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Crimes Against Nature 4.1
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FancyPants  [autore] 7 feb, ore 20:31 
@ Thoben: The race editorIDs are formatted as follows:


RGA = Reversed Gender Animations
PCEA = Player Character Exclusive Animations
PCERGA = Player Character Exclusive Reversed Gender Animations

'Name' needs to be replaced with any of the following:
Bear Cat Dog Guard Ikea Katia Pony Redditor Sanic Space Spider

@ {NM} Derpy: Click subscribe, wait for the mod to download, open the skyrim launcher, click 'data files', add a checkmark to 'Crimes Against Nature' if it isn't already there, click okay, start the game.
Thoben 7 feb, ore 20:08 
What are the race IDs? I want my Sanic to be a ridiculously kawaii khajiit
{NM} Derpy Muffin Warrior 7 feb, ore 15:57 
Gutiriik 5 feb, ore 18:07 
realistic horse race?
Dark Fox™ 3 feb, ore 10:57 
MonkeyBoy09 27 gen, ore 16:13 
one question, WHY?!
FancyPants  [autore] 26 gen, ore 14:36 
The pony hair meshes in this mod use lagbones and a differently labeled head bone that were added to the pony race's custom skeletons. There are default skeleton versions inside this patch. You'll need to extract them from the bsa though.
Bronzewolf78 26 gen, ore 12:10 
I understand that the pony race has a different setup for their hair, but I'm not sure how it's different. I've tried to mess with it by shifting the pony hairs to the vanilla races, and the hairs (if they show up at all) just float where they were loaded, not following the player. Any help on exporting the pony hair meshes to work with other races?
Перпендикуляр 9 gen, ore 8:14 
Cool! My Little Pony!
Ladders 3 gen, ore 18:37 
10/10 Like skyrim with crimes against nature - IGN
100/100, best mod, best mod - Every metastatic reviewer
10/10 would commit crimes against nature again - Steve the badass
I guess I could make a game out of this - Our Lord and Master, Gaben
WestsideOutlaw 29 dic 2015, ore 12:32 
OK well that kinda sucks but thanks for replying back I appreciate that and awesome mod by the way.
FancyPants  [autore] 29 dic 2015, ore 2:08 
I'm afraid this is a vanilla bug. All vampire races automatically swap to the default skintone of their base race. This was done to make your character appear pallid. With the default races, this usually wasn't a big deal due to the small range of skin colours. I had to pick a single skintone for vampires, and it wouldn't make much sense to have every character become red, or blue, or whatever when they transform, so I chose gray.

I think I remember a fix for the default races on nexusmods, but it seems to cause other problems instead, so I never implemented it for my races. Sorry, but you'll just have to get used to being gray.

The good news is that, if your character is ever cured of vampirism, your colour will be back to normal.
WestsideOutlaw 28 dic 2015, ore 17:29 
Hey FancyPants i was woundering if this is a gug with your mod or not. So whenever you play as a pony race and you turn into a vampire your character turns gray and loses his/her's origanal color. If you know a fix to that, that would be awesome. Also i tried fixing this by using consol commands but with no luck.
ComMoDity 26 dic 2015, ore 21:49 
Shrew___ 25 dic 2015, ore 9:35 
id give it a solid 5 out of 7
AtomicChronic 21 dic 2015, ore 2:20 
you can be chair people?
CanemSanguis 18 dic 2015, ore 20:57 
this is both adorable and terrifying at the same time. 9356413894698/10 is gud
Sith Sloth 18 dic 2015, ore 14:36 
Best mod ever , favourited
Zeus 17 dic 2015, ore 9:05 
God my get nervous Strangers came to skyrim
Ynlinnil 12 dic 2015, ore 18:26 
FancyPants  [autore] 12 dic 2015, ore 18:08 
It should be fine. Though, if you plan on changing your character to one of the new races, it would be best to start a new game. Using the 'showracemenu' command will break your stats.
Ynlinnil 12 dic 2015, ore 15:42 
If I download this will it break my current save (i have no mods installed or installed mods for this game)
EnderFlakes 6 dic 2015, ore 12:07 
I luv dis
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)360Snowl 5 dic 2015, ore 12:04 
SCATOPHOBIA means phobia of shit. well done my freind. well done.
xXDubya_D_GaNgStAXx 29 nov 2015, ore 17:57 
Ai hed Skorim awn teh Xbax, N dis Mawd wus teh reesun Ai gawt et awn Stem.
FancyPants  [autore] 15 nov 2015, ore 11:13 
In the Skyrim launcher, click on 'Data Files' and add a check mark to 'Crimes Against Nature.esp'.
Flowey the Flower 15 nov 2015, ore 4:50 
i subscribed to the mod and i go on skyrim and in the create character menu there is normal races and not these ones (im new to skyrim)
SoniK1129 3 nov 2015, ore 4:59 
SoniK1129 2 nov 2015, ore 15:35 
how to turn off sanic music :/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Lion 30 ott 2015, ore 17:43 
This worked thank you!
The Wolf 27 ott 2015, ore 17:17 
FancyPants  [autore] 27 ott 2015, ore 16:01 
Step 4 (optional): Should you wish to upload your npc as a proper mod, you'll need to pack that extracted face data into a bsa. You'll have to do this manually as the automatic archive function in the CK tends to be inaccurate and forgets to add extracted faces. You'll need to drag and drop the files from the following folders into the archive window:

Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\Your Mod's name.esp/
Skyrim\Data\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\Your Mod's name.esp/

Upload to your mod whatever mod service you want when finished, just be sure that users know that CaN is required to use it.
FancyPants  [autore] 27 ott 2015, ore 15:50 
Step 1: You'll need to install the loose files to your skyrim folder -
Install this to Skyrim's data folder, it's typically something like C:\Program Files (maybe x86?)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\

Step 2: Open the CK and Crimes Against Nature as a master file (it'll be near the top), open your chosen npc in the actors list (HouseCarlWhiterun for example), change the race to your prefered race. Make whatever customiztions you need, please note that the face probably won't show up properly unless you select 'full' at the bottom of the window to show the whole body. This is a bug with my face meshes that I've never quite fixed. Once you're done, save as a new plugin.

Step 3: Finally, while you plugin is still open in the CK, highlight your NPC in the actors list and press Ctrl+F4; this will extract the npc's face data so they won't have the 'grey face bug' in-game.
The Wolf 27 ott 2015, ore 12:34 
how do i set an npcs race to one of these races?
Colsjin 26 ott 2015, ore 13:58 
no more nightmares
Colsjin 26 ott 2015, ore 13:58 
thank you so much
FancyPants  [autore] 26 ott 2015, ore 13:48 
Use the 'Tommy Defense Force - Banish' spell. It will remove all instances of Tommy that you have summoned.
Colsjin 26 ott 2015, ore 7:30 
can you please tell me how i can throw tony out of my world? im scared and he crashes my game...PLEASE
pancake4all 24 ott 2015, ore 15:31 
the sanic race kinda jiggles around like crazy when i run
FancyPants  [autore] 23 ott 2015, ore 10:02 
I suspect it's because you don't have the loose files installed. The CK needs access to the actual mesh files in order to export the NPC's face. Install this to Skyrim's 'data' folder:

Keep in mind that a few other errors sometimes pop up when exporting a face with my meshes, stuff like 'eye is missing soft lighting map' or something like that. You can ignore these, it should still export properly.
Lion 22 ott 2015, ore 21:19 
Hey great mod by the way! Anyway, I attempted to make a custom follower from the Dovahbear race so after going through all the steps i tried to import the face data but the creation kit showed an error, something like "aaaBearRaceHead not found". I was wondering if you could help solve the problem. Thank you.
FancyPants  [autore] 22 ott 2015, ore 13:27 
Please make sure 'Crimes Against Nature.esp' is enabled in your load order.
BOT gay 22 ott 2015, ore 10:27 
the races dont work for me
♥ Zatsune Miku ♥ 19 ott 2015, ore 17:58 
ok i respect that + Fallout its a epic game serie #Fallout4
FancyPants  [autore] 19 ott 2015, ore 17:34 
The bend in the legs is done with a custom skeleton, unfortunately this means it happens with all clothing/armor. Using the default skeletons patch fixes this, but it also disables a bunch of other stuff like helmet fitting and hair lag-bones, so I don't recommend it. As for the race idea, I won't be doing anymore large updates for this mod, including new races. All my attention will be on modding Fallout 4 when it releases.
♥ Zatsune Miku ♥ 19 ott 2015, ore 16:30 
i love the pony race but, those legs look wierds whit armor.
wait...... u have the eyes and hair textures, can u make a equestra girls race?
Swollen Earmuffs 15 ott 2015, ore 23:27 
Alright, awesome to hear that! Can't wait for it :D
FancyPants  [autore] 15 ott 2015, ore 22:04 
I've been seriously thinking about doing one. Races with custom morph/chargen support tend to be quite rare due to some restrictions on how it's done. When Fallout 4 releases, I'll likely begin the process of making new assests for a few new races. I'll see if I can document what I'm doing and make a tutorial then.
Swollen Earmuffs 15 ott 2015, ore 21:09 
Would it be possible if you could create a tutorial on how to create/ show the process of making the custom heads with morphs, headfittings, etc? Or link some tutorials that you used to create this mod?