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Crimes against Nature 5.0.2
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Silver Waltz 17. Okt. um 10:59 Uhr 
I swear to god, it kept rechecking chargen preset everytime I loaded the plugin in the Creation Kit, after having it saved without it.
On one hand, glad it was something simple, on the other I'm remembering exactly why I gave up on the CK in the first place years ago.
FancyPants  [Autor] 17. Okt. um 10:37 Uhr 
Also, if you're making a plugin for another esp (other than CaN), you'll need to add the esm flag to it first. You'll need TES5Edit for Oldrim and SSEEdit for SSE:

Backup the plugin you're about to edit, open it in the editor then do this:

You'll then be able to safely make plugins for this esp. Copy the old one back over when you're finished.
FancyPants  [Autor] 17. Okt. um 10:20 Uhr 
Make sure 'is CharGen Face Preset' is unchecked in the characters you want to export.
Silver Waltz 17. Okt. um 10:15 Uhr 
None of the ones in use are actually present, they're the two versions of ponies meant to be used for summons/mounts and the dog-nord,
FancyPants  [Autor] 17. Okt. um 7:33 Uhr 
You'll only see race categories for races that are currently used for actors.
Silver Waltz 16. Okt. um 22:24 Uhr 
All right, new issue, now only three of the races in the mod are even showing up in the actor>actor category.
Silver Waltz 16. Okt. um 21:29 Uhr 
Done everything save the last, mostly because I've been opening it completely out of habit.
Hoping that fixes it.
FancyPants  [Autor] 16. Okt. um 15:06 Uhr 
Possible Solutions:
-Make sure you are in the actor > actor section, not just actors in general with the presets, then select and export
-Select the NPCs from their specific race category in the actor list before exporting
-Close and reopen the CK, load your plugin, and without doing anything else, do the export
Silver Waltz 15. Okt. um 13:57 Uhr 
Still getting nothing, but still no errors either.
FancyPants  [Autor] 15. Okt. um 9:59 Uhr 
Silver Waltz 14. Okt. um 22:03 Uhr 
Yeah I got no idea, Facegen isn't present anywhere in my computer, and google/nexus/forums haven't been much help, so there goes that attempt.

Silver Waltz 12. Okt. um 18:57 Uhr 
Thats what I've been doing, looks like something buggered on my end.
FancyPants  [Autor] 12. Okt. um 18:07 Uhr 
Click on the NPC in the list in the CK (or shift+click if there's a bunch of them) and press CTRL+F4.
It'll export some data to:

The name of the folder is the name of the base plugin that 'owns' the NPC. So if it's a default Skyrim character, it'll probably be in 'Skyrim.esm'. You'll need to include the files in these two folders in your mod for it to work properly.
Silver Waltz 12. Okt. um 12:31 Uhr 
You wouldn't know how to fix the gray head bug when making npc's/followers with the mod would you?
Silver Waltz 11. Okt. um 18:36 Uhr 
I already know about his opinion, I was trying to talkto him on the Nexus about an unrelated issue I was haveing, and he made it clear he didn't want to bother updating any of them or even move them to the nexus so the file could be acccessed easier.
Other then that, I'd had no problems with the any of those, save the fractal texture in the eyes but that never really became perminent, till the 5.0 update, so maybe I just got lucky and something fixed it in my load order somehow.
Though if it where me I'dve just removed the junk files to save space.
FancyPants  [Autor] 11. Okt. um 18:28 Uhr 
The previous facepart system conflicts with the new one anyways. Even before I did my thing, I kept getting complaints about 'googly' eyes, incorrect snout shapes, and some having the gray face bug. The guy who made that pony NPC replacer told me he was too lazy to fix it, so as far as I'm concerned the whole thing is unsalvagable regardless of what I do. If you want an NPC replacer, someone is gonna have to start from scratch, it's the only way to fix most of these problems.
Silver Waltz 11. Okt. um 17:51 Uhr 
Honestly FancyPants, as much as I like the mod and Thank you for making it and helping me and others with it, the Phonies thing just seems extremely petty and cruel.
I can live without, and haven't bothered using to start with, the Pony Scrolls mod. I like being the strange variable in the games world, and the juxtaposition with a technicolor, cartoon anthropomorphic horsein a bleak norse themed tundra gives me a chuckle.
But the Follower mods from the same person are as destroyed and most of the Vanilla followers in skyrim just get over shadowed simply because of how similar they all are to every other Npc in the game with a few exceptions, and the sheer deluge of anime-waifu style follower mods opposed to something less...I don't know, theres like eight words I could put here but all of them seem more insulting then I want it it to be, makes it hard to come by a npc model thats light hearted without being in that category.
FancyPants  [Autor] 9. Okt. um 20:48 Uhr 
The Tommy Wiseau horse is now in its own plugin:

Most of these screenshots are from older versions.
waterworrier 9. Okt. um 12:22 Uhr 
A little fix I did myself was simply unsubscribe from this mod, delete the files, download the nexus version, and do the install with the loose files.

I then searched those loose files and found curse scripts related to the ponies and simply deleted them. So far it seems that it has worked to remove that bit of a game breaking problem.

