with the Bio-magnet ability? Kinda got shoved off a ledge by their flailing body when dealing with a hoard of forsworn a few steps below me... while the forsworn went over me...
FancyPants  [skaper] 3. mai @ 1:38pm 
UPDATE 3.6.2 - BSA UPDATE ONLY: I removed two generated behavior files that were causing all of those random crash reports.
FancyPants  [skaper] 3. mai @ 12:17pm 
Okay, I've managed to recreate some of the crashing during the intro, I'm still investigating, but I should have more info soon.
FancyPants  [skaper] 3. mai @ 11:52am 
@Dynamite: Someone else has reported this problem, I'm still looking into it. What race are you when it happens?
Dynamite45 3. mai @ 11:07am 
my game keeps crashing when i exit the first cave
Terrorist (ignored,nobody) 3. mai @ 10:40am 
oh great overused memes in skyrim
Nagneto 2. mai @ 7:41pm 
NordicTexan 2. mai @ 2:26pm 
you are tearing me apart, lisa
FancyPants  [skaper] 1. mai @ 12:53pm
New plugin - Removes the skill buffs and debuffs from the Pony race
Divine 1. mai @ 6:15am 
Can you customies the ponies completely?
willsmags 30. apr @ 6:26pm 
They're fursuits, not khajiit.
oliveiraserrapintofilho 30. apr @ 6:12pm 
Nexus upload please ;-;
Wicky 29. apr @ 12:26am 
dude that big head, and the bio-magnetism, i fukin love it
Axel 28. apr @ 11:00am 
can you show me the title to a video on how to modify custom races?
i want to modify your version of the pony race
Noah the Fox Prince 28. apr @ 8:40am 
This is my thing. I love you.
sweet girl 28. apr @ 4:56am 
so fuck*ng cooooolllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Axel 28. apr @ 4:33am 
- 100 to pyscical skills +100 to magic skills
Loving this mod mate, made an Ikea-Born knight, just riding around on Tommy.
FancyPants  [skaper] 27. apr @ 4:43pm 
The bonuses are supposed to be 25 each, and the penalties 15 each. Is that not the case?
Axel 27. apr @ 4:36pm 
no it seems to be a major buff to magic and a major debuf to pyscical skills at least 4 times what you intended
FancyPants  [skaper] 27. apr @ 4:31pm 
Yes, most physical skills take a hit. Instead you get a small buff to magic and unarmed damage.
An in depth explanation can be found here.
Axel 27. apr @ 3:52pm 
theres a tiny thing i noticed with the pony race all of the debufs are not race benifets and are infact debufs was this intentinal?
bony dog man 27. apr @ 2:34pm 
gMaImNeDs 27. apr @ 7:17am 
An absolutely wonderous experience to be for me! One simply must rate of all things up.
Jerkakame 27. apr @ 3:23am 
I guess valve/beth didnt want the Horse armor.
oh the irony
R.O.D. Rabbit Of Death 26. apr @ 11:58am 
Yay space core :D

what if you make a cake race...
FancyPants  [skaper] 26. apr @ 10:57am 
IMPORTANT NOTICE: I've added a link to 'ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer' to the top of the page. I'm not sure what's causing crashes in the race menu for some people, but hopefully this might fix it for some.
FancyPants  [skaper] 26. apr @ 10:51am 
@Gunchap: Added since 2.0 a few months ago, add/remove them with the brow slot.

1. Make sure you open the skyrim launcher at least once to ensure the mod downloads properly.
2. Are you using any character generation mods like RaceMenu or Enhanced Character Edit?
3. Are you using a lot of extra hair mods? If so you might consider using ShowRaceMenu Precache killer. []
Gunchap Red [T|S|F] 26. apr @ 5:45am 
When were the horns added? I don't remember the ponies in the mod having horns.
TheAwesomeMilk 26. apr @ 2:44am 
whenever I type in "showracemenu" the game crashes and I dont know why
The Derp Barn 25. apr @ 8:01pm 
Oh hi mark
paulbierley 25. apr @ 4:28pm 
10 out of 10 endorced oh wait wrong site stared then. if you could just make them dsnce this mod would well be worth £100, and it goes without saying I would be very happy for £75 to go to beth and valve for no reason whatsoever.
Axelious, Prince of Fire 25. apr @ 11:49am 
What music will the SpaceCores play?
Axelious, Prince of Fire 25. apr @ 11:49am 
=[DSG]= Lan Cλn't Aim 25. apr @ 11:34am 
Is this the mod with Macho Man Randy Savage dragons?
Mangle 25. apr @ 10:07am 
this even added a new animal
Filthy Peasant 25. apr @ 4:48am 
The guard and Steel Horned combo actually looks brilliant.
Turtle 25. apr @ 2:08am 
8/8 m8
Zealot 25. apr @ 1:18am 
Lovely! Despite appearing to be on par with the number of paid mods being uploaded as of late, this mod really takes the cake by being deceptively brilliant!