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Crimes Against Nature 3.7
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GreklGreen 1 de ago às 19:19 
This is why I dont sleep at night...
Dovahkiin 26 de jul às 2:44 
I'd like there to be an option (possibly accessed via MCM) for the Obama Clone race to have their custom voice or not. It can be disabled by default.
Alucard 25 de jul às 19:33 
i laughed my ass off just looking at the photos this is awesome rofl omg good job
blue lightning 25 de jul às 8:57 
what the heck pppphhhhtttttt
Carapace 17 de jul às 11:08 
ARACHNOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains spiders. - No Spiders Plugin
EQUINOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains ponies. - No Ponies Plugin
AILUROPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains cats. - No Cats Plugin
XYLOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains home furnishings. - No Chairs Plugin
CYNOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains dogs. - No Dogs Plugin
POLICOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains guard helmets. - No Guards Plugin
AILUROPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains khajiits. - No Khajiits Plugin
TACHOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains sanics. - No Sanics Plugin
AUTOMATONOPHOBIA WARNING: This mod contains spacecores. - No SpaceCores Plugin

This made my day XD
[GEaRS] abcmanx6 16 de jul às 12:15 
5spookey3me 444SPOOKEY666ME
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 16 de jul às 12:00 
@Edgar: Click subscribe, wait for the mod to download, open the skyrim launcher, click 'data files', add a checkmark to 'Crimes Against Nature' if it isn't already there, click okay, start the game. There should be a new set of races available in the race menu. Either start a new character, or push ~ and type in showracemenu. Also, you'll find a few summons spells added, all of them named 'Tommy'.
potatolord 16 de jul às 11:06 
TMA 15 de jul às 21:32 
how to run the mod
[GEaRS] abcmanx6 15 de jul às 20:04 
Fritzy Boo~ 15 de jul às 14:01 
@FancyPants I do have a lower framerate. I do have a pretty nice setup, and I installed like tons of texture packs and such to test how far it could go, and as a result I get probably around 45 fps. So I'll try putting some settings down and I'll report back to you.
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 15 de jul às 13:44 
I've run some tests, and I can't quite re-create the problem. You're not the first to find a problem with the Sanic. To be honest, it's a very buggy setup to begin with. To get the 'jiggle' effect it uses something called 'lag bones', they're like a simplistic alternative to a physics bone. I use it in my races for stuff like the pony hairs and the cat and spider pilots.

The problem with the Sanic skeleton is that it uses about 26 lag bones placed throughout the body. I could be wrong, but lagbones seem to be dependent on framerate. So if a player has a lower framerate, they tend to behave erratically.

I dunno what else to tell you. Sanic is really a modding experiment gone awry. If I ever make a bunch of races for Fallout 4, I probably won't be including Sanic again.
Fritzy Boo~ 15 de jul às 12:57 
@FancyPants I am using the HDT Physics Extension mod, only the main file. I have no plugins for it, and I'm not using any other mods that would mess with skeletal structure. It also doesn't help that I'm for the most part at a loss with understanding mods and what they do, because I've never looked at a mods guts before.
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 15 de jul às 12:47 
I'm pretty sure XP32 isn't causing it, Sanic's head is bound to a unique bone so if your character really did switch to the default skeleton Sanic's head would stretch to infinity. Sounds like the lagbones are breaking in some way.

A quick search for HDT shows multiple versions and config files, I need to know what version and config file you are using.

