Unread Books Glow
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NaughtiusMaximus 11月26日 0時02分 
Does anyone know how to undo a bug that sounds like i just casted a healing spell on myself or just got hit with an ice spell that never goes away? If anyone has any idea that would be awesome because in all honestly it just ruins the audio experience of the game. (not a bug related to this mod i'm pretty sure)
Amp_Russell 11月25日 3時37分 
Thanks a lot, saves time, very usefull.
Jabba 11月15日 19時28分 
Read all the books!
1adamusp 11月6日 10時13分 
good job m8 I r8 8/8 no h8 this is gr8 :D
Bloodtech 11月5日 9時57分 
Very useful!
Nedrox 11月2日 17時02分 
I just need this! :D I can read all the books now, Thanks a looot!
Noveske 10月28日 8時52分 
Excellent. Although it won't know the difference between books you've read or not.
IJustWantToSaveTheWorldNigga 10月25日 1時07分 
Very useful. 10/10 recomendation.
tic-tac)dark 10月20日 2時19分 
Bonjour a tous,
Quelqu'un peut me dire comment télécharger les mods

Merci d'avance
Pr.Jitterskull - best bug fixer 10月16日 17時51分 
I'm planning to make my skyrim steam launcher as SKSE, so it possible to make all the books to glow regardless if I "read" them or not?? I'm fairly sure I have opened random books in atttemp to find skill books, but I might plan to read them later.

Also, can you please make skill books be glow yellow? :3 I kinda hate red. :P
Sinivar 10月10日 13時14分 
very useful
Hazard17 10月7日 20時55分 
RoXas[XIII] 10月5日 22時09分 
I cannot seem to gain skill points, after reading a skill book (glows red).
Am I the only one facing this problem?
Zin 10月4日 13時36分 
love this great to have..
0perator 88 10月2日 5時03分 
jtsymonanis 9月27日 11時35分 
book glowing lv100
10/10 dragon bones
JaPanch 9月23日 23時03分 
enhanced <9000
HaseebKhan 9月23日 20時47分 
Nice, useful mod!
castlebaydad 9月23日 16時54分 
This is my default Mod. VERY useful
Cat_Malkin 9月20日 21時59分 
Thanks duggelz - I wasn't sure how it would handle presenting the new ingredients if DG turned off. Great mod!
duggelz  [作成者] 9月20日 21時47分 
@Cat_Malkin: I can't think of any problems that would cause.
Cat_Malkin 9月20日 20時58分 
Very helpful mod. If I turn off Dawnguard DLC, will it effect this mod?
Diego_Scalioni 9月13日 22時16分 
I used to collect a lot of books to know which I'd read. This will be no longer necessary. Thanks!
duggelz  [作成者] 9月12日 5時08分 
@Jumbalaya Mix, @nathanheron86: Read the description (relevant part copied below)

Steam Workshop: Click the green "Subscribe" button. You may also need
to start the Skyrim launcher, click on "Data Files", and make sure
that "UnreadBooksGlow.esp" is listed and has a check mark in the
columns labeled "Load?" and "Subscribed?".
Jumbalaya Mix Deliciousness 9月11日 20時29分 
Can anyone tell me hoe to get to the Nexus Mod Manager?
nathanheron86 9月11日 10時35分 
ok, this is going to sound really stupid, i've subscribed but i cant see a download button, sorry just a bit new to this....
flavioczuk 9月11日 8時27分 
Veeeeery useful for all players!
King 9月11日 5時11分 
Great mod, so simple yet so effective
Growly 9月9日 0時57分 
Thankyou I really needed this mod it's going to help out a lot.
[Rx]Lefty 9月8日 7時10分 
very handy thanks
Kvist1 9月8日 6時30分 
Super helpful!
Mirri 9月7日 6時32分 
very useful
SyneX 9月6日 8時43分 
Yeah no more reading all books to find unread books :D
Leodragon15 9月5日 6時41分 
none of my books glow they only glow when i go into mod configuration and change all the settings but when i leave a building all books stop glowing.
noodlemovie 8月31日 8時09分 
Finally the ultimate quest of reading and hoarding every book in skyrim can become a reality
usafirefly 8月31日 5時49分 
Very helpful.
Noroukei 8月30日 21時53分 
90x5, indeed.
9Ox5 8月29日 20時05分 
Very handy.
Icemelt 8月26日 20時05分 
Still favorited, but I won't use mods that require SkyUI or a "spell" that takes up space in my list. Wish there were a BOOK you could read to adjust the settings seeing as it's a set-and-forget mod anyway.
Itorin 8月26日 16時45分 
One of my favourite mods, thank you! Poor Dragonborn can finally find unread book without checking thousands of titles every time.
Zalgebar 8月25日 19時53分 
I like Churchy's Ore Glow Mod (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=74290396), but I think you could do a better job of it!
PeppeR 8月23日 19時17分 
Change language?
Blueofdeath 8月23日 13時28分 
it works perfectly
donkristoffo 8月17日 7時57分 
≧ω≦ smoky♕dmod´¯`☮ 8月17日 3時15分 
it's best for me
lilium_inamorta 8月13日 9時48分 
Muy buen mods! es muy util y esta muy bien hecho, gracias y enorabuena! ;P
Godzilla8MyBaby 8月11日 19時13分 
works great
Fv-Breaker 8月8日 7時40分 
Muy bueno, muy util, gracias!
☭ ☂ Mr Dingy ☂ ☭ 8月7日 12時57分 
Wie dosent it work for me ?
Donnie Darko 8月7日 9時49分 
I have a request because I love unread books glow so much, It would really help the commmunity out if you released more glow mods, Its would make finding GEMS and other small scale loot much easier. I personally think it would get many downloads please look into your fans requests the aspect of Glowing helps people with bad eye sight or people whp just dont want to look very much I appreciate you and your work keep it up.