Crimes Against Nature
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Cipher_0 20 nov om 9:04nm 
FerarriWrecker™ 20 nov om 6:28vm 
Honest Soul 14 nov om 12:30nm 
@RaceOpone lol.

This has to be one of the funniest mods i have seen in a while XD the guard on a stick was priceless lol
Freddy Fazbear 12 nov om 4:40nm 
Why do THEY exist in this mod? Why, of all unholy and unnatural creatures you could have done, WHY did you put those PONIES?!
(ponymon) Kristine 11 nov om 6:02vm 
can the owner of this mod add more manes to the pony race so it looks more amazing plz
Race0pone 9 nov om 8:03nm 
Mr.FancyPants, I must ask:

What drugs were you on while making this mod?
FancyPants  [auteur] 9 nov om 12:15nm 
@Damien: New races and a messed up human/horse hybrid.
Damien Ramsey (Erekt) 9 nov om 12:05nm 
Im confused, what does the mod do?
Does it just...give you a random head everytime you start up the game?
Does it give you a playable sanic race? I am confuzzles
Demoseal 7 nov om 2:08nm 
thnx man its working now
FancyPants  [auteur] 7 nov om 5:52vm 
@Demoseal: It sounds like you installed the SpaceCore Vilja addon without installing 'Companion Vilja' first. Unsubscribe from the Vilja Addon to fix your startup problem.
Demoseal 6 nov om 2:43nm 
My game crashes when i start up with the all the mods on, is there a way to fix it?
RustedCutlass717 2 nov om 11:51vm 
*Dog. Pardon that. My keyboard sticks alot. Great work, FancyPants, I can't wait for the next version!
RustedCutlass717 2 nov om 11:48vm 
The Dg and Pony heads are amazing!! Sheogorath & Discord are proud of you, Sir FancyPants!!!!!
FancyPants  [auteur] 1 nov om 10:53nm 
@Sonic: Could you post some screenshots?
Sonic The Hedgehog 1 nov om 6:59nm 
lol probly should have but this in the other commet but its not just sanic, a few others do it too.
there fine as long as they stand still, but if you press W... well they don't look pretty anymore.
FancyPants  [auteur] 29 okt om 3:15nm 
Sonic The Hedgehog 29 okt om 10:09vm 
when ever a sanic moves his torso stretches 15 feet behind him, is that supposed to happnen?
[THS Master] Space Core 29 okt om 10:05vm 
FancyPants  [auteur] 25 okt om 7:47nm 
Scratch that, I think it was the skeletons. New fix is up. If head sizes are still off (like in Gunchap's screenshots below), please leave a message.
FancyPants  [auteur] 25 okt om 5:00nm 
Fixed .bsa is up.
FancyPants  [auteur] 25 okt om 2:26nm 
As I thought, completely broken. I think it may have to do with the bsa being compressed. I'm gonna try a fix in a few minutes.
Gunchap Red 25 okt om 5:01vm 
@fancypants I have experienced this with the with the cat and space core races but my real problem is missing eyes for the dog and ikea.
FancyPants  [auteur] 25 okt om 1:07vm 
I've been seeing recent screenshots of this mod showing the wrong head sizes for some of the races. This may be due to a racemenu mod, or it may be a bug. The head sizes should be like in the screenshots up top. If you find that the races seem to have shrunken or enlarged heads, please let me know. Screenshots would help.
kawaii 24 okt om 7:33nm 
FancyPants  [auteur] 24 okt om 4:22nm 
@Dan, I dunno what else to tell you. If it's not there, it's not there. If you want to reinstall manually, you can try the loose files archive at the top of the page. Don't forget the 2.0.2 update if you do though.
Gunchap Red 24 okt om 3:25nm
Thanks to you skyrim has one more problem on its hands.
Dan McBurnski 24 okt om 8:24vm 
It's not there, I subscribed and let it install, but it's still not there, I've checked 10 times!
Riceguy 24 okt om 4:20vm 
This is perhaps the greatest achievement in modding history.
Miss. High Cat 24 okt om 3:30vm 
FancyPants  [auteur] 23 okt om 3:21nm 
@Guillotine Dan: "Crimes Against Nature.esp", if it's not there, it's not installed.
@Gunchap: The base preset for most races will start off without hair, eyes, or any other addons. You can re-add eyes using the eye color slider, or by switching presets. If eyes are still not working, please let me know. Also, could you take a screenshot of the cat head? I need to see what you're talking about.
Dan McBurnski 23 okt om 11:24vm 
Also, what is it called in the Data Files section of Skyrim Startup?
Dan McBurnski 23 okt om 8:50vm 
And what if I'm not?
Maxyall 23 okt om 6:49vm 
Gunchap Red 22 okt om 7:35nm 
The head for the cat is too big and all races except the sonic and pony races have missing eyes.
FancyPants  [auteur] 22 okt om 4:06nm 
@Guillotine Dan
"Crimes Against Nature.esp" Though it now acts as an esm, so it may be among your other masters if you're using a mod manager. If you are, check near the beginning of your list.
Dan McBurnski 22 okt om 10:18vm 
I subscribed to this as well as a ton of other mods only to crash my skyrim, so I unloaded ALL my other mods and am now having trouble finding this one, even though I'm subscribed to it. Can someone help me? Is it an ESP file?
Tenchu The Wolf 21 okt om 2:06nm 
I could not find words in any language to describe this.
Sleeping Reaver 21 okt om 12:30nm 
FreddyFAZEbear 20 okt om 6:01nm 
sanic is in here
The_MFKN_Shade 20 okt om 3:28nm 
Mr. Snippy 20 okt om 3:12nm 
2 dangerous4U 20 okt om 12:09nm 
i have no valid reason not to subscribe
2 dangerous4U 20 okt om 12:08nm 
i dont know what to say
Raccoon 18 okt om 4:03vm 
Sanic is... beautiful.
Gunchap Red 17 okt om 9:52vm 
And finally... The chair one: HOW ARE YOU LIVING?!
Gunchap Red 17 okt om 9:50vm 
My responses
The pony one: MY PORTAL WORKED!!!!
The machine one: Hi wheatly,nice to see you outside of portal 2
The sanic one: Why is it that people have to tunr to this when they have nothing else to do in their life
The cat one: TOO CUTE!!!
the gurad one: So the helmet never comes off? How do you eat?
Spartan-005: James 15 okt om 7:56nm 
ChairDolf Sitler brought me here.
[THS Master] Space Core 13 okt om 3:41nm