Portal 2
Test Chamber D025
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Petutski 2014年7月14日下午12:08 
Nice and trickey!
asminahipi 2013年1月21日上午9:12 
muy buen ntrabajo,gracias
stormsend 2012年11月1日下午4:24 
Good job. Layout and puzzle were great.
jakelyon 2012年10月18日下午2:59 
great concept! I accidentally got the sphere by jumping from the weighted button; fix that with a grate! I played through the rest and love the mechanics! Great job!
PaK MaN 2012年10月14日上午2:27 
Pendragon 2012年10月10日下午6:25 
Good one, Drakulo. Nicely done. Like the originality. Hope you will make some more.
Turbo Reggie 2012年10月6日上午3:18 
A bit easy, but it still makes for a very fun experience! Well done!
TheKnightingale 2012年10月4日下午11:18 
A bit too easy in my opinion.The sphere is easily reachable, and can easily be carried onto the button.
DaBink 2012年10月2日下午3:52 
I think you have to fix it abit. Great idea! But i passed it without using all platforms, i think i glitched around a bit :D
Dale Cooper 2012年10月2日上午6:58 
well you have to give a fix, at the moment you can get the sphere with momentum.
StIg 2012年10月1日上午4:27 
Very good. Nice idea with different strength from one faith plate. Keep it up...
Drakulo  [作者] 2012年10月1日上午1:01 
Hello Gen. Sean. in order to play this map in portal 2, you have to subsribe (green button under the screenshots). Then lunch portal2 > community chambers.

Thanks for all comments!
Audiodef 2012年9月30日下午2:44 
I get the feeling the tilted panel just priot to being able to nab the edgeless cube is supposed to be moved; however, I was able to fling myself onto the top edge of it.

Nice chamber, enjoyed it. :-)
Drunk Mafia 2012年9月30日下午12:29 
Sorry, I'm a bit new to the workshop. But how exactly do you get the level and play it in portal?
Slamhound 2012年9月30日上午11:07 
Linear and simple, but that doesn't equate to "not fun".
GodzillaMonster 2012年9月30日上午2:54 
Quite enjoyable... Thanks for sharing.
dilbert 2012年9月30日上午1:57 
Too linear and too easy dud
Fionntan 2012年9月29日下午6:23 
Unique and simple fling chamber. Thanks for sharing it. :)
Chiscringle 2012年9月29日下午12:47 
I couldn't work out what to do when I landed on the button, so I put a portal on the angled panel on the edge of the map, jumped down and got the sphere without hitting the button or anything.
acdenh 2012年9月29日上午4:04 
It is possible to get traped after flipping the second panel if you still have a portal on the previous one...
Drakulo  [作者] 2012年9月29日上午3:41 
Here comes light and some corrections! Thank you all for comments and advices!
Miami Mike 2012年9月28日下午7:32 
I solved it with a tricky portal shot while the faith plates were slinging me around, but I don't think it was the intended solution because there were a lot of things I didn't use, like a floor button, a pedestal button, and a hard-to-get cube.
NeoDinian 2012年9月28日下午7:27 
Shouldn't hide cubes behind glass walls and a portalable surface... The glass don't "Touch" the sides, and you can shoot a portal through it to the wall and get the cube (sphere), bypassing most of the flings.
sleurk 2012年9月28日下午6:50 
You can shoot through the edge of the glass the ball is behind. Might wanna move that back a bit :)
detour 2012年9月28日下午6:07 
Fun! I like how it used the same feature , just tweaked a little each time.
Lethem 2012年9月28日上午7:16 
A very awesoem and creative chaimber, keep up the good work :D
Metzger Ben | GER 2012年9月28日上午5:26 
"Edgeless Cube" aka "Ball" :-) Anyway my solution: http://youtu.be/Ctl7lUhi5Uk
Forest Hobo 2012年9月27日下午9:40 
Not a bad chamber but its a bit dark. Maybe you should throw down some more lights...
Jesucristo Rapero 2012年9月27日下午12:59 
I Liked (Y)
MikeRappold 2012年9月27日下午12:15 
I enjoyed the map. It was a nice change, using strictly faith plates. I like the concept of having to push buttons to reduce the ceiling height. Good map, keep it up.
Dixi 2012年9月27日上午11:00 
It's pretty dark inside... lamps cost too much?:)
Kittaye 2012年9月27日上午8:55 
Eheh, really like the design of this map, very orginal. Although as other people have already mentioned this map does have its fair share of exploits. Decided to do a short video here of probably the biggest exploit in this map.
Innocentive 2012年9月26日下午11:54 
Took a screenshot of the portal positions. You'll find it on the screenshots page of my profile. I guess the exploit can be dealt with by making the floor on the faith plate non-portable.
Drakulo  [作者] 2012年9月26日下午1:41 
Hello Smea / Moto1234. Please post a screenshot of your exploit in a comment here, i'll take a look to prevent the trick.
Innocentive 2012年9月26日下午12:27 
One comment: It just takes two portals to get to the sphere needed to open the door. I'm new to the workshop so I don't know how to communicate privately. If you're interested in the short solution, contact me...
smea 2012年9月26日下午12:18 
i think this one is exploitable (you can get to the end without completing the "second jump lid objective")
.sheridan .vespo 2012年9月25日上午11:20 
Loved it. This one is really good. Getting closer to your goal every time. I would recommend you think on the design again, though. I prefer maps that look like glados would build them.
cyron43 2012年9月24日上午7:14 
Wow! Another one for my "Design Awards" collection.
sspthm 2012年9月23日上午2:43 
Great stuff. Looking forward to D026 :-)
Drakulo  [作者] 2012年9月22日下午3:32 
Here it is. I should open my eyes when submitting corrections -.-"
sspthm 2012年9月22日上午10:36 
Much better :-) Nice idea for a map!
I liked testing the various elements to find out what I needed to do next.
Sorry, but one more problem. At start the lowest "jump lid" is in place.
Drakulo  [作者] 2012年9月22日上午10:09 
Hell No! The light on the wall prevented from opening a portal... Thats corrected. Thanks for telling!
sspthm 2012年9月22日上午4:46 
Bon jour Drakulo. I'm still enjoying your maps - thanx :-) However I think D025 has a bug. I can't get the ball out of the pit. Maybe I'm doing something wrong?