Also, are you using Enhanced Camera? []
Fritzy Boo~ 14 de jul às 21:19 
FancyPants, if you're available I have a small problem with the Sanic race. I didn't see it covered anywhere, but whenever I'm walking or running as Sanic, at a certain point during the running or walking I get stuck in place and slowly stutter backwards. I went into 3rd person and saw that whenever this happened Sanic's skeleton was the defaul skeleton, and he was no longer all jiggly. Do you know what could be causing this? The only mods I could think of causing this problem would be XP32 Skeleton mod and HDT. Other than that I'm at a loss.
superpoodoo 14 de jul às 14:30 
[GEaRS] abcmanx6 6 de jul às 1:47 
C0mmander P00tis 5 de jul às 14:43 
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 4 de jul às 15:52 
Best way I can describe it is, the geometry for the new body will be correct, but the lighting on some parts might be a bit off.
◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣ 3 de jul às 17:51 
Do you know then if they would still look ok?
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 3 de jul às 8:12 
@◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣: There won't be any crashes if you use custom bodies, though the normals will look a little bit wrong since they're made for the vanilla meshes.
Princess Celestia 2 de jul às 0:35 
I'mma install this for my second playthrough.
◥ςŗФŋℰ­_ρΰяع◣ 2 de jul às 0:28 
Just curious, if you have a moment... do you know if this is compatable with body mods from the Nexus? It's just to avoid a crash if it doesn't work with them...
Eric_Crazy 30 de jun às 16:44 
ShadowVector 30 de jun às 7:53 
@chris Prat, Seaworld Trainer: They should appear in your Lesser powers.
frodo forehead 29 de jun às 16:34 
where can i find tommy wiseau?
Carapace 28 de jun às 15:19 
Well, you know what? fuck it. i'mma be a box with a fucking cat on it!
*Proud parents*
LittleBitArcher 28 de jun às 10:35 
wasted time and knowledge...
Me And My Magic Snake 27 de jun às 12:19 
best mod ever
Technofish 26 de jun às 2:21 
this is pretty... cool
The horny pastry puffer 25 de jun às 7:21 
ho hi mark
chowder6258 21 de jun às 20:19 
can't find any of this awesome stuff :3
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 21 de jun às 6:16 
None of the dlcs are required.
|WøR| Ben 20 de jun às 16:36 
do i need the other dlc´s to make the mod working? i am just asking
minecraftworld32 19 de jun às 12:44 
What is a funny Ikea-Born name?
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 19 de jun às 12:08 
Ever since Skyrim's 1.9 patch, the player's character no longer blinks. Installing SKSE and MFG console will fix this, and your character will blink again. It's a very minor issue, but it still bothers some people.
Spring Heeled Jack 19 de jun às 10:54 
What does "the blink issue" mean?
Conga Knight ChickenMoLe 18 de jun às 23:45 
This stopped me from cutting
Kurt Alert (On Holiday) 18 de jun às 12:18 
So this mod let's you play as spiders in mech suits, cats in mech suits, a Dogman, a Chairman, Sanic da heghag, anthro ponies, guard helms with eyes, space cores, and a really sad looking excuse for a khajiit.

I love it!
bostjan321 18 de jun às 5:07 
hahaha...! This mod man. hahahahaha...! omg! hahaha! lol!
MewwithaHalo 14 de jun às 16:16 
okay. thanks
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 14 de jun às 16:11 
I'll probably need to explain a bunch of stuff, so I've sent a friend request.
MewwithaHalo 14 de jun às 16:01 
I'm having trouble making a follower using the races in this mod. Can you help me?
Box 12 de jun às 19:30 
I m st1ll r w41t >:7
Master Dong 12 de jun às 17:22 
thanks, I've always been a bit on the unlucky side when it comes to elder srolls games
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 12 de jun às 17:08 
I checked the voice settings. That greeting is set to the same probability as the other greetings, so I dunno, maybe you're just really unlucky? You can try pressing your use button on his other morph types if you wanna cycle through the greetings just to hear them. It doesn't work with his horse form though.

As for mod conflicts, I'm absolutely sure there aren't any as Tommy's voicetype is self contained in the mod.
Master Dong 12 de jun às 15:48 
okay, so the Tommy Wiseau horse doesn't say "O hai Mark" like he does in the youtube videos. He does makes all the other sounds. Is there anything that is preventing that particular line like a mod conflict or something?
Box 10 de jun às 21:41 
Thanks FancyPants ill be sure to await the arrival of that new Update!
FancyPants  [autor(a)] 10 de jun às 19:44 
There are a few plugins up top that will change some of the NPCs. I haven't updated them in quite a while, I'll probably go through them when the next update is up.
Box 10 de jun às 19:20 
Does this contain races for the npcs?