The Sweet Spot
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=[pG]=™ Tin Foil Hat 21. jul 2013 kl. 8:29am 
"Like stealing candy from a baby".
Viperian 22. sep 2012 kl. 11:04am 
Operation0919 20. sep 2012 kl. 7:18pm 
I think that it would better if it was a Misc. for scout
Fiddlesticks 20. sep 2012 kl. 6:25pm 
would want to wear +1
Captain Landshark 20. sep 2012 kl. 1:51pm 
Pinkie Pie Cyborg 20. sep 2012 kl. 12:03am 
I łike it
18. sep 2012 kl. 12:52pm 
id buy it but it better not be hunted >:c and you can only wear it on hunted servers cuz that would suck please be normal bombers <:c please if not for me then for demo man and pyro and the millons of pyro fans <:C the fans FANS :O but i like it :3
Uncle Kevlar 17. sep 2012 kl. 5:52pm 
Make it a melee weapon, like a purse.
Neonprime (aka Ax,L) 17. sep 2012 kl. 1:37pm 
I think one of soldier's candy bag contain COMBUSTIBLE LEMON!
Jingle Pyro 17. sep 2012 kl. 11:54am 
And like Katsuragi said, this would be amazing with a falling candy particle effect.
Jingle Pyro 17. sep 2012 kl. 11:53am 
Love it.
Tyler 17. sep 2012 kl. 4:41am 

love em
La Papa Grande 16. sep 2012 kl. 8:56pm 
Is there a way to get this to work with all classes? I'd love an equivalent for the Sniper. or Scout.
Billibob 16. sep 2012 kl. 5:31pm 
Kat 2.0 16. sep 2012 kl. 5:28pm 
Should also come with a new particle effect: falling candy.
Kat 2.0 16. sep 2012 kl. 5:27pm 
For classes who don't have grenades or other items on them, this can be placed in an ammo patch (Engineer, Sniper), or just hanging from their belts.
yuffentine 16. sep 2012 kl. 4:01pm 
Find a way to incorporate this idea into everyone's outfits, that'd be awesome.
BLINK 16. sep 2012 kl. 1:15pm 
I'd love to see this as an 'Ammo pouch' replacement for Sniper, Pyro , Engi, and Soldier too. Any chance the candy inside is animated to bounce up and down when you walk?
ObligatedCupid1 16. sep 2012 kl. 9:37am 
A good model, but I think that these should be this years goodie bags insted!
Too many granade replacements out there.
Mopo 16. sep 2012 kl. 8:13am 
Daa, dis good.
Scoot 16. sep 2012 kl. 8:04am 
dam d00d
Cyber 16. sep 2012 kl. 8:02am 
>no medic
fuk u m8
-=OPP=-Benn Beckman 16. sep 2012 kl. 7:44am 
le second - also nice! Rate!
Leeroy 16. sep 2012 kl. 7:32am 
le first