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Crimes Against Nature 4.1
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FancyPants  [Autor] 15. Nov. um 11:13 Uhr 
In the Skyrim launcher, click on 'Data Files' and add a check mark to 'Crimes Against Nature.esp'.
UnboundDemonz 15. Nov. um 4:50 Uhr 
i subscribed to the mod and i go on skyrim and in the create character menu there is normal races and not these ones (im new to skyrim)
sonik1129 \_(ツ)_/ 3. Nov. um 4:59 Uhr 
sonik1129 \_(ツ)_/ 2. Nov. um 15:35 Uhr 
how to turn off sanic music :/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/
Lion 30. Okt. um 17:43 Uhr 
This worked thank you!
The Wolf 27. Okt. um 17:17 Uhr 
FancyPants  [Autor] 27. Okt. um 16:01 Uhr 
Step 4 (optional): Should you wish to upload your npc as a proper mod, you'll need to pack that extracted face data into a bsa. You'll have to do this manually as the automatic archive function in the CK tends to be inaccurate and forgets to add extracted faces. You'll need to drag and drop the files from the following folders into the archive window:

Skyrim\Data\Meshes\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceGeom\Your Mod's name.esp/
Skyrim\Data\Textures\Actors\Character\FaceGenData\FaceTint\Your Mod's name.esp/

Upload to your mod whatever mod service you want when finished, just be sure that users know that CaN is required to use it.
FancyPants  [Autor] 27. Okt. um 15:50 Uhr 
Step 1: You'll need to install the loose files to your skyrim folder -
Install this to Skyrim's data folder, it's typically something like C:\Program Files (maybe x86?)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\Skyrim\Data\

Step 2: Open the CK and Crimes Against Nature as a master file (it'll be near the top), open your chosen npc in the actors list (HouseCarlWhiterun for example), change the race to your prefered race. Make whatever customiztions you need, please note that the face probably won't show up properly unless you select 'full' at the bottom of the window to show the whole body. This is a bug with my face meshes that I've never quite fixed. Once you're done, save as a new plugin.

Step 3: Finally, while you plugin is still open in the CK, highlight your NPC in the actors list and press Ctrl+F4; this will extract the npc's face data so they won't have the 'grey face bug' in-game.
The Wolf 27. Okt. um 12:34 Uhr 
how do i set an npcs race to one of these races?
Colsjin 26. Okt. um 13:58 Uhr 
no more nightmares
Colsjin 26. Okt. um 13:58 Uhr 
thank you so much
FancyPants  [Autor] 26. Okt. um 13:48 Uhr 
Use the 'Tommy Defense Force - Banish' spell. It will remove all instances of Tommy that you have summoned.
Colsjin 26. Okt. um 7:30 Uhr 
can you please tell me how i can throw tony out of my world? im scared and he crashes my game...PLEASE
pancake4all 24. Okt. um 15:31 Uhr 
the sanic race kinda jiggles around like crazy when i run
FancyPants  [Autor] 23. Okt. um 10:02 Uhr 
I suspect it's because you don't have the loose files installed. The CK needs access to the actual mesh files in order to export the NPC's face. Install this to Skyrim's 'data' folder:

Keep in mind that a few other errors sometimes pop up when exporting a face with my meshes, stuff like 'eye is missing soft lighting map' or something like that. You can ignore these, it should still export properly.
Lion 22. Okt. um 21:19 Uhr 
Hey great mod by the way! Anyway, I attempted to make a custom follower from the Dovahbear race so after going through all the steps i tried to import the face data but the creation kit showed an error, something like "aaaBearRaceHead not found". I was wondering if you could help solve the problem. Thank you.
FancyPants  [Autor] 22. Okt. um 13:27 Uhr 
Please make sure 'Crimes Against Nature.esp' is enabled in your load order.
sick my duck-lana backwards 22. Okt. um 10:27 Uhr 
the races dont work for me
Pinkie Pie 19. Okt. um 17:58 Uhr 
ok i respect that + Fallout its a epic game serie #Fallout4
FancyPants  [Autor] 19. Okt. um 17:34 Uhr 
The bend in the legs is done with a custom skeleton, unfortunately this means it happens with all clothing/armor. Using the default skeletons patch fixes this, but it also disables a bunch of other stuff like helmet fitting and hair lag-bones, so I don't recommend it. As for the race idea, I won't be doing anymore large updates for this mod, including new races. All my attention will be on modding Fallout 4 when it releases.
Pinkie Pie 19. Okt. um 16:30 Uhr 
i love the pony race but, those legs look wierds whit armor.
wait...... u have the eyes and hair textures, can u make a equestra girls race?
Swollen Earheads 15. Okt. um 23:27 Uhr 
Alright, awesome to hear that! Can't wait for it :D
FancyPants  [Autor] 15. Okt. um 22:04 Uhr 
I've been seriously thinking about doing one. Races with custom morph/chargen support tend to be quite rare due to some restrictions on how it's done. When Fallout 4 releases, I'll likely begin the process of making new assests for a few new races. I'll see if I can document what I'm doing and make a tutorial then.
Swollen Earheads 15. Okt. um 21:09 Uhr 
Would it be possible if you could create a tutorial on how to create/ show the process of making the custom heads with morphs, headfittings, etc? Or link some tutorials that you used to create this mod?
Jonny 15. Okt. um 12:33 Uhr 
great suxess
FancyPants  [Autor] 10. Okt. um 14:11 Uhr 
I'm afraid not, there'll be no more 'big' updates for this mod. I'll likely be moving on to modding Fallout 4 when the tools are available.
Elfendrago 10. Okt. um 9:48 Uhr 
love it can you do a deer or elk or moose or all 3 head like you did for the bear and dog headed races?
FancyPants  [Autor] 9. Okt. um 16:01 Uhr 
Bad news: I tried swapping dovahbear to the default armor meshes, and it looks really terrible. The helmets just aren't long enough.
Good new: I looked into which armor armatures had this problem, and I only found one; heavy imperial gauntlets. Are these the gauntlets you were having trouble with?
FancyPants  [Autor] 9. Okt. um 15:35 Uhr 
The dovahbear head has been fitted for the longer shaped argonian helmets. Unfortunately, this means it uses the argonian's glove AAs too, and some of these have the argonian hand textures baked into them. I might switch the bear race over to the default armor/helmet meshes. I'll have to do some retooling of the skeleton.
Gunchap Red [T|S|F] MR'R 9. Okt. um 11:57 Uhr 
For some reason, when a dovahbear equipis gauntlets, they appears as argonian hands. When will oyu be fixing this bug?
Fancybread 30. Sep. um 19:35 Uhr 
FancyPants  [Autor] 21. Sep. um 9:36 Uhr 
The Tommy summons should appear in your spell menu. The new races should appear in the character creation menu.
superiroas 21. Sep. um 5:12 Uhr 
how to summon?
BeforeThePrologue 19. Sep. um 12:41 Uhr 
You are a sick and twisted person.

