Crimes Against Nature 3.7
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[GEaRS]officer ABcDOS v.68 beta júl. 6. @ de. 1:47 
C0mmander P00tis júl. 5. @ du. 2:43 
FancyPants  [készítő] júl. 4. @ du. 3:52 
Best way I can describe it is, the geometry for the new body will be correct, but the lighting on some parts might be a bit off.
◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣ júl. 3. @ du. 5:51 
Do you know then if they would still look ok?
FancyPants  [készítő] júl. 3. @ de. 8:12 
@◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣: There won't be any crashes if you use custom bodies, though the normals will look a little bit wrong since they're made for the vanilla meshes.
Princess Celestia júl. 2. @ de. 12:35 
I'mma install this for my second playthrough.
◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣ júl. 2. @ de. 12:28 
Just curious, if you have a moment... do you know if this is compatable with body mods from the Nexus? It's just to avoid a crash if it doesn't work with them...
Eric_Crazy jún. 30. @ du. 4:44 
ShadowVector jún. 30. @ de. 7:53 
@chris Prat, Seaworld Trainer: They should appear in your Lesser powers.
jerkin my gherkin jún. 29. @ du. 4:34 
where can i find tommy wiseau?
Carapace jún. 28. @ du. 3:19 
Well, you know what? fuck it. i'mma be a box with a fucking cat on it!
*Proud parents*
LittleBitArcher jún. 28. @ de. 10:35 
wasted time and knowledge...
Me And My Magic Snake jún. 27. @ du. 12:19 
best mod ever
neopetfucker69 jún. 26. @ de. 2:21 
this is pretty... cool
The horny pastry puffer jún. 25. @ de. 7:21 
ho hi mark
chowder6258 jún. 21. @ du. 8:19 
can't find any of this awesome stuff :3
FancyPants  [készítő] jún. 21. @ de. 6:16 
None of the dlcs are required.
|KeW| Ben jún. 20. @ du. 4:36 
do i need the other dlc´s to make the mod working? i am just asking
minecraftworld32 jún. 19. @ du. 12:44 
What is a funny Ikea-Born name?
FancyPants  [készítő] jún. 19. @ du. 12:08 
Ever since Skyrim's 1.9 patch, the player's character no longer blinks. Installing SKSE and MFG console will fix this, and your character will blink again. It's a very minor issue, but it still bothers some people.
Spring Heeled Pootie Tang jún. 19. @ de. 10:54 
What does "the blink issue" mean?
Conga Knight Gruffalo jún. 18. @ du. 11:45 
This stopped me from cutting
Kurt Alert (On Holiday) jún. 18. @ du. 12:18 
So this mod let's you play as spiders in mech suits, cats in mech suits, a Dogman, a Chairman, Sanic da heghag, anthro ponies, guard helms with eyes, space cores, and a really sad looking excuse for a khajiit.

I love it!
bostjan321 jún. 18. @ de. 5:07 
hahaha...! This mod man. hahahahaha...! omg! hahaha! lol!
MewwithaHalo jún. 14. @ du. 4:16 
okay. thanks
FancyPants  [készítő] jún. 14. @ du. 4:11 
I'll probably need to explain a bunch of stuff, so I've sent a friend request.
MewwithaHalo jún. 14. @ du. 4:01 
I'm having trouble making a follower using the races in this mod. Can you help me?
Box jún. 12. @ du. 7:30 
I m st1ll r w41t >:7
Master Dong jún. 12. @ du. 5:22 
thanks, I've always been a bit on the unlucky side when it comes to elder srolls games
FancyPants  [készítő] jún. 12. @ du. 5:08 
I checked the voice settings. That greeting is set to the same probability as the other greetings, so I dunno, maybe you're just really unlucky? You can try pressing your use button on his other morph types if you wanna cycle through the greetings just to hear them. It doesn't work with his horse form though.

As for mod conflicts, I'm absolutely sure there aren't any as Tommy's voicetype is self contained in the mod.
Master Dong jún. 12. @ du. 3:48 
okay, so the Tommy Wiseau horse doesn't say "O hai Mark" like he does in the youtube videos. He does makes all the other sounds. Is there anything that is preventing that particular line like a mod conflict or something?
Box jún. 10. @ du. 9:41 
Thanks FancyPants ill be sure to await the arrival of that new Update!
FancyPants  [készítő] jún. 10. @ du. 7:44 
There are a few plugins up top that will change some of the NPCs. I haven't updated them in quite a while, I'll probably go through them when the next update is up.
Box jún. 10. @ du. 7:20 
Does this contain races for the npcs?
Flatspot jún. 10. @ du. 12:33 
Tenagoras [Mr.Potasio] jún. 10. @ de. 10:07 
Tali Prower jún. 8. @ du. 12:20 
KASKILLS jún. 7. @ du. 9:26 
you should make kids from these races
thedemonside jún. 6. @ de. 7:27 
Phteven jún. 5. @ de. 1:37 
Less than five minutes I lasted with this before I unsubscribed.
dramqu33n jún. 1. @ du. 2:28 
just because you can doesn't mean you should
Jeff the Pybro Turkey [Pon3] máj. 29. @ de. 5:31 
I don't see the reason its called 'crimes agianst nature'. everything in this is bootiful.
FancyPants  [készítő] máj. 27. @ du. 4:20 
I might in a future update.
moonlightShy máj. 26. @ du. 5:04 
will you add more hair styles to the races?
FancyPants  [készítő] máj. 26. @ du. 1:26 
I might put together a quick follower pack in the next few days. No promises though.
JayMillaFTW máj. 26. @ de. 4:38 
Lol VideoGameDunkey
YugenDreams máj. 25. @ du. 3:46 
Is there any way to make one of the races a follower? I really want that kitten head guy to be my buddy.
bladewing98 máj. 25. @ de. 2:27 
any chance of just getting the tommy wiseau mount as a stand alone mod?
FancyPants  [készítő] máj. 24. @ de. 11:27 
You don't have to change your race for that part. All you need is The unofficial Skyrim Patch. []
420NOSCOPEBLAZEITKID máj. 23. @ du. 9:28 
@FancyPants Thanks. I'm on the Dark Brotherhood questline, and whenever I talk to Gianna on the mission where you *SPOILER ALERT, DON'T READ IF YOU HAVEN'T FINISHED YET* kill the emperor, she leaves the conversation when she critices your race. How do I up my stats so I can get them back where they were?