Unread Books Glow
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Brando 26 Μαϊ @ 8:27μμ 
Only works when i disable and re-enable that type of book while in the same cell
Liиея 25 Μαϊ @ 2:43μμ 
Zelgore 25 Μαϊ @ 10:03πμ 
Brilliant - such a great idea!
HOKAGE LCGAMES 24 Μαϊ @ 2:23πμ 
Грязный Фермер 18 Μαϊ @ 2:11πμ 
Эй русские. Я английским не дружу...Я как понял,если я читал книгу,то она не светится,а если лежит книга которую не читал то она горит синим цветом?
PopoBracegirdle 17 Μαϊ @ 5:06πμ 
Thank you !
Kylo44 16 Μαϊ @ 10:53πμ 
Epic! Thanks:)
SUPERVALERIJJ1 11 Μαϊ @ 11:13μμ 
Руссифицировать бы
Pacik77 10 Μαϊ @ 12:57πμ 
takeru360 5 Μαϊ @ 6:20πμ 
Very noice
Meff 3 Μαϊ @ 5:28πμ 
Chiricahua 2 Μαϊ @ 7:57πμ 
I really like this mod. Thanks!
₪ UltiamteX ₪ 30 Απρ @ 4:43μμ 
Great mod to have. Takes the tedious task of finding skill books by trial and error.
Thijxx 27 Απρ @ 2:31μμ 
Nice one :) thank you.
antjose78 26 Απρ @ 6:47πμ 
muy util
smaurine82 26 Απρ @ 5:50πμ 
I can't live without this mod in my game. it saves me SO much time.
joe.family 25 Απρ @ 6:33πμ 
Thank you! I found this mod useful! ^_^ Helps a lot. But first I had the same thing: the books didn't glow so I had to unsub then re-sub like Nirvash, then it worked.
=GtH= Imhotep 19 Απρ @ 7:37πμ 
Same here, just make sure you configure it with a spell. ;-)
Nirvash 14 Απρ @ 11:30μμ 
So, on a whim, I decided to unsub from the mod, and then re-sub. Without doing anything else. Let it synch once more and replace it in the load order and now it works again. This was also the case with Midas Magic, even though I NEVER touched those files. But. It worked for some reason.
=GtH= Imhotep 14 Απρ @ 6:41μμ 
duggelz, same issue here as Nirvash. :-( I may try the Nexus version of SkyUI. Will that help?
duggelz  [Δημιουργός] 14 Απρ @ 1:57μμ 
@Nirvash: Start the Skyrim launcher, click on "Data Files", and make sure "Unread Books Glow" has a checkmark next to it. Additionally, the Steam Workshop version of SkyUI has some issues, check that page for more info (I have no connection to the SkyUI project).
Nirvash 14 Απρ @ 12:44μμ 
This mod used to work fine for me, but now suddenly it doesn't. In the SkyUI, the little eye shows on books in the inventory if I've read them, but none of them glow in the world.

Additionally, with SKSE and SkyUI in their latest versions, I still don't get the spell or the mod configuration options mentioned, so as far as I know, despite the mod being turned on, nothing is working.
link123224 13 Απρ @ 6:12μμ 
excelent mod. thanks. 10/10
The_Ripper2527 12 Απρ @ 1:18μμ 
Easily the best mod that is unnecessary that I have download. Makes life so much easier. Thank you for creating this
Sabrina_Lebbra 9 Απρ @ 1:35πμ 
It is a fundamental mod...
blu ツ 5 Απρ @ 9:34μμ 
I cant seem to get the mod to work, it was working before then i think skyrim updated and now its not doing anything
diogorighi 3 Απρ @ 5:02μμ 
Thanks! 10/10
Gen. Hookman ||-BR-|| 3 Απρ @ 7:38πμ 
excelent mod. very useful
sirpunchwood1 2 Απρ @ 8:14μμ 
most useful mod ever
V1nC3 1 Απρ @ 7:51πμ 
yrmama 30 Μαρ @ 10:14πμ 
Don't get me wrong, it's a great mod. I think I have one of every book now.
duggelz  [Δημιουργός] 29 Μαρ @ 9:10μμ 
@yrmama: == Uninstall ==

Move your character to an interior location that has no books. Save
your game and exit Skyrim.

Steam Workshop: Click the green "Unsubscribe" button from the Steam
Workshop page. Then start the Skyrim launcher, click on "Data Files",
highlight "UnreadBooksGlow.esp", and click "Delete Selected".
yrmama 29 Μαρ @ 8:47πμ 
No, I mean I want to get rid of it now. But are you saying that, since I re-loaded it, it should "remember" what I've already read? I didn't expect it to.
I un-subscribed, but it's still going, that's what I meant.
duggelz  [Δημιουργός] 28 Μαρ @ 10:35πμ 
@yrmama: Not exactly sure what you're asking - are you trying to uninstall the mod or reinstall it? Reinstalling this mod resets all the data about which books are read, causing them to glow. It's possible to fix this by also installing SKSE, but that is a more complicated process.
yrmama 26 Μαρ @ 2:44μμ 
Not that it was a bad mod, I loved it for the same OCD reasons as already listed, but when my computer wouldn't let me play anymore, I deleted the mods one by one & added them back & so ALL the books show up as unread.
yrmama 26 Μαρ @ 2:42μμ 
O.K., I un-subscribed but I can't remember where on my PC to find the thingys that are running. I tried "task manager". This is a new laptop & has that Windows 8 or whatever it is & there's not the 'Start" button with all the options for searching.
Talk to me like I'm your mom, because I'm over 50 & never played videgames until Farmville on facebook a few years ago. There were computers when I was in school, but they took up a whole building & you had to punch all your data & commands onto stacks & stacks of cards & then feed them all in. No mouse, no icons, barely a screen, really.
Volgaw 22 Μαρ @ 12:59πμ 
Best Mod Ever ! ;]
choejong92 21 Μαρ @ 6:54μμ 
its very useful
K3viB 20 Μαρ @ 4:56μμ 
i can not imagine playing without this mod.
MohamedTRex 20 Μαρ @ 5:04πμ 
a must have
yrmama 17 Μαρ @ 11:47πμ 
AAAGGH!!! I had to remove my mods, fix a problem, re-activate the mods. Now, all the books glow.
Vermilicious 14 Μαρ @ 5:59πμ 
Here's a suggestion for another mod, btw, since you managed to get objects to glow: make containers you haven't search have a slight glow (as long as loot didn't get re-added).
Vermilicious 14 Μαρ @ 5:57πμ 
This one's a must-have.
yrmama 13 Μαρ @ 1:36πμ 
I like this mod. I'm trying to collect one of every book in Skyrim in my library in the house at Heljarten (?) Hall, Some errors though: were these books I had read before I got the mod?
Jesus 8 Μαρ @ 3:37μμ 
я чет не понял че он делает
wendikyleen 24 Φεβ @ 3:09μμ 
This mod makes the game soooo much better, thanks. Thumbs up!
JonnyVELASKO 24 Φεβ @ 3:10πμ 
Спасибо! =)
Inq 19 Φεβ @ 6:08πμ 
KeciaFTW 18 Φεβ @ 3:04μμ 
This mod is awesome. Thanks!
Crazy8 15 Φεβ @ 12:58μμ 
best mod ever ;)