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JohnnyTheEpicChhun 13 mei om 6:09nm 
There something wrong with lvl up the perk, not sever perks the KF perk. somehow i after i lv up and exit the game it did't save, can you help me?
Captain_Elusive 23 apr om 4:43nm 
how do you make it work? cause i click the subscribed botton but when i open the game this doesnt work so if you can help me with that please. thanks!
VoW| davidt1234.crofut 22 apr om 12:41vm 
Are there any video tutorials on how to make a custom perk? Sorry but I'm dumb and last time I tried doing things like this just from reading I fucked up and ended up just going through and deleting whatever I did lol.
ToNiO 16 apr om 2:26nm 
time to make serverperksKF2 Warco
Poloswag 10 apr om 9:14nm 
ye i have v7 also and i have costom charecters from steam and i con pnly use one whitch is the deadric knight charecter and thats it, i cant choos my perk i want to start off wit in game and nor can i choose it in game. fix it plz
Warezz.K (CZE) 3 apr om 3:18vm 
P.S. i have latest version v7 from external site.
Warezz.K (CZE) 3 apr om 3:17vm 
Hi. Previously version works fine. But now, my ServerPerksStat.ini no update. After delete stats, no create new. I play solo games. And previously version works correct but now, my stats progress no saving. I have fresh installation, without mods, but doesn't work :(
Tim 30 mrt om 1:41nm 
I can confirm medic bug as well. As the host of my local hosted game I cannot level my medic perk. Any1 else who joins my server has no problems at all. Has to do with me being the host. A fix would be welcome!
Sleedy 29 mrt om 4:01nm 
helpppp =C for me not work
12 Sheckles a Meme 28 mrt om 11:23vm 
This worked for me. Subscribed. Opened up killing floor, sat in the main menu for a minute. closed steam completely. reloaded killing floor. on my top right it says Server perks downloaded.
|RandomCreature 22 mrt om 5:26vm 
Disable it in mutators? XD
♥Derpy♥ 24 jan om 2:24nm 
How do i uninstall this after i unscribed and deleted the files i still cant level up or save my progress :( ?
Hetza Hellshock 24 jan om 8:59vm 
how can i fix this mod for co op? the server always start with 1 slot :/
S.A.Y.D.L 8 jan om 1:24vm 
@Haerzog, Yes your quite right, this great mod is for all custom mutators,skins,weapons and things like that.
Haerzog 5 jan om 6:19nm 
I am assuming that this is not whitelisted
Garnet 4 jan om 2:12nm 
how do i use sever perks?
[MYST1K]y0sHii 28 dec 2014 om 4:02nm 
How does one install this and other add-ons? What is the purpose of the subscription system if it doesn't download and install the mods???
EDM Fanatic 23 dec 2014 om 1:04nm 
So, when i subscribed to this, the only file it downloaded was the config file but no other files downloaded so it doesn't appear in my mutator list, I also noticed you haven't updated this in a year so that could be the problem.
Sunny Bae 17 dec 2014 om 5:50vm 
to answer LoliBuster~Refrain~ All Perk exp will go away after leaving with this mod on! If you want to get around that, just download a lvling map and dont use this modulator while playing in it.
Garnet 16 dec 2014 om 5:57nm 
how do i use it?
ToNiO 30 nov 2014 om 7:49nm 
good luck marco
Mistery 30 nov 2014 om 6:29nm 
I create my own server perks, weapons and custom perk thanks to you. anyway I subscribe to this article c:
BongKingKong 28 nov 2014 om 2:07vm 
I only get one slot for myself if i host the game so people cannot join. Do you know how to fix this?
Cookie Butter 16 nov 2014 om 12:46nm 
There another ServerPerks.ini in my folder and I can't rename ServerPerksDefault.ini to ServerPerks.ini because it will just become ServerPerks (2).ini How do I fix this?
LoliBuster丶Refrain 5 nov 2014 om 6:14vm 
why my level return after left the game?
