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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Crimes against Nature 5.1.1
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wtf is that pony thing on the profile jesus fuck
monkeymantis00 29. 12., 2017 8.37 
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 12.40 
it did work. thank you! and happy early new year!
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 12.36 
Yes, or beg him to fix them.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 12.29 
so just remove all of his mods?
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 12.19 
Then that's the cause. That dingus needs to pack up his mods properly.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 12.15 
ya im using all of his i think
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 12.13 
Those are definitely the old textures. The UV doesn't match the new mesh. Are you using any of flamerunner's mods? He's a bit of an idiot and packs old versions of this mod's files into his own plugins.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 11.50 
ok its in my screen shots. i dont know if thats clear enough if not ill take another
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 11.47 
Your character, in-game.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 11.47 
of my char right or the files XD
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 11.37 
Try taking a screenshot, I'll have a better idea of what's going on.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 11.29 
the 1 custom file isnt there. CAN is outside the tex and mesh folders. i tried too redownload them earlier off of nexus and get red of the one on steam too see if anything would change but only my char has a messed up nose.
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 11.17 
Delete everything in theses two folders:
Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Meshes\1Custom\Crimes Against Nature\
Steam\SteamApps\common\Skyrim\Data\Textures\1Custom\Crimes Against Nature\
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 10.43 
and where would i go about finding all these files?
FancyPants  [tekijä] 27. 12., 2017 10.34 
You probably have loose files from before 5.0. The head mesh was changed significantly since then. You'll need to delete them.
CyberApplejack 27. 12., 2017 9.45 
ok my ponies nose is off center is there something im doing wrong?
waterworrier 21. 12., 2017 8.52 
@Merry. Kind of interesting considering there's someone complaining about it still happening just yesterday. I had already edited the version I downloaded from the Nexus to remove that anyway, so I don't even have to bother with the steam version.
LEENUS [Bun Daris] 21. 12., 2017 2.50 
@waterworrier Yeah he did. Now you can worry about water again.
waterworrier 20. 12., 2017 19.02 
@Merry. Oh? So he actually did remove the collapsing and shitting everywhere thing from the normal ponies? Since I never had or cared about Pony Scrolls, that means nothing to me.
LEENUS [Bun Daris] 20. 12., 2017 18.56 
@waterworrier The Pony race is still available in the menu. The Phony is just an additional race in 5.0. There aren't any false impressions there, just a broken Pony mod that just got unbroken.
waterworrier 20. 12., 2017 18.13 
All the more reason for everyone that is here for the ponies to simply abandon this mod. Unsubscribe and downvote it since it's giving a false impression that this is a good mod to any newcomer looking for a pony character.
FancyPants  [tekijä] 20. 12., 2017 17.46 
Gray 20. 12., 2017 2.10 
flee-511 19. 12., 2017 2.35 
So when does this stop being a troll mod btw?
FancyPants  [tekijä] 16. 12., 2017 19.19 
Update 5.1.1
A pre-emptive update for the Pony Scrolls fix. You might have to swap your race using the customizer again.
Elliot 14. 12., 2017 20.48 
spire 14. 12., 2017 20.31 
Thanks for making my main save completely un playable
LEENUS [Bun Daris] 8. 12., 2017 1.19 
Bila bapak bertemu Anak
azdrak1974 7. 12., 2017 18.08 
it made my little girl cried she love the pony scrolls
FancyPants  [tekijä] 7. 12., 2017 13.47 
Elliot 7. 12., 2017 2.01 
waterworrier 7. 12., 2017 1.30 
At this point, it has become a troll mod. I have already unsubscribed and downvoted it, downloaded the version from nexusmods, deleted a few key files, and play it normally now. I don't use Pony Scrolls myself, but it probably isn't too hard to alter the mod to make everyone a pony rather then phony.

As for anyone still dealing with these troll updates... download this mod from the nexus, unsubscribe from it here to prevent auto downloading of any future updates to it, and play as normal after deleting the curse scripts that cause the problems.
azdrak1974 7. 12., 2017 0.43 
whats whit the new farting and shit every where
Captain Minty 6. 12., 2017 18.22 
If anyone has a 4.0 mirror to this, I would greatly appreciate if you could PM me a link to it. As it stands right now, this mod is breaking a few other mods I have and I'd like them to work as intended.

