Unread Books Glow
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donkristoffo 17. aug kl. 7:57am 
smoky dmod 17. aug kl. 3:15am 
it's best for me
lilium_inamorta 13. aug kl. 9:48am 
Muy buen mods! es muy util y esta muy bien hecho, gracias y enorabuena! ;P
Godzilla8MyBaby 11. aug kl. 7:13pm 
works great
Fv-Breaker 8. aug kl. 7:40am 
Muy bueno, muy util, gracias!
☭ ☂ Mr Dingy ☂ ☭ 7. aug kl. 12:57pm 
Wie dosent it work for me ?
Donnie Darko 7. aug kl. 9:49am 
I have a request because I love unread books glow so much, It would really help the commmunity out if you released more glow mods, Its would make finding GEMS and other small scale loot much easier. I personally think it would get many downloads please look into your fans requests the aspect of Glowing helps people with bad eye sight or people whp just dont want to look very much I appreciate you and your work keep it up.
awave 6. aug kl. 9:40am 
id been crashing when entering/exiting the Silver-Blood Inn in Markarth and narrowed it down to a conflict between this mod + Underwater Treasure + Wet and Cold. Im trying different load orders to fix it now, but probably going to unsub to Underwater Treasure. (bc this mod is amazing!)
Sylin2 6. aug kl. 12:06am 
Very usefull, thanks!
gmj 3. aug kl. 3:18pm 
Very helpful, thank you!
I had trouble recognizing that purple glows are considered blue glows. This is not an issue, just a cause of confusion.
Gunnanator 2. aug kl. 11:50pm 
About what Epathos said... Lazy people? So this game, with as many quests, details, books, models, levels, characters, scripts, not to mention massive map, endless playability, awesome mod support, and incredible design was made by lazy people because they didn't make the books you didn't read glow? Awesome mod, but that's a pretty naive thing to say.
Epathos 2. aug kl. 9:59pm 
Something like this should of been added by the Game Dev's. Lazy people.... but good job non the less.
Faltherren 30. jul kl. 12:42pm 
A must have addon!
sle3pz 29. jul kl. 4:01am 
every book i see glows... my argonian is not very into reading...
ToolPackinMama 28. jul kl. 6:21pm 
This mod is excellent. Thank you.
Helljumper ADB 27. jul kl. 6:37am 
this is awsome. this reminds me what i thought skyrim would be like before i started to play it.
steven.viscido 24. jul kl. 2:52pm 
I love this mod. Simple and useful.
A Little Bit Good 19. jul kl. 10:16pm 
Without a doubt, one of the most mods and frequently used mods. Great idea!
Balck 17. jul kl. 9:57am 
Linda 15. jul kl. 1:49am 
It is such a simple thing and yet it makes such a big difference! I love this mod together with the glowing ore one. It breaks immersion but then you get another reason to really read all those books.
yylopez 14. jul kl. 2:47pm 
This mod is extremely useful! Thank you! 5/5
taminfey 13. jul kl. 1:48pm 
I don't know what I'd do without this mod! :) Thank you
aroundthefur79 13. jul kl. 8:29am 
finnaly jumped on the bandwagon... Thankyou! totally enhances the game
Mozzozozzo 10. jul kl. 4:44am 
Good Mod
Astral 8. jul kl. 4:11pm 
i love this mode it nicer
FxFD| Narsha 8. jul kl. 4:44am 
This mod makes Skyrim to CTD for me...
t(ッt) 8. jul kl. 2:59am 
Is there a glow mod whenever there's a skill book.
stretchydem 7. jul kl. 11:31am 
you never realize how much you need it until you use it and if youre worried about being distracted by it just go into a library and read for like 20 minutes and knock out half the books in the game plus get leveled up a bit too
Chieletjuh 5. jul kl. 6:24am 
Just love this mod, it's simple, yet clear. The options are also nice. 10/10
cajun_0 4. jul kl. 9:48am 
The best mod out there!
meatybck26 3. jul kl. 6:03pm 
Very effective. Loving it!
Pillefingeren 3. jul kl. 10:33am 
Awesome mod, a must-have no matter what type of char you play...
kishxcx 3. jul kl. 6:05am 
Very useful!! Nice mod
Scheibster 2. jul kl. 2:26pm 
What a bliss!
Bo[R]aTTe_^ 2. jul kl. 8:33am 
Very cool mod!
Kracker 1. jul kl. 8:06am 
great, 'cause i collect the books for my libraries. well done!
Topius 1. jul kl. 6:57am 
Erittäin kätevä jos ei halua lukea samoja kirjoja.
Kayla Silverfox 30. jun kl. 12:31pm 
I thought "nice little mod" when I first saw it, but actually it is a real must-have and one of my favourite mods. Thanks a lot for it!
eve20004 29. jun kl. 5:15pm 
an absolute must have
Ciccio e Tatino 29. jun kl. 1:34pm 
I can't play anymore without this. Absolutely MUST HAVE for better gameplay imho.
voodoo_curse 29. jun kl. 8:37am 
Glow is subtle enough that it doesn't completely break immersion, it just looks like a differently colored book. Very useful.
freddyy 29. jun kl. 5:59am 
Very useful
Prinzessin Chaos 29. jun kl. 4:54am 
THIS is great -^__^-
Lawsie 29. jun kl. 4:05am 
one of my fav mods
Dellow ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 29. jun kl. 3:10am 
Really helpful thanks :D
Myth_Onirie 28. jun kl. 3:02am 
Really useful mod, because i gotta read them all.
FelinaeEbony 27. jun kl. 7:03pm 
Very useful. THX !
arziburst 27. jun kl. 11:33am 
Очень хорошо видно все книги, даже если вы этого не хотите.
Spiffy! 27. jun kl. 10:43am 
Very handy. Thank you
Fr0st 27. jun kl. 3:26am 
Good mod. Worked for me.