Jgaming22 CSGOFAST.COM 2 nov 2014 om 1:52nm 
how come i cant use my dlc weapons???
le toucan 28 okt 2014 om 9:52vm 
Doesn't let me use my dlc weapons.
le toucan 28 okt 2014 om 8:42vm 
This makes all my perks n/a. Help?
Ht 18 okt 2014 om 10:54vm 
how do you actually use this?
w4rmachina 17 okt 2014 om 8:34vm 
NVM you just level it up until you hit lvl.0, then you can select it. I'm slow . . .
w4rmachina 17 okt 2014 om 8:18vm 
I can't select a perk at all. It says your desired perk is unavailable and next to each perk it it will have N/A rather than the level.
**Devtros** 30 sep 2014 om 2:52nm 
How can I unlock the Dwarf!? Axe in the shop? I already unlocked the achievement.
Reformer 20 sep 2014 om 2:17vm 
There are some players share the same perk progress with me so i get their exp when they re killing mobs. How do i fix this?
TheDisturbedDragon 19 sep 2014 om 6:16nm 
how does one temporarily disable this (I want to go on a multiplayer server and actually get my perks up, but it keeps resetting their scores to where they were before ServerPerks.
AshleyWolf 13 sep 2014 om 4:44nm 
CommanderDef 29 aug 2014 om 11:03vm 
@matzeotes: yeah, I Know your feeling. However it started just recently for me and any friends playing on my server rank their healing properly.
matzeoes 25 aug 2014 om 11:55nm 
when I use this, my field medic is not levelable, it always says perk level 0 and people healed 0, all other perks are working and levelable. when I set minimum perk level to 1 it says that the perk is not avaialble! any help for this one? otherwise it's a great addition.
Bobby Esquibel 9 aug 2014 om 2:37nm 
How would one disable the Enhanced Shop? (I also asked this question in a discussion thread).
Retribution 28 jul 2014 om 6:52nm 
i just download an it auto install right?
Nynja of Noobs* 27 jul 2014 om 10:08vm 
whitelisted? no? :(
ShOTTy KiNg 27 jul 2014 om 3:26vm 
I can get this to work sort of. when i start i cant choose a perk! NONE PERK ACTIVE. and yes and I have alllowperkchanges to true. please help.
MiDSinister 19 jul 2014 om 2:54nm 
I believe I solved my own problem. For anyone else who has the below problem that I posted, it helps to rename 'ServerPerksV2" to just "ServerPerks" in the .ini file.
MiDSinister 19 jul 2014 om 1:39vm 
I get this error when trying to start a server..

Failed to load 'ServerPerksV2': Can't find file 'ServerPerksV2'
JeAnS 17 jul 2014 om 7:22vm 
I can not find server perks in my killing floor folder
Reyn 6 jul 2014 om 11:11vm 
Oh and my perks aren't advancing at all.
Like my berserker is Level 2 but when I add the mutator the level is replaced with N/A and it progresses as if it were a level 0 perk.
Reyn 6 jul 2014 om 10:08vm 
So I downloaded this mod so I can install some custom skins and weapons but for some reason I don't see the options to add them at all.
june-1992 9 jun 2014 om 6:47vm 
can u tell me the class name for horizine armor? I want it to have a discount for berserker, or is there any way to change the perk bonus?
INSANITY TIME 29 mei 2014 om 12:42nm 
does this even work??!! ,mutators do nothing. i have mutators which are basically the same thing i.e aliens added to kF and zombies are now aliens. and one called More alien paths which replaces those other ones like its the same. Plus weapons dont appear in shop nor are there any alien maps. please help.
Logifanogi 29 mei 2014 om 12:25vm 
Is there a way to make it get the global steam settings so I can just use this as a Custom Gun and Character mod? :/
Dsada 28 mei 2014 om 6:25nm 
Very nice mutator, gives a whole new experience to KF and infinite server variations.
I am having problems with the FTP server on my own machine,I am able to download the files but it says that can't rename (or overwrite) the Stats files when uploading them even though I gave permission to that (Read and Write). I tried with FileZilla and Home FTP on Windows 7.