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Unread Books Glow
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makeshift277 14 時間前 
one of the best mods ever THANK GABEN
Duckly Dan 7月28日 21時43分 
Ok so Here's something. I uninstalled your mod cause it was causing skill books to not be registered when read, and when I booted Skyrim back up Something EVEN WORSE happened. my character died upon death and I ended up in this endless loop of loading to death.
Glowth 7月27日 8時32分 
I found a missing book. At Hot Springs Camp, there is a book called Cherim's Heart and it levels your Smithing skill. It was not glowing for me. Add this please?
Wertley Lemons 7月20日 11時29分 
I was subscribed for several months, but then my game started crashing unless I disabled this specific mod. It was really useful while it worked, though.
Ghostface# 7月12日 7時30分 
great mod :)
Charles Alejandro 7月10日 21時01分 
v It's still working, and it's really good I don't need to look and pick up books one by one
Llathrum 7月8日 17時21分 
It was great but it no longer works :(
blckruc47 7月2日 15時32分 
Simple, but really good mod.
H4NSWORST 6月24日 15時31分 
Really nice. I also like how all skill books have different lighting than the rest of the books
baroesja 6月24日 4時36分 
works well
millenius777 6月23日 5時24分 
Nice one) Save my time.
Jannik_23 6月21日 8時21分 
Bassmatikk 6月17日 4時54分 
Thank you, it saved me a lot of time and seduced my inner neurosis
duggelz  [作成者] 6月15日 20時17分 
@miterudake: Are you volunteering to do a translation? Your comment is a bit ambiguous.
Croadye 6月15日 16時59分 
very helpful!
miterudake 6月15日 9時41分 
every language but Japanese. THX
Zohydro 6月15日 8時11分 
This is a great mod. However, sometimes books that I have already read glow.
Cycroself 6月14日 7時04分 
God I'm lazy.
Quigg 6月12日 16時06分 
Very useful mod!
Deni 6月12日 12時52分 
tnx :3
Madame Rose♥ 6月9日 9時57分 
Really nice mod! Love it so far
nk210384 6月4日 14時30分 
Sollte jeder haben, macht das finden ungelesener Bücher echt einfacher
Damo 5月31日 15時59分 
So useful!
Brando 5月26日 20時27分 
Only works when i disable and re-enable that type of book while in the same cell
dp.Liиея 5月25日 14時43分 
Zelgore 5月25日 10時03分 
Brilliant - such a great idea!
HOKAGE LCGAMES 5月24日 2時23分 
Грязный Фермер 5月18日 2時11分 
Эй русские. Я английским не дружу...Я как понял,если я читал книгу,то она не светится,а если лежит книга которую не читал то она горит синим цветом?
PopoBracegirdle 5月17日 5時06分 
Thank you !
Kylo44 5月16日 10時53分 
Epic! Thanks:)
SUPERVALERIJJ1 5月11日 23時13分 
Руссифицировать бы
Pacik77 5月10日 0時57分 
takeru360 5月5日 6時20分 
Very noice
Meff 5月3日 5時28分 
Chiricahua 5月2日 7時57分 
I really like this mod. Thanks!
₪ UltimateX ₪ 4月30日 16時43分 
Great mod to have. Takes the tedious task of finding skill books by trial and error.
Thijxx 4月27日 14時31分 
Nice one :) thank you.
lorkino78 4月26日 6時47分 
muy util
smaurine82 4月26日 5時50分 
I can't live without this mod in my game. it saves me SO much time. 4月25日 6時33分 
Thank you! I found this mod useful! ^_^ Helps a lot. But first I had the same thing: the books didn't glow so I had to unsub then re-sub like Nirvash, then it worked.
=GtH= Imhotep 4月19日 7時37分 
Same here, just make sure you configure it with a spell. ;-)
Nirvash 4月14日 23時30分 
So, on a whim, I decided to unsub from the mod, and then re-sub. Without doing anything else. Let it synch once more and replace it in the load order and now it works again. This was also the case with Midas Magic, even though I NEVER touched those files. But. It worked for some reason.
=GtH= Imhotep 4月14日 18時41分 
duggelz, same issue here as Nirvash. :-( I may try the Nexus version of SkyUI. Will that help?
duggelz  [作成者] 4月14日 13時57分 
@Nirvash: Start the Skyrim launcher, click on "Data Files", and make sure "Unread Books Glow" has a checkmark next to it. Additionally, the Steam Workshop version of SkyUI has some issues, check that page for more info (I have no connection to the SkyUI project).
Nirvash 4月14日 12時44分 
This mod used to work fine for me, but now suddenly it doesn't. In the SkyUI, the little eye shows on books in the inventory if I've read them, but none of them glow in the world.

Additionally, with SKSE and SkyUI in their latest versions, I still don't get the spell or the mod configuration options mentioned, so as far as I know, despite the mod being turned on, nothing is working.
link123224 4月13日 18時12分 
excelent mod. thanks. 10/10
The_Ripper2527 4月12日 13時18分 
Easily the best mod that is unnecessary that I have download. Makes life so much easier. Thank you for creating this
Sabrina_Lebbra 4月9日 1時35分 
It is a fundamental mod...
blu ツ 4月5日 21時34分 
I cant seem to get the mod to work, it was working before then i think skyrim updated and now its not doing anything
diogo 4月3日 17時02分 
Thanks! 10/10