Crimes Against Nature 3.2
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[Scampz] Scoot 2 uur geleden 
how do you find the spells for changing the models
FancyPants  [auteur] 11 uur geleden 
Update 3.2 is up. You can now swap between RGA and PCEA animation sets using two new spells.
Daedarus 22 uur geleden 
No I haven't. I realized I was running the game on ENB accidentally so that might be the reason of the failure, thank you for responding so quickly though.
FancyPants  [auteur] 29 mrt om 6:26vm 
Have you installed the removal plugins up top? The ones that say 'No Spiders', 'No Ponies', etc?
Daedarus 29 mrt om 3:53vm 
the thing is, they're not showing up there
FancyPants  [auteur] 28 mrt om 6:37vm 
They're not masks, they're playable races. They should show up in your race menu if you make a new character.
Daedarus 28 mrt om 4:30vm 
how do we enable the masks
Грязный Луи 27 mrt om 7:20nm 
Психопат какой то, лечись иди )))
I Am The Devil! Dance With Me! 27 mrt om 12:06nm 
Thank you very much!
FancyPants  [auteur] 27 mrt om 11:02vm 
You're not the first to ask for this, figured it was time for a proper plugin.
I also added it to the list up top.
Fantastic! Great to see this mod got updated again, this was always my favorite mod, a shame the Obama voices are gone, but the new creatures make up for that ten-fold. However, is there anyway to turn off the super-speed and the annoying distorted music with Sanic?
Warsun99 27 mrt om 9:18vm 
OK gonna have to mow the yard soon.Yeah i need instructions on how to do this.I had one issue where i could get access to the heads yes.But what i need to do is use the body an head i linked.Technically i need to remove that horrible body an put in an normal Khajiit body.But the head i want to keep but i need a Helm to fit on it.So some instruction would help.Also i had an issue with targeting after doing this.The spells would target above the head or to the far right.So yeah i need help.
FancyPants  [auteur] 26 mrt om 7:34nm 
@Daedarus, I'm not sure what you mean.
Daedarus 26 mrt om 5:09nm 
how do we get them on?
Warsun99 24 mrt om 8:26nm 
OK im trying to understand your mod.I am using the Katia Race mod found here.

Do not download the one here on Steam.The guy hacked it an uploaded a virus.I had to find the original.Now my problem is i want to get all helms to fit her head.How do i do that?
FancyPants  [auteur] 23 mrt om 1:19vm 
Update 3.1 is up. Just a few fixes and tweaks.
FancyPants  [auteur] 22 mrt om 3:21nm 
Believe it or not, but I'm using Blender 2.49b and the old Fallout 3 plugins. I started using it waaay back before newer plugins were developed and I haven't upgraded cause I'm terrified it'll screw up my modelling workflow.

From what you've said, I suspect the extra vertices being added are from the seams that naturally occur when the model's converted to an .obj format (though I could be wrong). This process also changes the vert order when it's exported which is also a problem with getting tri files to work.

My method for getting .tri files to work is a little complicated so I'll try to explain it over chat.
Zio Matrix 22 mrt om 11:33vm 
If you don't mind me asking, I have a question or two concerning your modelling workspace.
Which program do you use to work on your models?
What settings do you use when exporting the models?

I've tried time and time again to edit the base .nif file for some of the heads, however Autodesk does this wonderful thing where it adds 200+ vertices to the mesh when exporting as a .nif (importing is fine, no problems with that.) You're obviously familiar with .tri files, so you can see how that can cause problems.
Lord Inquisitor Shortpilgrim 21 mrt om 9:41nm 
i... i dont even...
MadiiNeko 21 mrt om 6:07nm 
Ah, okay, thank you for clearing that up. :D
FancyPants  [auteur] 21 mrt om 3:40nm 
The dog head is set up as its own mesh with its own textures and tri files. I set it up this way to ensure compatibility with mods like the one you described. So, no, it won't change the dog head, which is a good thing, cause it would break the mod otherwise.
MadiiNeko 21 mrt om 12:54nm 
Question, I have a mod installed where all dogs appear to be wolf-like german shepherds. Will this mod allow the dog head to be changed?
♥Rashii The Survivalist♥ 19 mrt om 7:29nm 
FancyPants  [auteur] 19 mrt om 7:28nm 
Try hitting your 'always run' key. It's caps lock by default.
♥Rashii The Survivalist♥ 19 mrt om 3:36nm 
Plus, for some reason sanic went buggy when I entered an area and he'd only walk and no more running, and when I got back out, he continued to walk so sllooww, this a bug I suppose?
♥Rashii The Survivalist♥ 19 mrt om 3:08nm 
Thanks man!
♥Rashii The Survivalist♥ 18 mrt om 3:08nm 
Uhmm, any way I can disable the sanic theme song without turning effects all the way off ?
Satan's Fetus Legs 16 mrt om 9:40nm 
The guard race actually makes helmets look badass
THEGREATDERP 16 mrt om 12:51nm 
deathmex505 15 mrt om 5:11nm 
dunky sent me... why
Lord Inquisitor Shortpilgrim 14 mrt om 4:22nm 
i... i dont even...
I'm Velos 14 mrt om 4:21vm 
I'm here because I saw Dunkey's video and needed this.
Gandalf the Fabulous 13 mrt om 2:10vm 
what the hell
[DFS] Bierb 12 mrt om 12:41nm 
Thanks for the good laugh with dat description.
VariousBroniesWithNords 27 feb om 4:40nm 
Lol the sanic race...
VariousBroniesWithNords 24 feb om 3:13nm 
Make a Minecraft race or a Peter Griffin race XD
The Italian Goat 23 feb om 7:12vm 
Please make a goat race
other than that 10/10
FancyPants  [auteur] 13 feb om 7:01nm 
Weird, I've never seen this error before. I want you to try a few things:
First, unsubscribe and try loading up your game. If it works, go to the next step, if not, then something else may be wrong.
Second, subscribe again, then load up the skyrim launcher. It may need to download the mod again, so give it a few moments. It'll probably have a message on the bottom of the launcher. When it's ready, start up the game.
pjnelson22 13 feb om 5:53nm 
Every time I try to load the mod on skyrim,it says (Error! steam error 52) why does it do that?
lhasarottiebull 13 feb om 4:47nm 
lol, the little cat in Astrid's Dark Brotherhood armor.
Winston Prolfy 11 feb om 4:50nm 
I love how this mod says that ponies are crimes against nature
WolfSoldier226 8 feb om 2:41nm 
Gunchap Red 8 feb om 6:45vm 
Embracing the weird,also PONIES!!!!
Swift Fox :3 2 feb om 10:16vm 
Whoa. I haven't tried it yet- But... Uh. ::P
White Night 1 feb om 3:56nm 
omg... THIS ROCKS! lol
Static 1 feb om 12:42vm 
This looks bloody brilliant!
Sammeh 31 jan om 10:13nm 
Oh christ, SANIC!
FancyPants  [auteur] 31 jan om 9:27nm 
@Izrel: I just added a bunch of 'removal' plugins to the top of the page. Pick and choose however you want.
Lord Izrel Doomshadow 31 jan om 10:24vm 
can u make a version with just the cat dog space core spider