... I love it.
FancyPants  [Autor] 18. Sep. um 16:23 Uhr 
@RubberDuckyGirl: Not sure if you're asking about the animation itself or how it was switched to, so I'll explain both.
The animation set is one of those exaggerated 'sexy' walk/run/idle sets, you can get it here. [] I think mine is an older version though, so it might be a bit different. I switched to to it using the 'Animation Swap' function built into this mod. It works by switching to duplicate races that link to different animation libraries. Unfortunately, this means this function is exclusive to the races within this mod. It'll only work with other custom races if someone mods it into their plugin with my own scripts (which they are welcome to do so). I do have an alternate plugin that will enable the 'Reverse Gender Animation' swap for the default races. It's available here and here. []
Dime 18. Sep. um 13:24 Uhr 
In the first video you used an animation for the bear, how did you do that? I wish to have the mod, if there is a mod. Please reply, it's going to a great cause.
FancyPants  [Autor] 14. Sep. um 15:08 Uhr 
He did. I mean, I was totally cool with him running around on all fours, making horsey noises... But now with a tail? He's gone too far.
Dashing Ted 13. Sep. um 22:19 Uhr 
When I first downloaded this mod, the horse Tommy didn't have a tail. Now he has a nice bushy horse tail. Did Tommy discover his furry side?
Jordâncio Dos Pudim-Kun 11. Sep. um 18:07 Uhr 
The pony crash my game everytime
Halp if u cri everitiem
Dee 8. Sep. um 11:49 Uhr 
every time that i use thir person i laugh dude


sense 0/10

laughs 10/10
Foxy the fox 6. Sep. um 21:54 Uhr 
It wony work
TheHealer 5. Sep. um 8:10 Uhr 
Yeah normally I'm not the type of person who getts confused by such things XD but thynks anyway ;-)
FancyPants  [Autor] 5. Sep. um 7:11 Uhr 
I didn't realize some people would find that confusing, so I changed the instuction slightly.
TheHealer 5. Sep. um 7:01 Uhr 
Dammit... why the easy way when theres a more complicated way XD
I inserted the .com after "CaN" now I'm realising just how stupid I was XD but anyway thanlks for your fast response
FancyPants  [Autor] 5. Sep. um 6:21 Uhr 
Unfortunately steam is censoring all mediafire links because of scammers. Try copying and pasting this into your urlbar: mediafire/folder/s8cgrzo0rj2o8/CaN add a dot com just after mediafire.
TheHealer 5. Sep. um 6:13 Uhr 
Hey I don't know if you'll read this comment but it's worth a try. So my Problem is that today to be exact I subscribed to your mod but everytime I launch skyrim and it's trying to download your mod it says "Failed to download a subscribed file! Steam Error 9". I searched using google for almost 3 hours without any solution. Yes I Tried downloading your mod using the mediafire link but neither option will work for me. If I follow the link (with and without ".com" at the end) it leads me to "T-online Navigationshilfe" which means that the site doesn't exist or I just can't reach the site. So would you please be so kind to help me fix the steam error or post another external download link?
(Any found grammar mistakes can be kept)
Gangster Kekcik :D 31. Aug. um 5:58 Uhr 
позязя обьясните как получить шапки мне я прост не очень хорошо знаю английский
FancyPants  [Autor] 29. Aug. um 15:16 Uhr 
Script source is included and the file mirror contains loose files. Anyone who wants to make their own stuff can feel free. I don't mind at all.
Lichzim 29. Aug. um 12:19 Uhr 
@FancyPants while you might not work on the mod anymore lots of people could probably take over the reigns and continue the mod where you left off.