(Also, I'd like to add to the creator of Crimes Against Nature, your work is great and I appreciate what you've created. Really. You put a lot of work into this mod. But there are a few creators put a lot of effort into their mods that rely on yours. And I'd be okay if you accidentally broke one and were working to fix it, but you've actively put it out there that you intentionally broke those mods. I'm politely asking you to change it back so that we can enjoy those mods, and if not, please get me a link to the 4.0 version.)
Gokumaster 6. 12., 2017 14.06 
The screaming. The. Screaming. If you have the pony scrolls V "A LARGE OVERHAUL FLAMERUNNER PUT SO MUCH EFFORT INTO" It becomes ruined. they all become phonies. When I first returned to skyrim I heard this unholy screech. I legit thought someone hacked my skyrim or it corrupted so badly that it just kept playing that wave.. Then I discovered the reason. This mod. This. Mod. It scared the heck out of me. Fix this or re-release the 4.0.
CyberApplejack 29. 11., 2017 13.18 
why is my ponies nose fucked up? the nostrils are not where there supposed too be. any ideas?
flee-511 28. 11., 2017 16.10 
I keep coming back to read the comments here. Still using a CaN 4.0 mirror someone was nice enough to share with me.
Šąřᶌôᶉ 28. 11., 2017 6.34 
How to disable screaming and pooping NPCs ?
c h i n a 26. 11., 2017 21.12 
So, FancyPants. Lets say your dev of this update is going well. Like, there's no holdups, or problems in development, you're doing just fine with it. Everything is going along smoothly. What would an approx. ETA on it being finished? Like, 2 weeks? A month? 2 months? What?
FancyPants  [tekijä] 23. 11., 2017 18.57 
The formid switch is already done, I've figured out some tricks for dealing with the other crap. Once again, no promises. It's probably gonna take a while. Not uploading the updated CaN plugin until I'm sure.
c h i n a 23. 11., 2017 18.23 
Wait, FancyPants, what you're saying is that you'll fix the issues the current fix of swapping the IDs has? If so, thanks. I'm seriously glad.
FancyPants  [tekijä] 23. 11., 2017 9.02 
That said, changing the FormIDs back is pretty easy, changing the issues listed, a little less so. Though it's not impossible. I know exactly what needs changing and everyone keeps whining about it, so I might give it a try myself. No promises, though I've figured out a pretty good workflow for it.
FancyPants  [tekijä] 23. 11., 2017 8.59 
What c h i n a said is true, there were already issues even before the swap:
-All male NPCs are using the wrong nose type
-Many have googly eyes
-All child NPCs, instead of using the child version of the race, were just made into short adults, and some of them aren't wearing clothes (WTF)
-None of the vampire NPCs are using any of the vampire features.
Elliot 22. 11., 2017 19.52 
orckdorck 22. 11., 2017 19.00 
@china There's a wiki with tutorials that can get you started. Be warned, though: Fancy wasn't kidding when he was talking about the issues the other mod has. The ID switch is really just a bandage.

If you want the replacer to work a little more seamlessly, you really will probably have to start from scratch.
c h i n a 22. 11., 2017 18.58 
@Orckdorck how exactly do I do that? I've never used that and don't know how.

@FlareBlitz It didn't break, FancyPants intentionally messed with it for no reason other than him being an ass (Not my words, he said it himself he's being an ass). Its not even horrible, though. There's more detailed facial animations with it than the base game. Hell, he's making a Fallout 4 version of it, so he's clearly skilled.
Dashie~ 22. 11., 2017 17.32 
well, maybe the mod shouldnt have been so hevally reliant on this one- honestly, ya shouldnt bitch Fancy out because an unskilled modder's horrable mod broke... just sayin. grow up and get over it. -Reply how you wish, Im not going to keybord warrior over this like a nianderthal, Im only applying my two cents.
c h i n a 22. 11., 2017 16.50 
Noone wants to go through the trouble of making every single phony into a pony.
FancyPants  [tekijä] 22. 11., 2017 16.47 
It is a thing of its own, the original pony race is still available in the race menu.