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Day One : Garry's Incident
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Sean MegaByte 7 apr, ore 15:19 
I honestly wish I could repent for the sin of green lighting this trash. Steam should introduce a "Red Light" system.
Hitchcock Holmes 31 mar, ore 9:05 
Haven't played the game, but it looks awesome.

The concept that is.

Saw a review on YouTube that it was one of the (top 10) worst games he had ever played, but that's because of the amounts of bugs.

It's rather easy to fix some gamebreaking bugs. (should be compared to the concept)

At least you don't have a shitty concept that no one can do anything about. Yay.

Good luck on future developing.... developping... something, grammar.
why is everything so bad 22 mar, ore 23:12 
This game. Just, this game.
Brother Flix 19 mar, ore 17:45 
Why did you stoped Totalbiscuit ( youtuber ) from making a review of this game?
☠ RɪԲΐɛMąn ☠ 18 mar, ore 19:10 
Misterklord 2 feb, ore 1:58 
So far as i played, the game is really good just that the combat is a little dissapointing. You just have to patch some things and it will be ready to go! :)
Ser Serikaku 14 gen, ore 11:33 
"Stephane [author] Nov 16 @ 10:25am
dankilkenny : Because you assume that you know this story, but you're talking and accuses me without knowing the story and this is unacceptable. I have no problem with negative comments about my game, all games receive positive and negative comments."

Weird how over 99% of comments are positive, but when I look at Metacritic, well, I think you get the idea.
djhawkins264 10 gen, ore 18:40 
this game is awesome

Stephane  [autore] 18 dic 2013, ore 4:43 
(Empi Veloce) Thanks for you comment.
Empi 17 dic 2013, ore 21:17 
It's probably not an original idea, but I think there is certainly a promising situation here. Personally, I am intrigued by your game Stephane, and I think it sucks that so much negativity has come into play with the youtube crisis. Perhaps helping youtubers might be a good avenue to look into, since its your content, you might be able to look into advocating a temporary ban block remove, im sure people like TotalBiscuit would be willing to talk to you about it if you are willing to open up to them and work towards -balancing- out youtubes flaws. I have faith you will do what is right, regardless of wether or not this is it. Good luck Stephane! :)
Unforgiven 4 dic 2013, ore 19:10 
"Stephane [author] Nov 16 @ 10:25am
dankilkenny : Because you assume that you know this story, but you're talking and accuses me without knowing the story and this is unacceptable. I have no problem with negative comments about my game, all games receive positive and negative comments."

Now that's funny. I commented on the game saying that it's setting sounded awesome but it was executed poorly and it was deleted. Hmm..
Stephane  [autore] 19 nov 2013, ore 8:06 
Here is the contest for the launch of our new Free DLC: Show us that you are a Survivor by taking a Steam screenshot of an in-game message displaying Day 10, Day 15 or Day 20 to win a prize up to 125$ in Steam games! Be fast, quantities are limited, one prize per person only. Don't forget that only Steam screenshot links will be accepted, send it at
Stephane  [autore] 19 nov 2013, ore 5:54 
A new update is now available : 19-11-2013 #13
- New: A free DLC, Survivor Challenge has been added to the play modes
- New: A new crafting recipe is available in Survivor Challenge
- Fixed: An issue with the music in the jungle has been fixed
- Fixed: An issue with changing the resolution
- Updated: Dead bodies now disappear after loading a saved game
- Updated: Length of time Garry can go without water and food
- Updated: Damage dealt by the 9mm weapon
- Updated: Reduced the amount of the food gauge restored by the fruits
Stephane  [autore] 18 nov 2013, ore 10:05 
Major update incoming for tomorrow with fixes and a Free DLC: The Survivor Challenge
A contest will be announced for the launch of the new mode.