As far as other mods related to this, I don't use those so I haven't bothered messing with them.
Palla 9. Okt. um 6:13 Uhr 
Spacecoretardis 8. Okt. um 23:22 Uhr 
Eh, go with Spheriphem MK II, their a good race.
Scarface: Tempest [Bun Daris] 8. Okt. um 17:36 Uhr 
stahp bein rasist m8. phones has ass much rite to liv, jus liek the punies.
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 9:56 Uhr 
and my head hurts from this sounds its terrible
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 9:53 Uhr 
but i dont like this phony things pls give link to 4.0 version PLS
FancyPants  [Autor] 8. Okt. um 9:51 Uhr 
The new version is better, you should use the new version.
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 9:50 Uhr 
i want to play with normal ponies
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 9:50 Uhr 
please fix this or give link to version before this update
FancyPants  [Autor] 8. Okt. um 9:49 Uhr 
Sure ya can, I believe in you!!!
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 9:49 Uhr 
but its terrible. i can't play with something like this
FancyPants  [Autor] 8. Okt. um 9:47 Uhr 
That's not a bug, it's a feature.
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 8. Okt. um 2:31 Uhr 
when im using pony scrolls 5 mod i have phony instead ponies and i think its because of your update of CAN when it was 4.0 i haven't this problem
FancyPants  [Autor] 7. Okt. um 13:50 Uhr 
What needs fixing?
xX_MLGFucker_Xx 7. Okt. um 10:54 Uhr 
Could you fix this pls ?
FancyPants  [Autor] 6. Okt. um 11:05 Uhr 
I don't know what to tell you. I have no idea how robe and magic mods could conflict with my mod. The only thing I could think of is some sort of loose files conflict. One thing you could try is to use the CaN's FOMOD installer on nexus to install the loose files, then uninstall them and reinstall the BSA version.

It should clear out any conflict's involving loose files.
Silver Waltz 5. Okt. um 19:22 Uhr 
Adding that after digging through the files, all the meshes and textures are present, they just aren't showing up in game.
Silver Waltz 5. Okt. um 18:16 Uhr 
Thanks for the response.
I went through and purged some mods that added more styles of robes and a few magic mods that I barely use any more, and it seems to have fixed the majority of the races this time though I don't have a clue why, leaving the Phony and Pony with nothing but a handful of options.
To head it off, are you in the process of updating their models? Because this is going to nag me until I fix it.
FancyPants  [Autor] 5. Okt. um 15:53 Uhr 
Reposting what I've been saying:
"This was not in response to any sort of request from any of you. I simple thought it was funny (and still do)."

The old race is still there, use the customizer to change your race if you need to.

I'm really not sure what would cause that. I'm stumped.
Vorian Rotten 5. Okt. um 8:36 Uhr 
So let me get this straight. You changed the pony models and behaviour so that they look ridiculous and soil themselves... because you wanted to spite everyone who asked you to change something with them? You do realize, of course, that there were several other ways that you could have responded, right? But no,you chose the most immature and ignoble way to respond to their whining. You have placed yourself on a level below all of your critics. Congratulations, you are a failure and a fool.
Silver Waltz 5. Okt. um 0:11 Uhr 
I hate to ask, but the models and options are all still missing, tried the customizer after getting out of Character creation and they still are gone.
The nexus download fixe it at first, but after launching skyrim again after not playing for awhile, I came to find my character replaced by the few remaining options still present.
Do you have any idea? I already deactivated every other mod and even went so far as to reinstall but this is still hapening.
epter groffom 2. Okt. um 17:26 Uhr 
oh cool
FancyPants  [Autor] 2. Okt. um 5:19 Uhr 
If you put it in your follower's inventory, they won't try to kill you if you use the MKUltra toggle.
King Manatee (TongueTied) 2. Okt. um 1:28 Uhr 
Not only is this still being updated, but it's managed to improve significantly, even above what it was before?
epter groffom 1. Okt. um 13:11 Uhr 
What does the MKULTRA NULLIFIER do?
Spacecoretardis 30. Sep. um 20:28 Uhr 
Will you make Spheriphem MK I race a sepreate plugin like your "Sloth Race" and "Tommy?"
FancyPants  [Autor] 30. Sep. um 18:22 Uhr 
The old one's still there, check the race menu.
Parbelenos 30. Sep. um 16:45 Uhr 
Well I'd say that the changes to the pony model would really be funny if you'd have made a new race for that instead of remplacing the classic pony one with it.

I ain't here to argue about it to be honest im just making a suggestion in case you could be intrested by it buddy.

Anyways cheers for making such a good mod for the community to enjoy !
Sayaka The Student 27. Sep. um 12:41 Uhr 
Truly, the terrible loss of a few ponies will be mourned for years.
waterworrier 27. Sep. um 10:34 Uhr 
Yep.... just started back on my character after a couple of days.... I completely understand the hate in the comments now. Looks like I gotta do some personal modding now. Then probably release it for everyone here unless you fix it yourself.
Time's End 27. Sep. um 10:15 Uhr 
Fancypants is to amazing for that petty bullshit mundy, just saying
Mundy's #1 Apprentice Twilight 27. Sep. um 9:56 Uhr 
Okay I was concerned that was the reason for this result... Glad to know that's not the case however.