Unread Books Glow
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Saturn Il y a 5 heures 
JF1102 Il y a 19 heures 
Good usefull mod
daniel.mills Il y a 21 heures 
where is the Nexus mod manager downloader thingy?
Spio 18 avr à 0h17 
@camilocuca2 you only have to subscribe this mod and it will be installed if u start skyrim again.
camilocuca2 17 avr à 9h48 
how the fck can i download this i see no download button
Capt2B 15 avr à 4h13 
Super, à avoir.
templeton_jesse2012 10 avr à 12h01 
I already have the Hearyhfire, and Dragonborn dlc, so, I am typing this message to you, so you don't have to wait for someone to ask for a dlc version. So, can you possibly make a mod that does each dlc individually? Like, one for Dragonborn spells, and vanilla? I don't have Daunguard, unfortunately, so, I guess Hearthfire doesn't have spells, so, one for Dragonborn would be great, thanks. This is an awesome MOD, I basically read every book I see, this helps out alot, thanks!!!!
templeton_jesse2012 10 avr à 11h56 
Hey, I have a collection of 45 mods total, I am wondering if you could make a mod that makes the purchased spellbooks from vendors say known spell, or already known spell. That way, you don't have to buy the spell to see if you know the spell, because that would be a waste of money, if you already know the spell, you know? That would be awesome, I try and conserve my gold, it would be a godesnd for the players that dont use the gold cheat, and play legit, it would help alot. Thanks, becaus eof the in sight I just gave you in this message, I am going to subscribe to your mod, thanks.
Black Ace 6 avr à 17h40 
I really like this mod. It's useful and not intrusive. Good job
Sleipnir 4 avr à 9h19 
so usefull....Thank you
Super Dude [DK] 29 mar à 7h42 
Shamo Ying 26 mar à 16h32 
plain, simple and honest: thank you!
HSweethoney66 24 mar à 10h46 
Mod runs very well for me, and is a great benefit to not reading the same book 2+ times. Kutos to the Creator :-)
B.A. Gemar 22 mar à 0h37 
I'm having a similar problem in that books that I -know- I've read, as I only put books I've read on a personal shelf in my player home after I've read them, and I'll leave the home and return to find some of them have started glowing again. Seems to happen a lot with the Wolf Queen series and a few skill books specifically.
Frosted_Tips_Wario 12 mar à 19h40 
Books I have already read are still glowing. Seems like it's doing it as specific copies of books rather than all of the same kind. Is it a bug?
Hpycmprs 12 mar à 11h06 
Suggestion: Is it possible to make books only glow after reading for a certain amount of time, or reading to the end of book (Turning to the last page). I've had problems with picking up books off of tables and such where I'm forced to read the book for moment then pick it up. To then put it on a bookshelve to read later it appears as I've read it before. So it's hard to tell which books I've actually read, and which one's I've simply read for a second to pick up. (As in how you cannot directly pick up a book). Just a suggestion, do as you wish ^_^
McBook 10 mar à 9h05 
It´s like that since I have this mod installed but let me check...oh,could "read and learn speech" be causing this? I installed it together with this one
duggelz  [créateur] 10 mar à 5h54 
@McBook: No. Do you have some other book related mods installed?
McBook 9 mar à 13h29 
So is it supposed to turn every book into english?
davidvh2 2 mar à 9h18 
FYI - Didn't highlight skill book Aevar Stone-singer that was on a crate in a smuggler's camp just NW of Dragonsreach.
lacthryn18 27 fév à 16h08 
this is a really good idea for helping those who what to know everything about the skyrim world but i have found a small flaw, i noticed that everytime i start up my game books that i know i already have read are glowing so i read them and them next time i turn my game on the same book is glowing even though i saved after i read the book the first time and i'm loading that saved game. is this just me i'm new to mods and i just wanted to check
nelvega9000 25 fév à 11h53 
Convenient mod, I highly recommend it to book hoarders.
paulzuk 23 fév à 11h41 
Unfortunately, my character does not know how to read. But, he does like the pretty pics and thanks the makers of this clever mod. ;).
barmyness 19 fév à 4h51 
its useful
GPapayaG 17 fév à 19h50 
Very helpful.
Fallen_Angel 17 fév à 18h49 
Has to be one of the most applicable mods!!!
EdGaudin 9 fév à 14h22 
My favorite! A must have time saver.
Spray 7 fév à 18h42 
Thanks mod!
purpleebchan 3 fév à 16h25 
Very helpful. I am trying to collect all of the books and I dont want to take the time to look at everysingle one lying there. Awesome Mod. Period.
periurban 2 fév à 11h52 
This removes one of the games most tedious tasks.
BexcWexc 1 fév à 17h17 
This mod fails to download all the time now.. any reason for this?
xXDEATHSxXxMESSIAHXx 1 fév à 0h02 
kinda reminds me of the amnesia item glow
rpgkat 31 jan à 13h18 
Thank you so much, I found tons of books in my possesion that I hadn't even read. Awesome mod.
Emmanuel_W 30 jan à 22h47 
Ce mod est vraiment intéressant ! Merci.
Xray 29 jan à 6h27 
Sooooo usefull !!! THx !
Mr.Shaggnificent 28 jan à 12h09 
I am no longer getting skills from books. i'm mentioning it here because this is the only book related mod i have, but there may be something from another mod interfering. if i had to guess, i'd say it's possibley Realistic Needs and Diseases. many odd things have happened since i added that one.
d3sigN8t3dDruNk 27 jan à 7h17 
NVM I figured it out. If your having issues with it showing up in your SKY UI mod manager, u need to run Skyrim thru the steam launcher, not the SKSE deal. Then choose "data files" and make sure it loads in there. If it dont, then its installed incorrectly. Then close that launcher, and run the SKSE launcher like normal, and it will be in the Mod manager. Worked for me.
d3sigN8t3dDruNk 27 jan à 6h57 
subcribed, didnt add to my SkyUI mod settings like it said. and its not working...so help??
murdzyk 26 jan à 12h20 
great mod
.Ż. Nexus ▪ bzg® 26 jan à 9h08 
Every time i run the launcher, it gives me an error message when this addon is downloading: Failed to get details for "Unread Books Glow"! Steam error 15.
EdGaudin 26 jan à 8h40 
The first mod I've ever downloaded and my favorite.
amberella 26 jan à 6h37 
Question - Is there a way to reset the "read" status to unread for all books so they glow again?
Omni 26 jan à 6h09 
1 of the best ever
Slander 26 jan à 5h26 
This one makes my game chrash every 3-4 quicksave.
Chiefox 22 jan à 15h05 
Two thumb up! Make thing really easier in skyrim.
Erawulf 22 jan à 10h37 
Mod doesn't working for me and also It seems does not appear on SkyUI. Any ideas why?
Rusty Venture 21 jan à 3h42 
Very helpful.
Kommandantin Mandy 20 jan à 6h45 
It's very helpful. Thanks :)
PewPewGG 18 jan à 8h22 
Thank you!
Sphax ツ 11 jan à 19h24 
Thanks a lot for this great mod... will see if everything is working as planned ;o)