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Squ1d_L1ps 2014년 4월 21일 오전 10시 03분 
I have the same problem as Altamiranozz. It was working just fine the other night. Now I cannot get anyone to join.
Altamiranozz 2014년 4월 20일 오후 12시 08분 
When i host a server i only get one character slot when this mutator is on, does anyone know how to play with friends while this mutator is enabled?
ariesmcat123 2014년 3월 29일 오후 2시 35분 
how do i open the menu
ReignCloud 2014년 2월 19일 오전 12시 29분 
Two things. One, wasn't there to way to use the DLC weapons in this mutator without actually owning the DLC weapons? Two, is it just me or does Field Medic not want to work correctly? I can't update the perk at all, no matter how much I heal.
Geizhals 2014년 2월 14일 오후 6시 40분 
Hi Marco, sorry to ask this here, but didnt know if you would check the tripwire forum or here first. Small issue i got. I downloaded a couple of different character skins and decompiled and added to my main mutator. Nothing seems to make them appear, tryed DeathsDoor.Legion, DeathsDoor:Legion, Legion, etc all after CustomCharacters=. Any thoughts?
[BH] -.-Neoframe [FunDK] 2014년 1월 30일 오전 8시 35분 
dont work like you on your picture
[BH] -.-Neoframe [FunDK] 2014년 1월 30일 오전 8시 34분 
sin-bro 2014년 1월 24일 오전 10시 29분 
hey man im like 100 percent wanting to use this mod but i dont understand mods so i was wondering if you could possibly help me figure out how to it on and use it
Raijin Outcast 2014년 1월 19일 오후 9시 21분 
RequirementScaling not working above 1.0. perk progression gets stuck. solutions?
-SN-βrock ΩDΣADMAN 2014년 1월 11일 오후 3시 53분 
Anyone know how to unlock the Dwarfs!? Axe and ZED Eradication Device in the server perks?
Marco  [제작자] 2014년 1월 11일 오전 12시 49분 
If you have trouble downloading through this mod through workshop, easiest way to go is to visit the forum link from description and download it directly from there.
Bomb 2014년 1월 10일 오후 6시 45분 
Seven 2014년 1월 10일 오전 10시 17분 
Did you try wiping out evertying and I mean going back and making sure nothing exist that is releated to KF.
vamplustbat 2014년 1월 9일 오후 11시 04분 
Hi someone please help me. I have been dealing with this problem for more than a year now. I have tried unsubscribing and resubscribing, and uninstalling and reinstalling killing floor, but this mod AND ScrN Ballance do not show up on my game or in my files. Why will these mods not download or install to my game?

Please help me. So far very unsatisfied.
minero-kf 2014년 1월 8일 오후 11시 28분 
es todo
Don the Megaladon 2014년 1월 2일 오후 6시 57분 
My custom weapons don't work anymore. I have all the codings right and put it in ServerPerks.ini but everytime i launch KF the whole thing just resets itself.
Er Guille Ñoco Ñoco 2014년 1월 2일 오전 6시 37분 
There is anyway to left the normal trader menu?
Creatures Lie Here 2013년 12월 29일 오후 1시 17분 
Ok, good to hear. I was interested in modifying the perks for use alongside other Workshop items, namely other weapons. I was interested in programming entirely new perks or heavily modifying existing ones to allow Perk A to affect/upgrade Workshop Weapon B for example. I asked another guy that runs a couple servers and he was saying things that I didn't even understand...
Good to hear that ServerPerks is still being updated. I may eventually learn how to use it and rent a server for the fun of it, who knows. Thanks for the quick reply Marco!
Marco  [제작자] 2013년 12월 29일 오전 4시 10분 
Mod is not dead. 90 % of bugreports here are just user errors. It's meant to be used on a dedicated server, and no, no UnrealScripting knowledge is needed to use this mod (unless you want to customize perks), you just need some common knowledge to know how to setup a server with this. But unless you want to modify perks and such aspects of the game, you wont need this mutator.
Creatures Lie Here 2013년 12월 28일 오후 6시 30분 
Looks like this mod is dead on the workshop? It's been recently updated but im seeing a lot of problems in the comments.
If anyone has experience with this mod, quick question: Do I need to know basic KF scripts to get this thing to work? As in, do I need to know how to program values in for the custom perks and stuff?
Because if this thing doesn't have an easy-to-use UI I'm not going to dabble with it atm.
Alduziu 2013년 12월 20일 오후 2시 51분 
Nevermind, Apparently i had to setup a FTP otherwise perks wouldn't work or save nonetheless, Thank you for this great mod!
Alduziu 2013년 12월 20일 오후 2시 00분 
Is it possible to use the ServerPerks just to add custom weapons to the trader and leave the perks itself out?
If that is not possible, how can i get the perks to work? whenever i listen a server or play solo with the mutator activated the perks are just invisible/gone and i cannot select anything.
[ϟϟ] Tolyanich 2013년 12월 20일 오전 4시 09분 
Perk Medic he stuck after on this Server Perk!!!
[ScrN]PooSH 2013년 12월 19일 오전 9시 50분 
Marco updated ServerPerks to v7 in workshop
PotentiaLeaena 2013년 12월 18일 오전 2시 05분 
I think the reason you guys were getting the error is ServerPerks was recently updated to v7.00, but the workshop version was v6.75. I think it's been fixed, but for now you can always unsubscribe and download the latest version from the front page of the forum thread here[].

