Crimes Against Nature
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MadMarbleHead 10 ore fa 
The only thing I can say about this is that it is truly grotesque... I hope I don't have nightmares.
Kothvos 11 ore fa 
Its not working...?
Ghosts Over Hinnom 12 ore fa 
this is horrifying....
DragonsBlood 11:11 29 ago, ore 21:19 
I love it!
DragonsBlood 11:11 29 ago, ore 21:18 
That is truely disturbing!
The_Deadmans_Gamble 27 ago, ore 9:31 
Spock 24 ago, ore 13:09
Octavia 24 ago, ore 9:27 
ur a crime against gays AND horses so i wouldnt be talking
K.Toque 23 ago, ore 17:04 
I agree, ponyfags/ponies are crimes against nature!
zabarovskis 23 ago, ore 2:41 
zabarovskis 23 ago, ore 2:40 
this scared me for the rest of my life
zabarovskis 23 ago, ore 2:39 
how in the heavens did i get here?
Potato Salad 22 ago, ore 12:03 
and yes i used boss and tes5edit
Potato Salad 22 ago, ore 12:03 
this mod crashes me when i enter any city as one of the new races
Lucius "Frozone" Blackman 21 ago, ore 22:08 
Why, Lisa, why?!
MrMuncly 21 ago, ore 14:33 
EΔRL 20 ago, ore 22:54 
Why!? xD

Heimskr 20 ago, ore 5:35 
These are... crimes against nature indeed. Good job.
Black Osprey 19 ago, ore 18:21 
im crying
Tri-Gamer 18 ago, ore 15:08 
Shrek 17 ago, ore 22:12 
These creatures will work well when the Shrekening comes!
Lucius "Frozone" Blackman 17 ago, ore 19:29 
Whoever you are Mr or Mrs. Fancypants, you are my favorite modder of Skyrim. Your mods are fucking hilarious across the board, especially Crimes Against Nature. Keep modding, and please make more of this stuff. I've peed my pants twice laughing from spawning shit with Crimes Against Nature and Irresistable Bowel Syndrome, and I'm genuinely not kidding. Fantastic job, and keep on modding!

Your fan,
Stoney/Bob the Plumber Dude
For those who are interested in what the music is, it's called My Pal Foot Foot by a band called the Shaggs.
Heather Mason/Jill Valentine 14 ago, ore 7:04 
This is the scariest mod of seen so far. Well done.
Necromancer :3 13 ago, ore 18:50 
Nilloh 12 ago, ore 17:25 
This will scar me for life..... wtf was the nord/horse thing
Potato Salad 10 ago, ore 22:32 
how do i chang my race to the obama clone? i dont want to make a new character
Kiith Nabaal 10 ago, ore 20:34 
This mod has ponies.... it's an abomination...
psychodude789 9 ago, ore 0:53 
if this mod has ponys... THANK YOU FOR ADDING PONYS (: IMMA GET THIS MOD
skymaster 7 ago, ore 0:21 
Sheogorath might have something to say about this crazy mod of insanity, because everyone knows insanity is just his hobbie
callofbooty00 5 ago, ore 5:37 
Jedibot 3 ago, ore 20:23 
You Have Commited Crimes Against MY EYES!
This is more scarey than that realistic spider mod.... :/ :D
Мсье КотЭ 2 ago, ore 3:47 
This is... this... this is........... AWESOME!!!!
Le Flying Derpling 31 lug, ore 14:10 
The Space Butterfly 28 lug, ore 19:58 
brodie_needs_help 25 lug, ore 21:06 
i saw this on youtube. nice mod.
chaotic_mayhem 23 lug, ore 1:08 
i saw this on Top 5 skyrim mods of the week and,....yep
|Cy4G| Magical Steven 21 lug, ore 9:55 
Dr. Pinkie Freeman Pie 13 lug, ore 15:30 
WTF!!! hahahahaha but wierd too
Asduff 9 lug, ore 14:01 
I love you.
GavinoFree 8 lug, ore 20:37 
i have never been more terrified of my life
Major Chubbles 6 lug, ore 5:41 
This is beautiful
Tinker Maniak 3 lug, ore 7:10 
oh god... I saw this at MxR and I almost died from them laughs
=[G.G.G.]= Lunar Gamer 30 giu, ore 17:19 
what the... oook
ElkinFencer10 28 giu, ore 18:25 
....What the actual f***?
GameWolf 28 giu, ore 16:48 
Mind = head/world - explode. this is hilarious. and mentally scaring. love it.
Mutangolem 28 giu, ore 13:30 
Gamerguypie 28 giu, ore 6:19 
Grylloid 26 giu, ore 11:35 
Señor Rock 26 giu, ore 1:28 
that duck thing is horrifying good mod tho