Unread Books Glow
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Mozzozozzo 10. heinä 4.44 
Good Mod
Astral 8. heinä 16.11 
i love this mode it nicer
FxFD| NineTailed 8. heinä 4.44 
This mod makes Skyrim to CTD for me...
geIophee 8. heinä 2.59 
Is there a glow mod whenever there's a skill book.
stretchydem 7. heinä 11.31 
you never realize how much you need it until you use it and if youre worried about being distracted by it just go into a library and read for like 20 minutes and knock out half the books in the game plus get leveled up a bit too
Chieletjuh 5. heinä 6.24 
Just love this mod, it's simple, yet clear. The options are also nice. 10/10
cajun_0 4. heinä 9.48 
The best mod out there!
meatybck26 3. heinä 18.03 
Very effective. Loving it!
Pillefingeren 3. heinä 10.33 
Awesome mod, a must-have no matter what type of char you play...
kishxcx 3. heinä 6.05 
Very useful!! Nice mod
Scheibster 2. heinä 14.26 
What a bliss!
Bo[R]aTTe_^ 2. heinä 8.33 
Very cool mod!
Kracker 1. heinä 8.06 
great, 'cause i collect the books for my libraries. well done!
Topius 1. heinä 6.57 
Erittäin kätevä jos ei halua lukea samoja kirjoja.
Kayla Silverfox 30. kesä 12.31 
I thought "nice little mod" when I first saw it, but actually it is a real must-have and one of my favourite mods. Thanks a lot for it!
eve20004 29. kesä 17.15 
an absolute must have
Ciccio e Tatino 29. kesä 13.34 
I can't play anymore without this. Absolutely MUST HAVE for better gameplay imho.
voodoo_curse 29. kesä 8.37 
Glow is subtle enough that it doesn't completely break immersion, it just looks like a differently colored book. Very useful.
freddyy 29. kesä 5.59 
Very useful
Prinzessin Chaos 29. kesä 4.54 
THIS is great -^__^-
Lawsie 29. kesä 4.05 
one of my fav mods
Dellow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 29. kesä 3.10 
Really helpful thanks :D
Myth_Onirie 28. kesä 3.02 
Really useful mod, because i gotta read them all.
FelinaeEbony 27. kesä 19.03 
Very useful. THX !
arziburst 27. kesä 11.33 
Очень хорошо видно все книги, даже если вы этого не хотите.
Spiffy! 27. kesä 10.43 
Very handy. Thank you
Fr0st 27. kesä 3.26 
Good mod. Worked for me.
tishaw_ 26. kesä 4.49 
Very useful!
Pygmie King 25. kesä 21.13 
Very useful mod.
[IAm]potWok 25. kesä 11.13 
This is so freaking helpful. No joke.
christoph.san 25. kesä 10.01 
Very useful tool! I recommend it.
managodess 25. kesä 2.30 
Extremely useful and helpful mod, it's just far too hard to remember all book titles otherwise ^^
Ciberfox 24. kesä 19.32 
Este Mod ajuda muito quando você tem duvida se leu ou não o livro, pois o livro que você não leu fica brilhando, vale a pena.
Dirtyvictim 23. kesä 20.59 
Great Mod
LiQuiDKaiN 23. kesä 12.31 
This mod is very helpful
Kally 23. kesä 11.38 
This is one of my favorite mods.
Borrachito 23. kesä 9.28 
Just downloaded the Nexus Mod Manager but i don't see any "download with nexus" button.
Hari-Kari Harry 23. kesä 7.40 
this has to be one of the best mods in this game...excellent.
Charmellow 22. kesä 23.03 
For every book collectors needs
rmarsh3886 22. kesä 20.38 
Great idea. Highly recommend !!!!
IgorLo 22. kesä 19.57 
Однозначно полезно
noozle 21. kesä 21.22 
Yeah this helped heaps on my 2nd play through. Thank you!
Mira 21. kesä 16.44 
best mod ever!
shanedawg-ca 21. kesä 16.41 
Love collecting books and this helps immensely with that! Thanks!!
jamesedjones 21. kesä 15.45 
Does exactly what you want it to do.
Sp4c3 D4nDy 21. kesä 11.16 
hellika 21. kesä 8.04 
epic usefull !
Hyberian 20. kesä 22.33 
thank you
KarusLeMagnifique 20. kesä 19.30 
trop pratique !
Raphael 20. kesä 19.11 
Very good mod