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Ether One
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HallDaddy__ 8 de jul às 4:00 
looks like a good game ! :D
Webster981 6 de jul às 3:59 
FrozenFlame 3 de jul às 7:48 
i added think game on my collection(neo's chamber) because the game have a fancy graphic and a great idea.
Igor Laranjas 27 de jun às 13:40 
it looks cool
Mister_Enterprise 24 de jun às 3:32 
Pretty nive game it semms
RSIN619 18 de jun às 23:19 
this looks pretty cool
Chicken Sausage 1 de jun às 0:26 
Eh this was on good game.
thesparrowsjourney 25 de mar às 7:35 
As the game releases I've started posting my walkthrough, enjoy :)
Divine K.Skylord Ɗ.Ɲ 19 de mar às 11:30 
Fuuuuck this looks so good. I'm debating pre-ordering it XD
Rennan 18 de mar às 5:07 
насчет системных требований это они так пошутили?
SweetNightmare 14 de mar às 0:30 
Want it
[GER] ~Stayx~ 8 de mar às 11:23 
omg this looks so awesome *-*
Pete_Bottomley  [autor(a)] 27 de fev às 4:03 
Hi Brian, we're HOPING that there will be a Mac version at launch. We're using UDK with the Oculus integration stuff at the moment and they're not playing nicely with Mac. Epic have just released a new update so if the Oculus stuff gets implemented quickly enough we'll put it out too!

If it isn't at launch though - It shouldn't be far behind! :) Will keep you all updated as we know the details!
brian.cartwright 27 de fev às 0:20 
Is there a Mac version at launch?
Pete_Bottomley  [autor(a)] 26 de fev às 23:55 
We finally have a release date for Ether One guys..

MARCH 25TH 2014!!

We sure to put it in your diaries and tell everyone you know!! :)
X/...Frozenwolf.../X 25 de fev às 10:26 
The Swag Bandit 17 de fev às 18:38 
This looks absolutely smashing. Like the concept and mechanics. Keep this up and steam will have no problem adding you to the team.
TropicalChibi 17 de fev às 10:52 
Just had a peek at the new gameplay video, and it looks amazing ,can't wait till the game comes out!
keep up the good work devs!
alexxela2434 17 de fev às 6:18 
Looks fantastic Pete can't wait to see the finished product. I'll be buying the copy the second it comes out :)
Pete_Bottomley  [autor(a)] 14 de fev às 0:58 
@Josechelon - We're currently trying to sort some solid dates and information for you so hopefully you'll know soon :)
Josechelon19 13 de fev às 7:24 
When could we buy this game in steam? :(
Pete_Bottomley  [autor(a)] 13 de fev às 4:59 
Thanks for all the feedback guys! Hearing rumors about a BETA - No BETA coming for public release but be rest assured you will be seeing some brand new content SOON with some good news for all of you that have been so patient!

Thank you again for your support! It's awesome to read :)
ЯR 4 de fev às 15:03 
Sooo lets just say that I got my hands on the game aaand you should be looking forward to it. Like, a lot. Cause its awesome.
igor.blackheart 30 de jan às 9:30 
ancious \o/ please beta!!!
Potato God 28 de jan às 21:12 
kinda sounds like a rip off of to the moon, but that doesn't mean it can't be a good game
boastfuldread56 27 de jan às 18:28 
looks like it could be a realy good game
4Glock 26 de jan às 19:03 
Very interesting. Unreal Engine *-*
TheGrandmaPigeon 25 de jan às 10:48 
Awesome looking game! I can't wait to play this
Amv Casual 10 de jan às 0:58 
thats feel good
nossilgk 8 de jan às 17:13 
this looks awesome
Scubason13 7 de jan às 9:13 
:D Looks so good!
vcente 6 de jan às 7:48 
me, me, me .i wanna play ;)
Looks awesome !
esta cuenta esta en venta 5 de jan às 12:46 
:D good
SrBehemoth 3 de jan às 12:27 
This one got my interest in heavens.
aldo564 2 de jan às 10:31 
se ve genial, no hay alguna beta ?? o algo asi para probarlo??
Aquiles do dota 30/dez/2013 às 20:37 
please portuguese legends
S1L3NT_S0UL 29/dez/2013 às 10:59 
Looks good
Amethyst Star 27/dez/2013 às 7:30 
Nemosaveus 24/dez/2013 às 0:39 
KentySlayer 13/dez/2013 às 6:09 
wow this game looks damn awesome!!
PlasmaUniverse 12/dez/2013 às 2:34 
^_CloNe 13/nov/2013 às 8:52 
props :P
BADASS NICK™ 11/nov/2013 às 7:15 
i love the grafiks if the game comes out pls send me a beta key and im am looking forward GOOD JOB
Xonor 20/out/2013 às 9:58 
Saw this when Ben showed it off when visiting my college. Looks awesome.
DJ 18/out/2013 às 11:27 
Haven't checked in for a while... i'd forgotten how good this game sounds!
Cpt-GargameL 18/out/2013 às 4:04 
Came here to vote "YES" but was too late lol glad this game has been greenlit. Looking foward to this!
queoriginal 30/set/2013 às 12:43 
I looks freakin' awesome guys!
Also, I really enjoied the cover. Hope you add some sort of artbook or pictures of the game process to unlock as the player plays and controller support!
Keep up the good work!
Hugs from somewhere in Spain! ;-)
maldyus_grm 28/set/2013 às 15:36 
I hope we hear the best of news soon about this!So very excited!
Lunar Storm 25/set/2013 às 18:33 
When will this come out?
Pete_Bottomley  [autor(a)] 21/set/2013 às 0:31 
Thank you so much for commenting guys! Really great to hear all the nice words whilst we're working all hours of the day to get the game done and to a standard you guys will be happy with! (Hopefully! ;) )

We'll try and release some news in the coming weeks about how progress is going and where we're up to - It's definitely feeling good to play at the moment. We'll also try to answer some of your more frequent questions in more detail also so you all know exactly where we're at! :)

Thanks again guys, you're all awesome!! <3