[Italian] House Map Markers by Smakit
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DarkAngeles 2012年6月24日下午11:45 
good !!!! more mod italian??
Smakit  [作者] 2012年3月17日下午4:31 
Glad it helps. I only wish I was multi-lingual (know a bit of Spanish but that's about it =P) so I could do this more often, but I am glad this tiny thing helps.
II ARROWS 2012年3月3日上午4:12 
Every mod should be language independent, or at least shouldn't touch names, thank you for this translation.
Smakit  [作者] 2012年2月10日下午3:58 
Italian names I pulled from the creation kit. Didn't seem to be translated versions of a few homes, but a couple had, so I went ahead and threw together this version.