Unread Books Glow
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Mozzozozzo 18 год. тому 
Good Mod
Astral 8 лип о 16:11 
i love this mode it nicer
FxFD| NineTailed 8 лип о 4:44 
This mod makes Skyrim to CTD for me...
geIophee 8 лип о 2:59 
Is there a glow mod whenever there's a skill book.
stretchydem 7 лип о 11:31 
you never realize how much you need it until you use it and if youre worried about being distracted by it just go into a library and read for like 20 minutes and knock out half the books in the game plus get leveled up a bit too
Chieletjuh 5 лип о 6:24 
Just love this mod, it's simple, yet clear. The options are also nice. 10/10
cajun_0 4 лип о 9:48 
The best mod out there!
meatybck26 3 лип о 18:03 
Very effective. Loving it!
Pillefingeren 3 лип о 10:33 
Awesome mod, a must-have no matter what type of char you play...
kishxcx 3 лип о 6:05 
Very useful!! Nice mod
Scheibster 2 лип о 14:26 
What a bliss!
Bo[R]aTTe_^ 2 лип о 8:33 
Very cool mod!
Kracker 1 лип о 8:06 
great, 'cause i collect the books for my libraries. well done!
Topius 1 лип о 6:57 
Erittäin kätevä jos ei halua lukea samoja kirjoja.
Kayla Silverfox 30 чер о 12:31 
I thought "nice little mod" when I first saw it, but actually it is a real must-have and one of my favourite mods. Thanks a lot for it!
eve20004 29 чер о 17:15 
an absolute must have
Ciccio e Tatino 29 чер о 13:34 
I can't play anymore without this. Absolutely MUST HAVE for better gameplay imho.
voodoo_curse 29 чер о 8:37 
Glow is subtle enough that it doesn't completely break immersion, it just looks like a differently colored book. Very useful.
freddyy 29 чер о 5:59 
Very useful
Prinzessin Chaos 29 чер о 4:54 
THIS is great -^__^-
Lawsie 29 чер о 4:05 
one of my fav mods
Dellow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 29 чер о 3:10 
Really helpful thanks :D
Myth_Onirie 28 чер о 3:02 
Really useful mod, because i gotta read them all.
FelinaeEbony 27 чер о 19:03 
Very useful. THX !
arziburst 27 чер о 11:33 
Очень хорошо видно все книги, даже если вы этого не хотите.
Spiffy! 27 чер о 10:43 
Very handy. Thank you
Fr0st 27 чер о 3:26 
Good mod. Worked for me.
tishaw_ 26 чер о 4:49 
Very useful!
Pygmie King 25 чер о 21:13 
Very useful mod.
[IAm]potWok 25 чер о 11:13 
This is so freaking helpful. No joke.
christoph.san 25 чер о 10:01 
Very useful tool! I recommend it.
managodess 25 чер о 2:30 
Extremely useful and helpful mod, it's just far too hard to remember all book titles otherwise ^^
Ciberfox 24 чер о 19:32 
Este Mod ajuda muito quando você tem duvida se leu ou não o livro, pois o livro que você não leu fica brilhando, vale a pena.
Dirtyvictim 23 чер о 20:59 
Great Mod
LiQuiDKaiN 23 чер о 12:31 
This mod is very helpful
Kally 23 чер о 11:38 
This is one of my favorite mods.
Borrachito 23 чер о 9:28 
Just downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager but i don't see any "download with nexus" button.
Hari-Kari Harry 23 чер о 7:40 
this has to be one of the best mods in this game...excellent.
Charmellow 22 чер о 23:03 
For every book collectors needs
rmarsh3886 22 чер о 20:38 
Great idea. Highly recommend !!!!
IgorLo 22 чер о 19:57 
Однозначно полезно
noozle 21 чер о 21:22 
Yeah this helped heaps on my 2nd play through. Thank you!
Mira 21 чер о 16:44 
best mod ever!
shanedawg-ca 21 чер о 16:41 
Love collecting books and this helps immensely with that! Thanks!!
jamesedjones 21 чер о 15:45 
Does exactly what you want it to do.
Sp4c3 D4nDy 21 чер о 11:16 
hellika 21 чер о 8:04 
epic usefull !
Hyberian 20 чер о 22:33 
thank you
KarusLeMagnifique 20 чер о 19:30 
trop pratique !
Raphael 20 чер о 19:11 
Very good mod