If a server is using a custom ServerPerks, that package needs to have a different name or it will causes mismatches. If they've done anything otherwise, it sounds like they need a crash course in modding best practices.
Foxx 2013년 12월 16일 오전 7시 10분 
i get that error also it's because some servers have a custom serverperks mut i think would like to know where to get them or how to fix this problem as i can't join any of the servers i like
D3athChick3n 2013년 12월 14일 오후 6시 31분 
I get an error when i have this mod and have it unsubscribed it says "Server Perks Version Mismatch." or something like that please help
~Benjix~ 2013년 12월 8일 오후 4시 30분 
Guys i need help... whenever i try to launch my server, my game crashes and i receive an error... with the previous verison of this mod my game was crashing only when i was opening the Trader, now i can't even play with it. Please help me out. I like this mod reaaaaaally much

Heart Crisper 2013년 11월 29일 오전 8시 57분 
Is that whitlisted?
THEALPHA 2013년 11월 18일 오전 7시 17분 
im confused here? where the link yo dl this? ty
spidax 2013년 11월 3일 오전 4시 17분 
Fix medic bug i'm the host in the server and i can't level up my medic perk but my friend can i tryed it with syringe i added mannually xp still didn't fixed it and the bug with invisible zombies every map i die i must turn off kf and restart to play a new map if i don't do it i can't see zombies and they can't hurt me
R!G0L 2013년 10월 28일 오전 7시 22분 
Darkmatter 2013년 10월 25일 오전 6시 45분 
DLC, Gold and Camo Weapons aren't appearing on the Weapons List, at all.
TheTimin8or 2013년 10월 17일 오후 5시 59분 
You should make it so the admin could set everyone's perks to 0 and after each wave/time past (customizable by the server owner) it should level the perks up however many levels the server operator sets it to.
[ClAK]l[Pastor] 2013년 10월 16일 오전 9시 11분 
with the syringe also not
[ClAK]l[Pastor] 2013년 10월 16일 오전 9시 10분 
can someone help me, the doctor don't is evolving, with no weapon
BrowNie_BooTHI .:DK:. 2013년 10월 15일 오전 8시 07분 
right now i i actually trying to fund out what i should do to download it but it's a really cool mod i hope some other also enjoy it
Vlad-00003(RUS) 2013년 9월 9일 오전 3시 14분 
TG Kusari gama, simply add this line
Vlad-00003(RUS) 2013년 9월 9일 오전 3시 13분 
TraderInventory=2:KFMod.SPShotgunPickup to the ServerPerks.ini
Vlad-00003(RUS) 2013년 9월 9일 오전 3시 09분 
Hey, i've got a quastion -in this mutator medic got no heal grenade, how can i add it?
KaKaMuMu 2013년 9월 7일 오전 12시 56분 
MadeYouLook 2013년 9월 7일 오전 12시 44분 
Just to clarify my previous post, the manually added Single Piston Long Musket doesn't gain any extra damage, fire-rate, reloaded speed, or recoil reduction from the Sharpshooter Perk, which is set to Level 6 in both default and the ServerPerks config.
MadeYouLook 2013년 9월 6일 오후 8시 56분 
DLC weapons, specifically the Musket from the Steampunk Pack, don't appear in the trader menu when I have this installed by default. I'm able to manually add it via config, but it doesn't use any of the bonuses provided by the Sharpshooter perk. Can I fix this?
Omegasys079 2013년 9월 4일 오후 6시 50분 
uuuhm how do I get the MultiChamber Zed THrower to appear in the trader menu?
BmF'Reezy 2013년 8월 31일 오전 5시 41분 
I uploaded to the ftp of my server, edited the serverperks.ini set minim level to 6 and maximum to 30. When i join the server it puts all perks to 250 any ideas whats wrong?
joewee121 2013년 8월 30일 오후 1시 01분 
perks and achivements again*
joewee121 2013년 8월 30일 오후 12시 58분 
yes it disables perk progress and achivement progress if installed. when uninstalled you will be able to get progress on the perks again. although its not really needed cuz with this you can make your own perks,get progress on those,and if you get another mod in combination with this one you can also get custom achivements XD. although like i said use the link i provided or the one in description cuz it works and is a newer version.
NHK LM 2013년 8월 29일 오후 11시 04분 
Does this mod disable achivements and perk progress?
Omegasys079 2013년 8월 28일 오후 4시 28분 
In alot of mods I keep seeing finding a folder called "Classes" I'm still new to this and there's no existing folders of the sort in my game, so I really don't know what to do with it
Omegasys079 2013년 8월 28일 오후 4시 23분 
I don't think this mod works for me, I subscribed to it and then I can't find it anywhere in my mutators