A little bit about the Survivor Challenge:
By choosing this option in the menu, you will compete in a man vs. wilderness challenge: survive the longest possible in the jungle. Crafting a shelter
will greatly help you face the dangers of the night, but don't forget your basic needs, you will still need to drink and eat. It is impossible to manually save
while playing the Survivor Challenge. However, each new day will be auto-saved. Good luck, Survivors!
Stephane  [autore] 18 nov 2013, ore 10:05 
Schipperke swe : I delete comments that are rude, disrespectful or that are not constructive.
Schipperke swe 18 nov 2013, ore 9:54 
"I have no problem with negative comments about my game" yeah suuuuure... I guess thats why you delete them all?
Stephane  [autore] 16 nov 2013, ore 14:35 
dankilkenny: Thanks, tes our sale are great:)
FireFly 16 nov 2013, ore 12:00 
Ok thank you for clearing that up I was just confused. Hopfully your game does well.
Stephane  [autore] 16 nov 2013, ore 11:38 
dankilkenny: I only reported to Youtube that 3 youtuber used advertisements without my permission, then Youtube removed the video of Total Biscuit? Wh? I don't know, I just wanted to point out the use of advertisements. Then you know the rest of the story. I know the strengths and weaknesses of my game. We've worked hard to make a dozen updated with the players request and the next, week we will release a free dlc.
FireFly 16 nov 2013, ore 11:00 
also im going to go away now because I really it's not worth both of are time to argue. Thanks for awnsering me.
FireFly 16 nov 2013, ore 10:53 
no, I mostly wanted to know your side of the story
Stephane  [autore] 16 nov 2013, ore 10:25 
dankilkenny : Because you assume that you know this story, but you're talking and accuses me without knowing the story and this is unacceptable. I have no problem with negative comments about my game, all games receive positive and negative comments.
FireFly 16 nov 2013, ore 10:04 
Also, quick question, What was wrong with my last comments that got them taken down?
FireFly 16 nov 2013, ore 10:02 
Hey mines gone too. I was asking a question. Nothing against the game. I believe what is going on is called abuse of power. We are simply giving feedback. Why is every comment positive. Even Left 4 Dead doesn't have all positive reviews. This is abuse of the system. On here and on Youtube with the TotalBiscuit incident.
Stephane  [autore] 16 nov 2013, ore 5:02 
Overlord : You do not know what you're talking about, is why I delete your comment.
Stephane  [autore] 13 nov 2013, ore 12:59 
Escade: Stopped the harassment and you never play to our game.
Escade [Ger] 13 nov 2013, ore 12:32 
I like how he deleted my comment, you're so pathetic. I will always come back to tell people how shitty this game is and how unfair and untalented the developers are, good luck with deleting them, I got freedom of speech I can use my words however I like them. :)
<H$>|# ***eXsacT ! end_Kolik* 2 nov 2013, ore 5:19 
Vypadá to v pohode :D
Izunundara 30 ott 2013, ore 7:48 
I can't believe I thumbs upped this.
6 ott 2013, ore 6:23 
|«ScReaM»| 6 ott 2013, ore 3:54 
This game looks cool!
Megaherz31 6 ott 2013, ore 3:41 
dont know...
Ricuta 6 ott 2013, ore 3:40 
TheSodzz (V) O_o (V) 26 set 2013, ore 5:03 
pls Russian Subtitles :D
Stephane  [autore] 24 set 2013, ore 9:08 
Sharath Kamal Achanta \m/ 24 set 2013, ore 6:39 
Stephane  [autore] 23 set 2013, ore 13:19 
Less than 48 hours for the 25% discount.
Yolo sweg 20 set 2013, ore 8:09 
this is one of the best games i have seen on greenlight
god this is amazing :')
RevG|sCop3SCouT 20 set 2013, ore 3:21 
The game looks amazing ! , I'll buy it as soon as I can ! :)
Stephane  [autore] 19 set 2013, ore 10:48 
You can craft a lot of things not just weapons. Example bandage, fishing rod, bait...
Spear & Shield 19 set 2013, ore 10:03 
So how many things can I craft? Is it like Minecraft? Can I craft anything or just weapons?
Stephane  [autore] 18 set 2013, ore 12:13 
Now available in pre-order with a rebate of 25%.
mushy 18 set 2013, ore 11:22 
Oh boy. This looks good.

I'm liking Far Cry 3 but I think this may be a winner.
Yeah Buddy 17 set 2013, ore 15:30 
We are the 18 ^^
a.francis1 12 set 2013, ore 4:52 
Man i cant wait i look forward to playing the shit outta this game.
Stephane  [autore] 11 set 2013, ore 19:36 
The price will be 19.99$. But a rebate of 25% in pre order next week.
Yeah Buddy 11 set 2013, ore 17:44 
How much will it cost, and will there be a pre-order bonus, are their gonna be acheivements and trading cards
Stephane  [autore] 11 set 2013, ore 16:49 
More than 540 working days and 30 employees who have worked hard to create a great survival game with crafting and action. We are proud to announce the launch of our game Day One: Garry's Incident. On September 18, Day One will be on pre-Order on Steam with a 25% discount and a new trailer will be unveiled. Then the game will be available on September 25 on Steam, Desura and Gamersgate.
Jimbo 11 set 2013, ore 13:25 
Crazy! Insane! I love it!
The Chicken Brothers 10 set 2013, ore 9:56 
OK, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification :D